Hugh Jackman’s Wife Isn’t Jealous Of Nicole Kidman

Despite the fact that Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman shared some steamy liplocks for the movie Australia, Hugh says that his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, isn’t jealous at all because she’s good friends with Nicole!

Hugh said,

"I’ve known Nicole for a long time but to give you some context, when
she first came to Hollywood, [she] lived with my wife.Until she lived with Tom [Cruise] she was living with Deb, so they were very close friends, still are very close friends."

You know, because that’s not awkward at all…Hi, we’re best friends, but I’ve made out with your husband, sorry about that!

Hugh is true to his true love, admits that making out with Nicole wasn’t a big turn on.

"The true answer to that is that is was not the toughest day at the
office," he jokes, "however it’s never particularly comfortable making
out with someone in front of 70 people. That’s not really something
that turns me on."





  1. Anonymous says

    ONLY EIGHT!!?? She looks like his grandmother! An attractive and well maintained grandmother, but a grandmother no less.

  2. borg queen says

    umm his wife (beard) does not mind because she knows the truth. He is gay but i dont blame him for keeping his sex life private. He should come out when he is good and ready too. He is a great actor and even better to look at

  3. Anonymous says

    I always wonder if people expect the men in these type of situations to actually say the truth! “Yeah, it was damn hot making out with Nicole, the old lady was not on the set that day….and man did it turn me on big time! I am aroused just thinking about it!”

  4. passingthru2 says

    Of COURSE, she’s not not threatened by Nicole Kidman, or any other actress, because Hugh is gay and everybody with any sense knows it. That also explains this beard marriage and the two adopted kids…hello, Nicole and Tom Cruise, anyone?? It’s been done before!

  5. Anonymous says

    Wow, there are some mean comments on here.
    I think she’s a very lucky lady. They’re happy so why should they care what anyone else thinks.!

  6. greeeneyedwhwoman says

    I met Hugh Jackman on the set of XMen 3; he seemed to be a genuine, funny guy! We all only had good things to say about him!

  7. Sheri says

    She honestly looks like she could be his mother! I applaud him, though, for staying true to her and still being so in love with her. I have heard several other actresses comment on how in love they still are. He’s obviously a really great guy – and she is one BLESSED woman!! But she looks much older than 48!!

  8. Anonymous says

    yeah i agree with most of the comments above, she looks like his mother, i actually thought she was his mother until someone pointed out to me that was his wife, i was like wtf, why is the so called sexiest man alive with a granny……but yeah the gay thing explains it.

  9. mimigirl says

    I think people are used to looking at women of the same age in Hollywood and seeing unnatural skin. She is just fine. And quite frankly I don’t care what the internal workings of their marriage is. It works for them and as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, who the hell cares? I think he is a great actor and a very talented man.

  10. Anonymous says

    The fact that he is married to an ugly old lady makes everyone think he MUST BE GAY!!! BTW, it is OK to be gay. Rather, it makes the old lady look rather foolish!

  11. Pusscat says

    Well according to dates on the internet she was in-fact born in 1955 so this would actually make her 13 years older than Hugh with him being born in 1968 and not 8 years as has been said by some people on here, so there’s quite an age difference there. I am shocked that he does not have a younger wife, but perhaps he didn’t want a ‘trophy’ wife. Who knows??????? The mind boggles.

  12. wizfoe35 says

    Ok, now I don’t want to sound mean saying this, but How the hell did she get him??

    I think that is why a bunch of gay rumors fly around about him, because I’m sorry, but I don’t think she is attractive and she looks so much older than him!

    Seriously Hugh, why her??

    hahaha also I’m just jealous so whatever…:)

  13. Anonymous123 says

    yeah they do look like an odd couple. She must have a really good personality and very intelligent. She’s not ugly or anything – she just looks so old compare to him.