Angelina Jolie Shopping With Maddox

There she is!! Angelina Jolie spent some quality time with her son, Maddox out in New Orleans Sunday afternoon. While out, the two went to “A Gallery for Fine Photography” and the “Little Toy Shop”. Wonder what Maddox got to take home? I love how he is starring at that black bag like it’s filled with gold.

Having so many children, it is crucial that Angie spend some alone time with each of them for everyone’s sanity. I only have two and sometimes need to step out to catch my breath!

Photos by INF




  1. JanePitt says

    Accusing someone of being a Jennifer Anniston if you don’t like the skank is one of the symptoms of “Brangelunacy,” a severe disorder that robs you of common sense. You loose the ability to accept the truth about the lying, manipulative, child exploiting, fame w h o r e , skank that is Angelina, and try to blame it all on JA.

  2. Gee Gee says

    LOL, I love it “Brangelunacy” is true though, Angelina fans accuse others of hating her because of Jennifer. They act so crazy and looney, get a life crazies, Angie don’t care about you, heck she don’t even know you.

  3. Anonymous says

    Talk about mediawhoring at its best.

    Jolie is weak and she is in a bad position right now. She had tried her hardest to manipulate the press into scrubbing her image so that she would be broadly popular, not just with a small segment of loons in the population. She wanted to be the #1 A-list actress, strong and independent, accomplished, loved and admired by all, and she thought snagging Pitt was her ticket. It failed. The mainstream press has revealed her as a shallow schemer; she is widely disliked and looked down upon by most of the population; Pitt is universally mocked now; and she has only managed to “inspire” the likes of Paris Hilton, Hayden Panettiere, Megan Fox, and Amy Winehouse. She could never make the transition to sustainable respectability because what she was selling wasn’t real, and eventually the tides had to turn back to where they were.

    So now, she is forced to go back to her previous image, the crazy carpet-munching blood vial wild child/bad girl, because in her failed attempt at mainstreaming, she lost a lot of fans who had thought she was authentic. She has to win them back, because winning adulation is the most important thing in the life of a narcissist, and she is losing that adulation by the day.

    Part of her calculations is that she knows that the days of Brangelina are numbered. After the Holie-Splitt, she will have to have a non-ordinary image to keep getting tabloid exposure and movie roles. The bad girl image worked for her years ago. She hopes she can go back to it. But she is not getting any younger. What kind of odds do you put on the flagging popularity of an aging slvt?

    Of course, being a narcissist, she couldn’t admit to herself that she failed. She had to let herself believe that it was all engineered by her, that everything that happens was what she wanted. But it wasn’t. The backlash over the affair is an example of how she has lost control. When the public really did turn on her when she admitted the affair and they sided with Aniston, she was shamed and horrified. Being a narcissist, she did not expect anything more than tee-hee-hees in the press as they faux chided her for being a naughty woman while her loons writhed in pleasure over the revelation and the way was slowly and subtly being paved for her to return to her “bad girl” image. She did not expect a lot of people to be genuinely appalled by the admission of adultery or think it was a big deal. When people did take it as a big deal and viewed her character negatively as a result, she responded by putting out disinformation through Ted C and others: She pretended like she was secretly pleased by all the attention. She sublimated the knowledge that her image just crashed and burned, and she fed her inflated ego with the delusional idea that really she is in control, this kind of press is just what she wanted. She pretended that she is merely manufacturing her image, that she is a PR genius. (The “PR genius” line is just a rehabilitation of the “strong, independent woman” crap she could not foist upon the public. Part of what she did not count on that time was the public making comparisons with actual meritorious women such as Reese Witherspoon; Jolie thought she could convince people in a vacuum, with empty statements and gestures).

    But underneath her defense mechanisms, she is upset that she has lost control of her image. She believed that if she prfaxwhored smartly and long enough, she could transition her image. But the reality is that she could not. All the tears over her two-year-dead mother in interviews lately? That was because she is feeling the stress from the backlash over her admission to the affair and the influential Aniston coming out against her. She is feeling the heat, and her mother, who was her only security blanket in this life, is not there to show her any love at a time when the entire world is starting to despise her. That stress makes the tears come easily. The stress and the tears are real, but the cause is not what she claims. You have to think like a narcissist to understand this.

