Christina Aguilera Did Not Copy Lady Gaga’s Style

In fact, Christina Aguilera says she has no idea who Lady Gaga is. Futhermore, she couldn’t tell you if Lady Gaga was a man or a woman. So does this put to rest the rumor that Christina copied the ‘Just Dance’ singer’s fashion style?

You know, that’s funny that you mention that. This person [Lady Gaga] was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure. I really don’t spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.

I still see the similarity in her new video!






  1. ashleynicole says

    when christina started performing on the VMAs with her new look..i thought it was lady gaga! i thought it was weird she was performing with all these big names and no one really knows her yet, but then i was like wait…genie in a bottle…CHRISTINA?! she looks and sounds EXACTLY like gaga! i was a little dissappointed because even though christina has borrowed looks from others before..this is just way too much. lady gaga introduced a new style and christina totally ripped her off. plus, christina is usually gorgeous and she just does not look good now! i can’t believe she actually is trying to deny she even knows who gaga is..i mean how rude!

    by the way..if anyone saw the vma performance…when did she start lipsyncing? ….dissappointing.

    • nina256987 says

      lady gag is so blahhhhhhh christina is better she came out before lady gaga christina is pretty then gaga besides lady gaga sucks gaga is a drug atic so christina is better who agrees with me =)

  2. papyrus says

    every look has been done already by someone in some time in history. It hate when a girl dyes her hair whatever color they automatically pick someone with the same style and say its being copied. Leave the woman alone, she will change her style soon to whatever she feels like it next. She is young and she can play with all looks now, we just hope that by the time she reach 50 she doesnt dress like madonna.

  3. papyrus says

    by the way I have no idea who ladysaga is or what type of music she sings HONESTLY… so it is possible that christina didnt know who she is.

    • nina256987 says

      yea i agree with u besides gaga sucks she sings about drugs and hokking up lol gaga has a song called love game she makes me wanna throw up every time i see her on tv or here her name or songs but christina i have lots of cds of her and i am getting mor so go christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JesseD says

    I don’t think she needs to copy a flash in the pan newcomer. She’s got her own style. Gaudy? yes. Over the top? yes. Totally Christina? Oh yes. And I am COMPLETELY digging the blue wig on her. Awesome.

    • nina256987 says

      no christina didnt copy she been out longer then gaga and besides all gaga wants to sing about is drugs so go christina

  5. Lauren E. says

    I like Christina with the new look. It’s sure better than her old ones.

    Do I think she is trying to look like Lady Gaga? No. Does she look like Lady Gaga? Yes. Her stylist is clearly drawing from Gaga’s look-it’s not like Christina dresses herself for performances.

    She answered that question rudely, though, and it makes her look quite caddy and arrogant. You can’t tell me she couldn’t figure out Lady Gaga was a woman. Girlfriend needs a reality check and some new stilettos to stick in her mouth next time she can’t think of anything nice to say.

  6. Boo says

    There’s a difference between INSPIRATION and COPYING. NOTHING in this world is original. All this shit about Xtina copying Gaga, I’d be more concerned about ripping off Grace Jones if I were Lady Gaga.

    But no one does – ’cause hardly anyone knows who Grace Jones is.

    I had no clue who the hell this Gaga person was ’til seeing her every five minutes on Perez Hilton, praising for her ‘originality’ and ‘brilliance.’ You guys are all brainwashed. :/

    Seriously, if you want someone to blame, blame her stylists.

  7. Angel says

    make fun of her all you want-she is still cute…

    keeps gettin’ better…HOLD ON…keeps getting better(music notes and jams to tune),,,

  8. iowa girl says

    I guess they both copied Donatella Versace then. She had this look long before either of them! I love that blue wig on her, she should go back to darker hair…

  9. Anonymous says

    Hmm. Actually, it’s a very mod-60’s look, many of the young women wore long, very blonde hair with bangs and this type of makeup. (except pale lips, not bright lipstick). Most of the stars copy each other, who cares? Even Madonna copied from a lot of different styles. (I think the only original look she ever had was in the very beginning).

  10. starstruck says

    Someone needs to tell Xtina to be more original…and for those that don’t know who Lady Gaga is….I don’t know what bubble you’re living in cuz she’s got the hottest material right now. Lady Gaga is refreshing, when she released Just Dance w/Akon,Colby Odonis it was a sound that no one else had. It’s no wonder Xtina wants to jump on the bandwagon…she used to produce good music. The 3 or 4 new songs that Xtina just put out sound like a failed attempt to try and sound like Gaga….Go see for yourself. You do the comparison.

  11. Monica says

    I don’t like Christina, but just because she did her bangs different doesn’t mean she’s copying that other chick. Everything else on Christina is the same except for the bangs and then she gets accused for copying. Sooo ridiculous! Apart from the bangs, Christina’s had that look for a while.

  12. Anonymous says

    Eh whatever, Christina is an amazing vocalist and has always been very original without any need to “copy” another artist. Why would she do it now especially when Lady Gaga is so current. Having bangs does not make for unoriginality. Geez, since I swept my hair to the side last weekend does that mean everyone else who does that is copying me?

    This debate whether or not she took inspiration from Lady Gaga for this one film clip is stupid. If you want to say that, then Lady gaga stole that hooded look from Kylie Minogue, she wore it first in her film clip for Cant Get You Out Of My Head (the la la la song) YEARS ago.

  13. Anonymous says

    lady gaga’s look is not unique. you can see stupid hipster chicks on the L train everyday that look the exact same.

  14. Anonymous says

    I enjoy her music. It’s a big surprise that she has joined ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^and start her journey to new love. I believe ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^is the right place

    for this talent girl.

  15. milari says

    i think it’s insulting to a veteran (who’s actually incredibly talented unlike most “singers” these days) to say she’s copying someone like lady gaga who’s essentially the biggest newbie on the block. copy cat or not, christina is a great artist and lady gaga doesn’t have sh*t on her. she’s popular now but she’ll die out sooner or later because in the end, her voice goes through so much editing while christina has real talent.

