Sienna Miller And Balthazar Getty Back On

After rumors that Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty had broken up for good, they’ve just been spotted together again in London.The couple had a lunch date during the day, and then met up again at night in a club.A source says,

They looked very happy together, and were laughing and touching each
other all night. It seemed like they were very much together and were
engrossed in conversation for the entire evening.’

Dating a married man is bad news…but it looks like these two just can’t stay away from each other.

Photos by WENN.




  1. C. says

    SCUM! (both of them) She’s just like Hogelina. How can women be so selfish and never care who they hurt to get what they want? How do they sleep at night? They aren’t only missing a sensitivity chip they are missing the morality chip. Is nothing sacred anymore?

  2. Anonymous123 says

    break up make up break up make up break up make up….this will be the story of her life. she will never be able to keep a man….she’s going to be an old wash up lonely lady when she gets older and she will lose her looks soon and then no one will want her again.

  3. Anonymous says

    looks? HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her freakish lips throw her entire face off. it’s almost as if they were meant to be bigger or something. idk, she just doesn’t strike me as beautiful…..pretty, but definately not beautiful. just like most models out there. nothing special about any of them.

  4. Amy says

    If I was his wife I wouldn’t even want that scumbag back. I would take him for all I could and run with the kiddies.

  5. Anonymous says

    the only thing sienna can’t stay away from is attention. she wasn’t getting enough when they broke up so she needed to do something to get back in the news. well, she doesn’t have talent so i guess this is the next best thing. i hope they last because i can’t think of a guy better for her. trash deserves trash. period.

  6. Seriously says

    She’s another Pam Anderson. She loves her bad boys. Soon she will look washed up, used and worn out just like Pammie.

  7. Anonymous says

    Is it just me, or does that look like a manly ring on her finger? Anyone know what Getty’s wedding ring looks like?

  8. Anonymous says

    The only attention she get is from the men she sleeps with, so, imagine how sick she was having to go two weeks without attention. Of course, she would take him back he’s providing her with the most attention she’s gotten since Jude slept with the nanny.

  9. Anonymous says

    lol. i know it must have been a blow to her ego to know that jude law didn’t want to work with her on Guy’s new movie, Sherlock Holmes. he said either she go or i go. i really hope his wife isn’t losing any sleep over this. sienna and BG are whores and she should realize they deserve each other. sienna was also the other women with jude law and that’s why i am positive that this is how this woman gets her self worth. it must make her feel special to know he chose her over his family–and i am sure he is living it up. i mean, after all, it’s not like he is stuck at home raising four kids by himself. he gets to travel all over the world and come play daddy whenever it’s convinent for him. poor kids.

  10. Anonymous says

    poor kids is right. i don’t know why so many men think that when they separate from the mother they also separate from the kids. i know just what it is like to have an absentee father and even though i am older it still hurts to know that my own ‘dad’ turned his back on me.

  11. Anon204 says

    Too many men walk away from their kids and they think sending them a check every month or seeing them once every two months still makes them a father. I will never understand how it is so easy for them. I heard the only reason his wife hasn’t divorced him yet is because she isn’t working and she needs a source of income for her and the kids. She was working and before he got that b&s job, she was the family provider. BG is an ass and that’s why he is perfect for something like Sienna.

  12. Gisela says

    Getty’s wife not working? needing a source of income?…LOL google Baltahzar’s wife, this woman is a designer in her own right, has her own money and is friends with Hollywoods’ most elite. If she is still married to this slug, she must have her reasons. Sienna is trash, maybe Mrs Balthazar Getty just wants to play cat and mouse with the whore.

  13. Anonymous says

    well, like i said it was something i heard it in the media. they were saying that’s why she was still married to him because she needed the money. but, she did support the family before he got that b&s job. i always did wondered what she did to make a living. anyway, i just can’t figure out why she is still married to this idiot-there has got to be a reason.