If You Listen, You Can Hear The Peta Computer Keys Going A Mile A Minute

Who cares what this event is about?? All I care about is what Peta is going to say about Maggie Gyllenhaal’s choice of garb. That vest of fur most certainly is a standout piece amongst blacks and greys. I wonder if Maggie thought about what they would think about her selection? Is she ready for the Peta wrath?

Besides Maggie, Peter Sarsgaard, Donald Trump, Melanie Trump and Jessica Biel attended the
MoMa Film Benefit Gala Honoring Baz Luhrmann. No sign of Justin Timberlake during arrivals.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the pic of Donald and Melanie. She’s started to do the Donald squint. That’s what happens when you live together long enough.

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  1. iowa girl says

    To each his own. I would never wear real fur personally but it’s not my place to decide for anyone what to wear. I can’t make popstars wear panties, and I can’t bully someone into not wearing fur. Maggie as usual looks unique. I like her

  2. ks says

    Always find it funny when people protest so much against meat eating or wearing fur but when you look down at their feet,u see them wearing leather shoes…hm

  3. Anonymous says

    Fur is just gross. It doesn’t look ‘nice’ or ‘classy’ it just looks rather pathetic. I think everyone here looks pretty tacky, Maggie looks a mess as does Peter. Jessica has had so much shit put in her lips and her nose fucked with so much, it looks scary. Donald and his wife honestly looks all types of pathetic and desperate.

  4. audrey says

    It looks like they tossed an animal pelt over her shoulders and belted it. It is an ugly piece of clothing. If you are going to wear fur to stir up controversy and revive a stagnant career, then at least pick something that doesn’t look like it came from Sonny Bono’s closet circa 1965.

  5. milari says

    this is so sick. i seriously hope that’s not real. people who wear animals deserve to be skinned themselves and worn as accessories and clothes.

  6. Miss_M says

    Jen.number2 – I’m pretty much in the same boat. But contrary to you I don’t mind killing an animal to eat it. And I can’t understand people who say people who wear animals deserve to be skinned… shoes, belts, wallets, handbags… there’s got to be at least one leather item in that list, right milari? 😉 … and what about meat on your plate?

  7. Shanny013 says

    PETA is too much in everyone’s business. I understand and agree with the fact that we don’t want to torture animals – I really agree with that. But, don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. I don’t go to their house forcing a hamburger on them, so I don’t appreciate them forcing their opinions on me.

  8. Anonymous says

    Maggie Gyllenhag should be shot because she’s downright nasty-looking, not just because of what she wears. And she also likes to have her daughter (who is a toddler) sucking on her saggy titties in public. She gets off on it. And she’s the ugliest actress alive.

  9. wickedgeisha says

    Wearing fur is SO tacky to me. I hate the torture animals have to go through just so people can show off how rich they are. And Maggie is not a pretty girl, decent actress, but that’s it. Jake definately got the looks in that family.

  10. Anonymous says

    Maggie looks like a caveman. I can’t believe people are still wearing fur in the 21st century.

    People who don’t understand why animal lovers are upset by the fur trade are ignorant. They obviously haven’t seen the millions of footage out there about how it’s actually done. They won’t show it on TV often because it’s extremely graphic.

    I urge everyone who is uninformed about the fur trade to watch this video. And if you don’t, please keep your uneducated comments to yourself.


    I also recommend watching the dvd call EARTHLINGS. It shows exactly how so-called human beings are disseminating this planet.

  11. Miss_M says

    Can’t wait for the first “shame on her wearing fur” commenters to show up here! I like real fur but I’m not keen on her piece there. It’s just not my taste. As for Mrs. Trump, I think they both go to the same plastic surgeon. Let’s just hope her hair style doesn’t go the same way as her face.

  12. Tiinnaaaa says

    Oh please Miss_M. It IS disgusting that she wears fur like that. Ok, so I think PETA take it too far when they start attacking celebrities, but how can you honestly say “I like real fur”. It’s unnecessary and cruel.If you actually watch (which I doubt you have) what these innocent animals have to go through so u can throw that over your shoulder, you would NOT feel that way.

  13. Monica says

    Oh my gosh, I KNOW! What animals go through for their fur is RIDICULOUS. They are skinned alive, packed in small cages, thrown around, malnourished, abused, and so much more. It IS completely unnescessary and just the meanest thing I’ve ever seen. Poor little helpless animals being killed for their FUR. For those who are unaware what they go through, search the vids on YouTube, and you will NEVER want to wear fur again unless you’re just selfish and heartless.

  14. Stephanie B says

    I really like Maggie’s outfit. I would probably opt for faux myself. Sarsgaard’s beard is a bit out of hand.

  15. Miss_M says

    Yes, I can honestly say I like real fur. I like it better than fake fur because you can of course feel the difference. I inherited a vintage fur from my grandmother and I love it. Would I buy a new fur? No. I wouldn’t be able to afford it and then I don’t think it’s actually necessary to have a fur. I still wouldn’t give up my grandmother’s fur though.

  16. Jen.number2 says

    There is nothing wrong with wearing a fur that has been passed down in my opinion. I”m so conflicted with stuff like this I think wearing fur is icky, yet I don’t think wearing leather is, even though it’s ensentially the same thing. I eat meat yet I don’t like hunting… either way though an animal still died.

    My boyfriend and I are trying to follow a vegetarian diet, but it’s hard and we ussually have a meat dish once a month or so, and I haven’t bought anything leather in a few years. So we try. I have to say though that PETA annoys the crap out of me, I got in a fight with a girl from PETA at a vegetarian festival this summer lol. They’re just so high and mighty and look down on those of us who don’t follow what they believe. I wish they would just try and handle these situations as adults not a grade 7 kid our for revenge.

  17. college_girl says

    I agree 100%. I like vintage fur a lot, it’s not as bad granted animals may still have suffered however, if it’s done it’s done you might as well enjoy the beauty of it. There’s nothing wrong there.

  18. Anonymous says

    if it’s real: absolutely disgusting to wear an animal…
    if not: at least it’s ugly…

  19. Anonymous says

    That’s what I thought, how would PETA know that it was real fur? What if she’s wearing fake fur?

  20. Anonymous says

    I suppose it’s fine if you already own a vintage coat, because it means those animals would’ve died in vain had you thrown it away. But I object to people who carry on buying fur. If you buy fur you support the cruel fur trade. You are just as guilty as the people who skin the animals alive.
    I personally would never buy fur, even vintage. Those cruel images of them being skinned and tortured would haunt me while wearing the coat.