  16. Anonymous says

    I think Christina doth protest too much… I don’t know if she copied but the fact that the new rising star Gaga’s trademark is her hair, masks and the black jumpsuit… not to mention Christina suddenly turning from 40’s style pop to techno/pop (Gaga’s forte) is pretty coincidental. I love Christina but as soon as I saw her clip for ‘Keeps getting better’ I immediately thought of Gaga.

  17. C.Mo says

    I don’t know who lady whatever is and I don’t care. I love all the judging, because you know, you’re all hot b*tches right? < > **eye roll**

  18. wickedgeisha says

    I don’t like this new image Christina has going on. I just don’t think she this style fits her and I don’t think her voice fits the electro pop/dance genre of music. Her “Back to Basics” image suited her better. She pulled off the old hollywood look beautifully and her voice is more suited to soul/r&b. Just my opinion though.

  19. Anonymous says

    ok nerd the viewers get your message, you’re not open to innovations but that’s ok i guess a failure such as yourself couldn’t grasp the simplest concept of the term “innovation” hey i heard WoW “The burning Crusade” is out so maybe its better if you’d just do what you’re good at ,that is, grab your mum’s credit card and play your “WoW” 23/7? oh and while you’re at it lose some weight you American pork chop, its ironic how America’s national animal emblem is the eagle when 99.99999999999999999999999% of you ignorant shit cunts are overweight/obese/morbidly obese, oh and another funny story, i saw a McDonald’s restaurant outside a hospital ahahahhah USA = U Suck Ass?


    For one, what does the fact that our nation’s symbol being an eagle have to do with obesity? Eagles are majestic and stand for bravery. Two, learn your facts. America is NOT 99.9% obese. You look dumb for overexagerrating. Here’s something for you to chew on, how many hospitals do you see in the middle of nowhere or in a suburb? None. Hospitals are usually in the business districts of cities (i.e. NEAR RESTAURANTS). If your going to dis on a country, try picking one that hasn’t saved others’ asses for over a century. Apparently, you never learned anything in school.

  21. Anonymous says

    LADY can be a woman or a cross-dresser. Some men that dress in drag take feminine names such as Lady Darla. Welcome to the real world.

  22. Anonymous says

    tru but lady gaga is becoming really popular
    if she didnt know if she was a guy or girl, she should have just looked at the Hot 100 billboard

  23. Santi says

    Actually, I think Xtina copied Gaga’s style not her music. If you listen you’ll find a lot of similarities to Britney’s music. Yes I’m claiming that Xtina copied both of them. She’s got Gaga’s style with Britney’s sound. Anybody else agree? I think Xtina needs to exit the stage for a little until she can pull out some shit like Beautiful. We all know Xtina shines when it comes to some soulful shit. Not this Pop-Disco-Rap-Retro style. I know Xtina can do it but mann, how the mighty have fallen.

  24. Santi says

    Right?!?!?!!! Except when it started I thought it was Britney’s “Radar”. I was like “Uh uh, is she really gonna use this beat?” Then she came out and it was an even bigger “UH UH!” I’ve been listening to Gaga for awhile before that VMA performance and I was soooooo pissed. Christina really didn’t need that sound nor did she need that look. She’s lost some credibility for me. And that interview where she denied knowing or seeing Gaga. Then she says she doesn’t know if that’s a man or a woman. What the hell? Everybody knows Gaga loves the androgynous look so a question like that can only come from seeing or hearing about Gaga. I’m so with you. When DID she start lipsyncing? haha…

  25. Anonymous says


  26. Anonymous says


    • nina256987 says


  27. ZuriYAH says

    Actually, Lady Gaga said in an interview she gets lots of her outfits from things Grace Jones had done. She said she was her biggest inspiration. :3

  28. says

    I liked up to you will obtain carried out proper here. The caricature is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nevertheless, you command get got an shakiness over that you want be turning in the following. unwell indubitably come more before once more since exactly the same nearly very continuously within case you defend this increase.

  29. eddie says

    YEAH XTINA—we believe you—you are so original and have your own style (carcasm)–you didn’t copy Marylin Monroe (laughable) Madonna (predictable)—This dumb btch is so transparent and unoriginal—she is convinced that the public believes her and her bsht—self absorbed uneducated skank–

  30. a.charismaa. says

    ahahha people, im pretty syre christina aguilera has better things to do than copy some man-looking wig-wearing gaga freak who came into the fashion bizz not long ago! christina has always been too original to copy anyone, so people should get a grip and stop believing everything htey hear! xtinaa, wondeerful voice, amazing fashion sense, 10 years in hte bizz industry.
    if people knew that much about her, there wouldnt even be stupdi questions like these.
    lady gaga sohlud go suck a dick, her fashion sucks balls and all she does is wear her leather jumpsuit and have a party with her lez friends in her videos.

  31. Anonymous says

    Hey people – can’t you see!!!!! have you all forgotten the 70s & 80s because the pop publicity machines of these two ladies certainly haven’t. Lady Gaga’s style is a badly fused collection of 70s & 80s cliches – even her blooming name for G’s sake. It’s just a really obvious and heavy handed way of tapping into the teen/twenties 80s retro market. Aguilar’s stylist has just taken a more subtle approach. THAT’S WHY THEY LOOK SIMILAR.

  32. Anonymous says

    Uhmm, it’s Marilyn Monroe by the way. Honestly, Xtina has no choice as to what her image can be because of her record label and her managers/producers. She has to be the image that they create. You are judging a pop artist who lives in Hollywood, the place that puts the general public’s interests and obsessions as top priority and the standard. I doubt that you can call anyone on MTV original; both Xtina and Lady Gaga. After all, there is no such thing as originality.

  33. Edward says

    everyone has a little of everyone and somehow she got marilyn and madonna, but, she didn’t copy gaga because she doesn’t even know who she/he is

  34. says

    I don’t think it occured to any one of you people to actually use your brains on this one. Think logically. Ask yourselves questions. For example, “What is the first thing I would do if I wanted to prove someone is copying someone else without any physical evidence?” Answer: RESEARCH. But since you people can’t seem to manage a single original thought between ALL of you, I will provide the answers to the research FOR you. k? It’s as easy as this:

    Go to google, click on the IMAGES link, to search for images only. Type in BLONDIE, and then click SEARCH. Problem solved. Are you people able to sleep at night now?

  35. Anonymous says

    aaha i think lady gaga is beyond cool and i think christina just had a full fringe put in!

  36. Grace. says

    Christina’s album stripped, and back to basics is more original and herself than anything lady gaga’s ever produced, otherwise the only thing lady gaga stands for simply, is sex and gettin drunk. Christina’s creative and classy enough to think for herself, If anything it’s Lady gaga that should be more original.
    point made.,
    Ps. Lady gaga is good with her lyrics but i wish she stood for something not so commercialized.

    lurrrv graceo

  37. Anonymous says

    She didnt copy Marylin Monroe sweety because at that time everyone has that style and lipstick(Idiot)
    Madonna is someone christina looks up to..unless u can prove she copied her. & last she is educated. if you spent less time reading trash & Actually listen to the way she speaks and thinks You wouldnt be opening ur big mouth=]

  38. AimeeeeeeeeC says

    Christina never copied anyone! W T F. Your all so caught up in this new younger Lady Gaga bulls**t you can’t see it. Sure you think marylin munroe or madonna – she didn’t copy them. It was a source of inspiration. Do you think celebs just pull crap like that out of there rear holes? i’m telling you! no one is that f***ing talented. Sure, lady gaga had bought you some aweosme dance tunes. But seriously christina has been in the business much longer. She bought you the songs that you will never forget. like come on over, genie in a bottle, beautiful, fighter, dirty. Think about it. Its not a cat fight between them. I’m sure if you had been in the business for over a decade and got compared to some new artist you’d be a bit **** off. Maybe they have similar style? their music however… completley different. If you listen to all of christinas albums … all of them are different. Same olds boring – everyone knows that. People need to get the **** over it. Big deal the have the same f***ing hair cut and wore a couple or similar outfits. Cut them both some slack, seriously.

  39. Anonymous says

    i agree completly with wat u say…ppl just need 2 lay off nd get their heads out the clouds…personally i think christina is way pretter nd i think lady gaga looks a lil to manly to be a women!!

  40. Anonymous says

    First of Christina Aguilera and she could of got her style from Bjork or Grace Jones. Maybe lady gaga was copying Bjork or Grace Jones who was out years before lady gaga or maybe lady gaga was coping Kelis style

  41. Hentai Lover says

    I don’t know who Lady Gaga is but Christina needs to give her her look back. She looks stoopid. Not to mention like a total copy cat.

  42. Em says

    i think Christina chose this style long before she even knew who gaga was. and why should she change it just because people are SUGGESTING that she stole it. Christina has always stuck to her guns. and besides. i think its clear who has more talent. on another note. her new songs, keeps gettin better, dynamite, and beautiful and genie remake, i really wish she would use her voice more. the girl can SING.

  43. Leslie316 says

    Xstina just recently adopted this look… from Lady Gaga. And, she should change it because it doesn’t look good. She is such a beautiful woman, and this look is not flattering.

  44. Riviera says

    Of course she’s going to deny it, what do you think?? She should change her look altogether and get rid of that bleached blonde look. It’s getting old already.

  45. Euncie says

    She was a bit disrespectful about Lady GaGa (who’s getting quite well known), being in the music biz she should be up to date on who’s up and coming. Xtina’s music hasn’t been good in a long time (no offense) and i don’t think she looks to great with this look…

  46. Leslie316 says

    Okay… now you all know Xtina knows who Lady Gaga is.

    Geez, Xstina… get off your high-horse. Your 15 minutes have been over!

  47. Anonymous says

    WhatEVER. A hot new artist is constantly compared to her, and she doesn’t even take a look to find out about her? I call shenanigans. Lady Gaga pulls it off 100x better anyway, Christina should just change it up like she always does and leave it to Lady G, and stop trying to pass it off like it isn’t conscious. What a crock.

  48. Karrie says

    Y’all do realize that Lady Gaga copied Grace Jones, right? Please do the research. And plus, Lady Gaga is from NYC, if I’m not mistaken, and that look is so damn common it makes my eyes hurt. Damn those hipsters who shop at American Apparel! This look is very mod.

  49. Amirastar says

    First of all Christina needs to get her own Style… Monroe…. Madonna…Britney
    And I kinda think Lady Gaga copied Gwen…..
    Gaga just made it a bit crazier….
    Christina defiantly copied Lady…. Cause seriously it looks excactly like Lady….
    Christina can play dumb bout it…
    Like she probably hasn’t been singing along to the tune of Just Dance on the radio(Haven’t we all?)
    I love Christina shes awesome at singing…. But seriously she needs to file her stylist and get of of these fazes and fire her stylist….:P


  50. mackenzie says

    Yu all need o shut up! What does it matter if Christina was influenced by Lady Gaga! She looks amazing. And better looking then all of you! Lady GAGA is in kelowna on thursday! STOKED! also christina looks better then ladygaga anyways!

  51. Anonymous says

    if christina did indeed copy lady gaga’s style, it’s not her fault since she has a stylist. her response was abit harsh but you can’t really assume that because the name has lady in it means it’s a woman. ex. ms.jay from ANTM is a man.i recently found out about lady gaga and i like her song just dance, but christina always had and still has a powerful voice, noone can argue that.also, as exaggerated as her look is, she looks better than lady gaga in the picture above, i’ve seen a better picture of lady gaga. FYI-gwen stefani did this look since 2006, so lady gaga isn’t original either, i don’t see what the big deal is…..


  52. Luna says

    Idk if she did or didnt copy the look from lady gaga. either way it doesnt look that good on her

  53. Anonymous says

    She’s not a child, She’s a grown woman. And this is not pre-school, it’s the Music industry. People copy off of each other all the time, it’s really not a big deal.

  54. a.charismaa. says

    ohh and dont forget people. christinas the one with the real talent, and the real hair.

  55. baby gaga from the house of gaga says

    OMFG she so fucking coped lady gaga and it soo easy 2 see that, that bitch name christina is liein and i have a photo 2 prove that it when ”Christina” is wearin the SAME out fit as lady gaga and if want 2 see it go 2

    Then go down and click on the 2nd 2 last photo after all the words in the group of photos look at that photo then click on

    next image >>

    and you will see that she is wearing the same outfit as lady gaga

    I Rest mi case P8

  56. baby gaga from the house of gaga says

    ohoe && fuck yooh yew fucking bit of bitch fucker with shity ass fucker 4 fucking sayin that about lady gaga u mother fucking basturd of a ass wipe ohoe and i spelt a word wrong soo that yew new what u r

  57. Caroline Gallegos says

    It is so freaking obivious Christina Agrulera copied Lady GaGa’s fabulicious style, but what is there to be ashamed of, I would too…

  58. baby. says

    ahaha love that. manlooking wigwearing.
    AS IF christina copies lady gaga,
    lady gagas first song came out in 2008,
    christina has made music for like ten years. maybe more?

  59. Anonymous says

    hahha um no it is not!! It’s called extensions! Dumb ass. that is not real…it is a wig or extensions. No ones hair looks like that naturally.

  60. Anonymous says

    Christina came out first stupid….and Christina actually has talent not some retarded monkey b*tch (lady gaga) who can’t sing or dance but is somehow famous ha! funny.

  61. Anonymous says

    First of all, why are you defending lady gaga? It’s not like she even gives a crap of who you are or even has the slightest clue that you’re her crazy number one fan. Second of all, learn how to type and spell correctly. You look stupid, and no you don’t sound tough for swearing in every god damn sentence. Your intellectual capacity must not be very large.

  62. Anonymous says

    lady GaGa even said that her and Christina’s look are similar. But Christina has been around longer, so………………………..she didnt copy her

  63. Anonymous says

    lol to all u retard f**ks lady gaga raped christina off the charts and is 4 times more popular then aguilera as ever been,,,and she doesnt make lame excuses for everything including music fashion and romance unlike christina ,,who quoted:i dont know if its a man or woman…….hum first LADY gaga and second at the time her single was first christina wasnt even in the top 30 f**king LOLS!!!!!

  64. Anonymous says

    Just because Stupid assholes such as yourself enjoy shitty pop music is the only reason she is even popular. Or any other chart topper for that matter. Original tasteful music went out the window in the fucking 80’s along with talent. I’d suggest all of you to stop wasting your time arguing about this because they are both horrible.

  65. Anonymous says

    What a load! Yes gaga came into the bixx not too many years ago but xtina never had the style she does now, she was softcore 16 yr old school girl prep and only changed her style when she brang out the song “dirty” then she was off the tracks for ages not bringing out any music and gaga came out during that time, her style was weird and unique from the begining, it didnt evolve as she became known, xtina was on the outs and needed a boost to get her back on the charts, if you looks at photos of xtinas style now and gagas style you will notice that xtina looks like gagas twin, no matter what xtina never dressed in loud attention seeking outfits so get your shit right pal

  66. Anonymous says

    I doubt that’s a real quote there. Not a big fan of Christina but come on, that quote is TOTAL FABRICATION.
    Celebs don’t bash people like that, unless they really hate them and Christina has no reason TO bash Lady GaGa because the media’s the one that’s saying she copied GaGa, Lady GaGa’s kept pretty quiet about the whole matter.
    So, spot the fake quote, god.

  67. Anonymous says

    I think this is all a bit silly. I think if you look back, Christina has had longe, platinum blonde hair on many occasions only this time she has bangs, not a huge change. If we’re going to start yelling about people copying people, then I would argue that they copied my hairstyle. I had naturally long (to my butt) blonde hair for years!!! 😛 Whether or not Christina copied Gaga’s “look”, I’ll admit that her comments were quite harsh. I understand that some fans are very loyal and take sides, but I do not think it fair to insult the talent of either girl. They have very similar sounding voices (you really cannot deny that), but you in no way can tell someone that they copied a person’s voice! Every person is given their voice, they don’t choose it. The fact that Lady GaGa is only 22, and is new to the industry, and that she does have a similar sounding voice, I would not be surprised if her vocal trainers steered her more towards a similar sound to Christina’s. If you watch her live performance of Just Dance on Jimmy Kimmel, she does trills and such that are so Christina-esque. It’s all about influence. Just like it is possible that Christina (or her stylist) were influenced by Lady GaGa’s fashion. And should Gaga really be upset? I mean, she does say that she wants to influence the world through music AND fashion…wouldn’t you say she’s just accomplishing her goals? Nobody should really be mad at anyone! The End.

  68. Anonymous says

    Lady Gaga had the look first…its copied obviously…but Christina is just riding the gravy train to what’s “hot” and “fresh” right now…who cares..

    Funny story..saw Lady GaGa in Kelowna when she was here on Nov 20th and she got her period when she was performing…you could clearly see it had soaked through her bodysuit when the guys lifted her up and carried her out…horrible but funny..

    Wonder if Christina will copy that too?

  69. Lynn says

    Well if you are saying Christina Aguilera Copied Lady Gaga or whatever alien she is, just look back at her looks before she became the 80’s style that’s so cool and nobody can copy it it’s not because nobody wants to it is bacause of Christina Aguilera’s unique style and they can’t copy it. By the way Christina Aguilera was on the charts first, so Lady Gaga go home to your planet!

  70. Anonymous says

    why do people have to get so uptight and fight sides i love christina i have for years and i don’t listen to mainstream music much at all anymore (i’ve gone rock woot!) but i actually really like lady gaga so i’m not gonna pick sides they both make good music isn’t that what should really matter though i still don’t like christina’s response she’s better than that

    and for those who don’t know gaga yet you should check her out she had a big hit with ‘Just Dance’ and now has the number 1 song and video in australia (i don’t know what position it is in other countries) with “Poker Face’.

  71. Anonymous says

    Im not sure if this has been brought up or not. But have none of you seen the IDENTICAL picture christina put out in october that looks exactly like a picture lady gaga put out like a year ago. U can say she isn’t trying to copy her “look” all you want. But when she is putting out pictures identical to Gaga’s OBVIOUSLY she is copying. What are the odds?

  72. Anonymous says

    Its not the fact that christina is copying lady gaga’s look or not. Its the fact she is copying her pictures and singing style. She may not have known who she was..but like its been said previously obviously her stylest did.

  73. Becky Bride2B! says

    Lady Gaga is going to be BIG! There’s no denying it.
    As for all this “she copied her” nonsense, well it HAS all been done before.
    Even Lady herself has adopted the lighting bolt streak she often has across her eye from her IDOL David Bowie. She has mentioned this many times and its not her “copying” its her idolizing!! Isn’t that flattering for Bowie??

    As for those going on about Christinas originality, ever herd of GWEN STEFANI?? She had the whole bleached hair/red lippy going on before Christina, but alas! They weren’t the first to work out that peroxide and red lippy = HOT!! As previously stated in another comment, Madonna and the ever gorgeous Marilyn Monroe have worked this look many moons ago!

    Did annyone bag out Brittney for “copying” sinead o’connor? Heheheee…

    Bottom line is, both these women are seriously talented and will both progress to increase there millions regardless what they’re wearing, they’d both be hot if they walked out onstage in matching potato sacks and people would still buy there records :oD

    But I do admit that I am a little biased coz I freaking love Lady Gaga : )

    Oh and to the dorks a few comments earlier trying to make this a racial forum, grow up and vent somewhere else. Everyone else (well most of us) on this forum come to escape reality for a little without thinking about the woes of the world.

    Goodnight xxx

  74. Gabby :) says

    Um yeah I’m pretty sure that Christina Aguilera didn’t copy Lady Gaga’s look. Ok now, how long has Christina Aguilera been around? For years and years. Christina Aguilera always would have new different looks that she came up with herself. Lady Gaga only came into the picture within the past months. I love Lady Gaga’s music, but I think she is just saying all this bullshit just to get attention.

  75. says

    a style is a style,,
    rhianna has been doing the haley barry look for a while now,
    and im sure other ppl have had that before her,,
    cassie uses aaliyah’s style ALL THE TIME,, i think its whoever can sport the look the best…. n lady gaga does,, i love them both,, but that look doesnt look to great on her,, its not the best thing for her face….. HOWEVER i dont think she copied her,, chriss is ALWAYS doing something crazy,,
    AND for the record i LOVE lady gaga’s shades,
    her style is not a bad style.., (thats for those who are just being a hater)

  76. LadyGaGaFan says

    Christina is a little bit dumb.
    Its “LADY” GaGa so she should know that Lady GaGa is a woman this sound kind of shitty.
    I think she’s copieing and that shes a Bitch.

  77. Anonymous says

    ok I read some where how lady gaga copied other people for her look.
    When you think about it xtina has been blond forever and all she did was get out of the 40’s obsession she had and go modern she even says it on her video’s that she wants to try something futuristic and then lady gaga comes out of no where and automatically xtina is coping her? give me a break y do ppl always want to compare ppl like Britney and even lady gaga to xtina when they are light years away.

  78. Anonymous says

    I think christina needs to change her look quickly or shes gonna lose fans. people dont like copy cats & lady gaga performed on the miss universe contest as a guest so yea whose more famous? i believe lady gaga has cristina ever done that no. Yes lady gaga is a female her name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta, lady gaga is just her stage name. she created the stage name, Lady GaGa (which is a reference to the song “Radio Ga-Ga” by Queen). & no she doesnt wear a wig she use to have brown hair & died it blonde to make her appearence better the brown hair was to harsh 4 her skintone. so now its platium blonde & looks great on her

  79. mem says

    lady gaga is better by far! she so had the look first! how dare xtina steal it! i am so mad! i LOVE lady gaga

  80. Anonymous says

    btw Christina said she didn’t kno if lady gaga was a woman or a man ahh yah she’s liein cuz LADY gaga has LADY in front of her name

  81. UhOh says

    I bet you she knows who Lady Gaga is now.. considering “Just Dance” is number ONE on the Hot 100.. Christina hasn’t experienced that success in….

    how long?

  82. greenbanks92 says

    Why on Earth would Christinia Aguilera want o copy someone that just came out 5 minutes ago? If you ask me, it’s the other way around. Lady Gaga was definitely influenced by, and mimics, Christina Aguilera in her singing style, look, everything.

  83. Anonymous says

    about 89% of girls in southern california has blonde hair blue eyes…does it really matter who (and or what) came first..christina has been around for awhile and always switches up her look. the popular style for hair is long with bangs. MAJORITY of girls have that hair cut now. so big whoop. lady gaga isnt even that great anyways. can she hit a note like christina. HELL NO. cuz christina has TALENT lady gaga just makes noise

  84. Niimo says

    I agree with you, christina’s talent is WAAAYYYY better than GAGA, but Whos gonna believe that she dont know who lady gaga is !

  85. says

    URRRHMMM.. i dunnoe first wen i saw lady gaga i fort she copied christinas styleee… lool! koz i didnt noo bowt lady gaga till her song came out… buh if lady gaga had this style for ages.. then obv christinnaa did get ‘inspired’ by her because it looks exactlyyy same!! buh then agen if u did not noo aldy gaga havent had blonde hair for long she was a bruntteee… buh did still have a front finge and thatt.. sooo i fink christinaa did kind of copy her. buhh u noo wah cristina looks better lady gagas styl :) nott that i dunt lyk lady gaga… :] x

  86. Anonymous says

    as a matter of fact i think lady gaga kinda copied xstinas style cause on the real note lady gagas voice sounds like xstinas and the same style music and even fashion before the dirty video this was christinas look way after the innocent look she wore this sleek style and now is back in actionf after being in the marilyn monroe style and having her child. haters

  87. Dude says

    ok you freaks…….. here in the Philippines (where the local uneducated retarded massed live and die by reality shows)…. Gaga is known. Agulera’s new look is a copy.—- note “new”. She sucks anyway.

    She needs to fade gracefully, Christina that is. Shes spent the last 3 years singing songs that other people wrote and making the wavering” Urethra Franklin’ reverb.

    Who really cares about aguilera? Anyone coverband could do thos umbers and be just as good, (as if she’s not a 1-person cover band) but Gaga’s stuff is fresh and original.

  88. Anonymous says

    christina is a disgusting ugly whore; lady gaga is the absolute best and no one can top her. christina is completelly copying lady gaga and is totally jeleous of her.

  89. Anonymous says

    oh please, i’ve just heard a song from lady gaga but for the first hear i thought it was christina. lady gaga is not famous in europe! and she never will be, bc she isnot enough trendy, however she is too sluty to be well known in the continent of style!
    so if anyone will see her, will think gaga copies christina!

  90. Anonymous says

    I think people need to chill out on Lady Gaga, No one is copying anyone or everyone is copying everyone. It all depends on how you want to look at it. All artist draw inspiration from other artist. In fact it’s even acknowledge by artist. That is why bono said in his lyrics for (The Fly) “Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief, they kill there inspiration and sing about there grief” Which basically means as artist we consume to reguritate(but we add our own flavor) and we destroy what we love so we can tell people about it.

    You guys spend all your time doing research to destroy a hard working artists credibility and destroy something someone is working so hard to create. No one is focus on anything good, Yes Christina is a very talented artist and she can sing great. She had achieve notoriorty at a very young aged and has been blessed. Ga Ga is a very talented artist as well, she taught herself how to play piano at the age 5 years old. She writes all her own songs, creates her own synths, works with the DJ to create the melodies and beats. Writes for other muscians such as Britney Spears and NKOTB. Creates most of her own wardrobe. Some unique and some inspired. And trust me Christina Aguilera’s knows who Lady Gaga is in spite of what she has said. Simple put they are both very talented musicians.

    People just need to chill with the ish talking and get a life or find something better to do with there own time. The fact of the matter is if you could be doing in better you would, but you’re just a consumptionist with a bad opinion.

  91. Anonymous says

    I think that this talk of the hair style is really pathetic, i did see Christina with it before i even knew Lady Gaga, but thats not the point. They both are different in may ways. There are loads of styles out there and what are the chances some one out there will have the same style as you without you knowing. But because these two are famous they have just suddenly bumped into one another with they same style. Which just shows they have the same sense of style. It doesnt mean either one has copied. Many styles are out there. So stop taking sides and get a grip, its only fashion styles.

  92. Anonymous says


  93. hatress says

    haha omg this gaga shit looks stupid like hell…christina is the real star…i dont know who this gaga cunt is either…all i know is she looks ugly

  94. says

    It doesnt really matter if they look similar or whatever. What matters is their music and i like them both. They both have different styles of music.

    they just happen to have similar hairstyles…big deal.

  95. Andy Warhol says

    GaGa is a completely new phenomenon she’s not just another regular bubble-gum pop princess. She has brought to life a forgotten genre, and graced it like no other. I haven’t enjoyed electro dance-pop this much since the Pet Shop Boys came out.
    Where is Christina Aguilera today and were is GaGa today? I’m sorry, but it’s obvious that Mrs Aguilera is trying to get a piece of the GaGa cake. She wants some attention as well and she’s doing anything to get it. Lady GaGa always answers with the most diplomatic approach and doesn’t give a damn to put it nicely what Mrs Aguilera thinks.
    GaGa is not going to be lost in a few years, because she’s something new, a new and exciting offer. She will be known and loved and appreciated in decades to come, and will be a strong figure of music history. She’s something which appears once in a million or more. Something like Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, etc. These people differ from all the others because they have created their own identity in the music world. Gaga is the newest addition of the group and I think it’ll be a while until we found something just like her-different from all the cliche and banal we’ve seen over and over.
    Aguilera is just another pop singer with an average voice, in my personal opinion (you see for me, just because you can get a few high notes doesn’t mean you have the best voice imaginable, it just means you have a larger vocal range) and an average appearance. Lady Gaga, in the contrary, has her OWN memorable unique look and appearance, her OWN dance moves and overall style. Yes, she is also inspired by many things but has managed to combine them in her own style which is not as easy as it seems.
    Eccentric and perplexing, the figure of gaga is one that will be studied for centuries to come.

  96. Anonymous says

    If you ask me you all need to get a life…Most of you can’t even spell…hello get a dictionary. Christina was way before lady gaga anyway so who copied who? I say Gaga copied Christina. I don’t like christina’s new look either, but nobody in Hollywood is original. Period. Everyone looks for what’s hot and then they take it to boost them up in competition. That’s how hollywood is, Dog Eat Dog. Have a great day peeps! Peace

  97. Anonymous says

    Actually Lady Gaga is copying Christina and Britney in her new vid LoveGame, no offence to any Gaga fans but Lady Gaga is the one copying Christina

  98. Anonymous says

    XTINA has betta things 2 do than 2 be listening 2 the radio all day and hearing about LADY GAGA!! SHE DID NOT COPY LADY GAGA’S LOOK, OR AT LEAST SHE DID NOT TRY TO. And like lady gaga hasn’t ripped other people styles b4! tINA LOOKS BETTA IN THAT LOOK ANYWAYS!

  99. Anonymous says

    Ok first of all Christina has been around soo lonqq – and Lady Gaga is just a beginner – Christina should be offend being compared to her bc they arent on the same level .

  100. Anonymous says

    It is apparent that Christina’s appearance and style of music changed and has become similar with gaga since gaga’s rise in fame. Has anyone thought that her fashion consultants copied Lady Gaga’s style on christina? Artists these days have many people helping them write their lyrics, compose their lyrics. We can’t simply blame Christina.

  101. Neal boy says

    Luv dem both…Xtina is A Legend but Lady G is A Bitt More Versitile!
    But as far as there fashins go..I Luv the Futuistik look on dem both,..I Seen Lady gaga on American Idol Last Night Rockin A Zipper on her eye!..Dehts a Lady with a Mad Passion For Fashion Right der..As far as Christina i liker her style to i just think she went a tab-bitt over board on da breast job..Theye Are nice(Dont ger me wrong) there just a little ova sized for her bodie

  102. Anonymous says

    Christina aguilera is just a stupid B*itch, she see’s lady gaga is populair and then copy her, so someone will listen to here crapy shitmusic, and that she can stand in the spotlights again

    Christina, why don u just die, copycat skank.

  103. Anonymous says

    How dumb, it’s obvious she copied it. Lady Gaga’s album was #1 for a while, it’s not exactly like it’s a big stretch for other stars to try and copy that. Even if it were her own idea, it doesn’t work on her.

  104. Lady GaGa fan says

    Excuse me, I like Christina and Lady GaGa aswell. And GaGa has a really good voice but Christina’s voice is much better, I know it’s a fact, but she doesn’t have style. I mean she is always beautiful and she always wear good dresses but she changes her style in every week. She was Marilyn Monroe and Madonna and her hair was black and blonde and every colour. Lady GaGa has her style AND GaGa DID NOT copy Christina because when Christina had her videoclipp of the Keeps Getting Better, GaGa already had her style and a few songs! Just she had to write more songs to have a real album. I don’t say that Christina copied her but GaGa didn’t copy her either. Because who would copy Christina?Nobody especially not GaGa!!!

  105. taash says

    ok you know what? just because lady gaga wears that kinda fashion it doesnt mean she owns it. okae? seriously its just clothes. so if i wore the exact same is gaga, i would be copying her? no i wouldnt. its just like wearing a 1 piece swimsuit. thats not copying gaga? and anyway, shes a ugly slut whos a lezzo and cnt sing for shit.

  106. Kmposs says

    Copied only insofar as Lady Gaga is a copy of every stupid new york dance scene flash in the pan. Her act is fucking horrible live just like Katy Perry…they are not style icons or gurus they are just facsimiles of the same faux avant garde partyboy shitstain nonsense that we’ve seen OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

  107. Anonymous says

    Well personally, Christina.A can sing whereas Lady Gaga is an attention whore for all I’m concerned. Christina has worked hard for her living – and has been around for a long time. All Lady Gaga has done is put her voice in a beatbox and mixed it up with a few bumps and grinds.

    Christina.A wears it with style – Lady Gaga….usually wears nothing at all.

  108. Sandrahahahahahakiloo says

    That is absolute rubbish ! Xtina has been around for a significantly longer time then Lady Gaga, and the video Keeps Getting Better came out before Lady Gaga even did well in the music business ! Christina has her own style ! Her and Lady Gaga great and original in their own way.

  109. Anonymous says

    Maybe the little midget is frustrated with always being the bride’s maid…

    Gaga and Pink resonate with their demographic.

    People are fedup paying to see artists who can’t sing away from the studios.

    Gaga and Pink examplify individuality and tolerance and actualy perform for their paying audiences.

    I wish Madona would move to Africa, Britibrit and Aguillera crawled back to their trailer parks.

  110. Anonymous says

    Of course they really look alike!!Because they are the all blondes! Even though that’s not Gaga’s real hair. And also Gwen Stefani. Cause their blondes and likely same style. But don’t you people understand, after how many years, Christina is using those same style and those style are made by herself. And don’t also think that Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani are related just because of there names. Oh, they are really not related. And besides, it doesen’t really matter because when time past by, we, people will be also using those fashion that famous people use. Just enjoy their songs and fasion thrends. Don’t even fight with those things.. ( But I reallly hate Perez Hilton)

  111. Anonymous says

    ummm you idiots act like this style is new…’s not! the 60s and 70s??? Laday gag didn’t invent this look at all. Get a clue teenage freaks.

  112. AimeeeeeeeeeC says

    Christina never copied anyone! W T F. Your all so caught up in this new younger Lady Gaga bulls**t you can’t see it. Sure you think marylin munroe or madonna – she didn’t copy them. It was a source of inspiration. Do you think celebs just pull crap like that out of there rear holes? i’m telling you! no one is that f***ing talented. Sure, lady gaga had bought you some aweosme dance tunes. But seriously christina has been in the business much longer. She bought you the songs that you will never forget. like come on over, genie in a bottle, beautiful, fighter, dirty. Think about it. Its not a cat fight between them. I’m sure if you had been in the business for over a decade and got compared to some new artist you’d be a bit pissed off. Maybe they have similar style? their music however… completley different. If you listen to all of christinas albums … all of them are different. Same olds boring – everyone knows that. People need to get the fuck over it. Big deal the have the same f***ing hair cut and wore a couple or similar outfits. Cut them both some slack, seriously.

  113. erosenien says

    hmm idk but frst xtina cme out years b4 gaga and xtina has way more talent than her thats jst it lolz..

    stupid bitch lol
    not lying 😉

  114. Caroline Gallegos says

    Lady GaGa is not only a nice person, but also a great artist, her songs are addictive, creative, and you will fall in love with them the first time you hear them. My personal preferences are Poker Face and Paper Gangsta, but they all kick ass, every last one of them.

  115. Anonymous says

    dum ass people look at back the video that christina aguilera did with diddy is called tell me that is the same look as they compary with lady gaga so christina had that look first ur stupid people why christina wich had bee #1 for years will copy a nobody no talent freak people u got bad taste they might look a little bit the same but look at the eyes theres no way in hell christina beautifull blues eyes can compare to lady gags ugly eyes christina will always be #1 get used to it bitches

  116. Anonymous says

    dum ass people look at back the video that christina aguilera did with diddy is called tell me that is the same look as they compary with lady gaga so christina had that look first ur stupid people why christina wich had bee #1 for years will copy a nobody no talent freak people u got bad taste they might look a little bit the same but look at the eyes theres no way in hell christina beautifull blues eyes can compare to lady gags ugly eyes christina will always be #1 get used to it bitches

  117. Anonymous says

    Well people, xtina may have been out longer but she hasnt had this style until AFTER lady gaga came out. Besides, i cant really see how she copied her…mayb the hair and makeup, but the clothes is much different. Lady Gaga wears strange, different, ORIGINAL, clothing, while xtina just wears whatever people tell her to wear.

  118. Anonymous says

    Christina had an album Back to Basic and have her own style which gaga copied…
    Anyway, r u crazy guys?
    measure a little b*itchy like gaga with a diva just like Christina??
    please think….

  119. Anonymous says

    Ohmahgawd who the fuck cares? theyre both sluts who make shitty music especially lady gagfuck. disco stick? really?

  120. britany says

    Lady gaga looks better than christina aguilera at least lady gaga didn’t had it in the bed with brad pitt

  121. CCCCC says

    The only similarity is the hair… but Christena has been working the blonde look/lipstick a while now, just not the style. I think she -does- know who gaga is, or thats a false quote, or she fell-in-love w/the hair. Although still, I don’t think it was a smart move, with the fact lady gaga seems pretty popular at this time. Though I like this song and Chrstina’s voice better. and atleast she is less fake, as pop as they both are.

  122. Anonymous says

    Yeah sure.
    Lady Gaga’s song, Just Dance is like top 100.
    Also, not only just similar hairstyle.
    Similar lipstick color too.
    Also, Lady Gaga wear a whole lot of black.
    But it could so happen that they both have almost the same style.
    But really.
    Asking to know if Lady Gaga is whether a male or female, it’s obvious that she is a female.
    Just by the name LADY Gaga.

  123. JFatale says

    Okay bitches stop and shut the fuck up seriously..

    Does it really matter who copied who?
    Its the music thats more importaint not their damn looks!!

    I like both of them but prefer Xtina but still!

  124. dark says

    lol to all u retard f**ks lady gaga raped christina off the charts and is 4 times more popular then aguilera as ever been,,,and she doesnt make lame excuses for everything including music fashion and romance unlike christina ,,who quoted:i dont know if its a man or woman…….hum first LADY gaga and second at the time her single was first christina wasnt even in the top 30 f**king LOLS!!!!!

  125. Anonymous says

    Stop fucking using ” oh she’s been in the industry longer” so what? lady gaga had this style before christina.

  126. says

    Christina is Beautiful and talented, best voices I’ve heard. many people can’t pull her notes. Gaga belongs is the circus and anyone can put on a custome and make satanic illuminati videos. No oneneeds talent for that

  127. Anonymous says

    Christina was just a straight-up B, first of all; who the Hell hasn’t heard of Lady GaGa?? What, does she live in a cave because she’s trying so hard to be underground?

    it’s really sad and pathetic how unoriginal Christina is being, and she can’t even admit it. way to be deginified, Xtina.

    and you know, now that her son’s been born, she had to make things he can be proud of. what son wouldn’t be proud of their mother dressing in BDSM inspired things for a music video that sucks?

  128. miriam dinkens says

    Hi there ya’ll
    I gotta say that I really don’t care too much 4 modern pop.
    However,both of these ladies deserve some major props.Christina is the opposite of my style….until, I realized that (even though she was a part of the corporate disney style I despise) she was also the one Walt himself would’ve noticed.
    She is truly a talented woman with some pipes that stun,a real “Diva”
    However, Lady Gaga is another amazing anomaly.Yes she is a blood red lipstick wearing platinum blonde but,come on that can’t be considered a “copied” style anymore …it started in the 50’s with the Monroes, Mansfields and Wests.
    Bleaching ur locks to white only indicates an absolute need for the absolute most attention achievable.(I went through this phase myself)
    I believe that somehow these equally talented women were pitted against each other by their pimp agents for drama ratings.
    Here’s how I think it went down.
    “hey Christina” there’s a new “pop” singer (not even a Diva level artists concern because the styles r the opposite ends of the spectrum) thats a quirky platinum blonde…she’s copying u!
    (even though this woman is a European who is somewhat awkward and thats her flare, who hides her true sense of self behind her avant-garde disguise due to her culture clash ) making u.. an extremely talented,sensitive young woman fall right into my money grubbing hands!
    Extreme sarcasm(instead of doing an awesome ass uniting duet with Lady Gaga why don’t you portray the typical disgusting jealous popculture american that the whole world hates by reinventing yourself as the “original pop-culture techno weirdo,since all americans are stupid?”
    sickening…I just hope these 2 talented young women can come together to make the ultimate fuck you video..Christina has got some definite bad-girl in her (she loves the avant-garde)and lady g has got some for real american dreams….why shouldn’t they take the world by storm together?

  129. Retard Repellent says

    How can Christina be copying Lady Gaga if

    1. Christina has been around longer


    2. Shes ALWAYS done the weird outfits. Before anyone knew who Gaga was. (Watch the Video for Fighter.. Seriously)

    She’s always worn her short blonde hair curly, she’s always done the sexual thing, but all of a sudden now Gaga owns that style? Bullshit. Gaga doesn’t own anything an she’s not the first to try to pull that style off. Christina is a much more talented singer anyways (Have you heard that girl’s voice? Damn.) an has had more then enough songs that weren’t about dirty content. An Christina has repeatedly said she’s done the Madonna thing an other female artists before her’s styles as a tribute to them in her videos.. Idiots. She’s always come forward when she’s strait up copied another artist.

    Christina an Gaga are on two very different levels, an Christina is definitely the more respectable artist. Sorry guys, but she is.

  130. Anonymous says

    Well, seeing as the only people who are defending Christina seem to have an extreme hatred of Lady Gaga, I think it would be safe to say there is quite a bit of bias going on…

    Just because Christina was about first doesn’t mean she can’t copy someone.

  131. Mia says

    u guys r so stupid to think the Queen (xtina) copied Miss Gaga that’s not even close to the truth the real proof which u people need look up has Gaga copying xtina and a whole bunch of other celebs….. really like u need to seriously look that up u will be astonished and it will shut all ur mouths up once and for all….and another thing xtina is beautiful and lady gaga looks like a monster and a beast why would xtina wanna copy that…. and for all u haters u wish u were as hot as her that’s why u feel the need to talk about her