    But again, she cannot admit all this to herself. She tells herself, and leaks to the tabloids, that she considers herself above the ex-wife, that she is pleased the world seems to think she is a better deal, that she pities the ex-wife, and that she is not bothered by the backlash. The truth is that such narcissistic, empty psych-out-the opponent talk is the hallmark of a person racked by insecurities. She secretly doubts her self-worth; she knows that “the world” that admires her is actually nothing more than the limited coterie of feeble-minded fawners whom she very deliberately surrounds herself with, and that they only admire her by virtue of either their co-corruption or their unconsciousness, their uncritical acceptance of her lies and P.R. machinations; she considers Aniston smarter than herself (which is why she had to steal her role in AMH rather than deciding what script she should take for herself); she is obsessed with destroying Aniston’s reputation and self-esteem because she feels threatened by her; and as I have stated, she is distressed over the backlash. She paradoxically tells herself that the greater popularity of Aniston is irrelevant because only a minority of people is ever in the right, even after she initially sought mass popularity. Secretly, she fears and dreads that, at least in this case, the opposite is true.

    Her prfaxwhoring is generally reactive, not proactive. To the extent that she plans her image, she has little to show for it. She is a box office disaster except in movies where she is either not visible (animations) or takes off her clothes as a supporting actress (and those days are numbered), she can’t win a Best Actress to save her life, and for all her prfaxwhoring to the tabloids, she is viewed negatively by more people than not, nobody is moved to action by her fauxmanitarianism, and a growing number of people question her sincerity.

    As for her political endeavors, she makes no intellectual contribution whatsoever. She is not taken seriously by the political power circles. They signed her up prematurely, and they are regretting it. They only called her when they want something.

    I just wanted to make sure that Jolie does not forget what her place is. Since she aspires to world grandiosity through the U.N., she needs a little reminder now and then of the reality of her lowly station in life.

  4. Anonymous says

    You wrote the same old nonsense we have been hearing forever. Angie will be angie always. Someone who is inspriing in her huminetrial work ,a fantasic actress who can take and belveble many kind of roles, a young mother who is fantstic and put her family first,and a good parnter to the holywood A lister. Don’t Panic because she seems to have it all and remain strong and stable from many jealous attack of her she is symbolic that way.

  5. Anonymous says

    You wrote the same old nonsense we have been hearing forever. Angie will be angie always. Someone who is inspriing in her huminetrial work ,a fantasic actress who can take and belveble many kind of roles, a young mother who is fantstic and put her family first,and a good parnter to the holywood A lister. Don’t Panic because she seems to have it all and remain strong and stable from many jealous attack of her she is symbolic that way.

  6. stephani11 says

    Why is everyone hating on her all the time?? Seriously, what’s everyones problem……… She’s waving at a fan… and she’s walking around with her children, how is that “whoring out the children” ? I think she looks beautiful and happy. I wish I had her shape, skinny arms and legs with a bigger midsection…. you can always do crunches ;P

  7. Anonymous says

    What a long and boring statement about angelina. And you talk in general, Speak for yourself only, She has a lot of fans, and we all love her!!!! Now go away and take your psych meds!!

  8. kojai says


  9. Kristina says

    Their kids always look worn, sad and kind of transparent – almost shabby… Funny how narcissist’s children always look like grey shadows… like their parents have sucked out all their blood…

    You can tell the difference. For example look at Hugh Jackman’s children – you can tell how loved they are, and then you have these poor children, nothing more than pawns in their grandiose parents charity image…

  10. Anonymous says

    Oh MY GAWD!! That is an insane comment on Angelina Jolie…WOW!
    Someone is OBSESSED….Damnnnn is somebody due for thier medication or what?

  11. Anonymous says

    Her call to the papparazzi was answered and she was greeted by what she loves the most, flashing bulds. Her firs appearance since the NYT outed her for staging photo opts. Worthless skank scum.

  12. says

    Though there were rumors that she might be leaving the project, it looks like Angelina Jolie is still attached to Edwin A. Salt. Only according to Production Weekly, the movie’s name has changed to fit the female gender of its lead. Now they’re calling it Erika Salt.

    You may remember that Jolie was brought in to replace Tom Cruise, who was originally supposed to play the titular Mr. Salt. Since they’ve now changed the title to fit Angelina’s curvaceous figure, it’s reasonable to assume she’s there to stay.

    Erika Salt is a spy movie. Jolie will play a CIA officer fingered as a Russian sleeper agent out to assassinate the president. She escapes capture and fights to reunite with her family and prove she’s not a traitor.

  13. Anonymous says

    STHU, please. i am getting so sick and tired of people assuming that you are a jennifer aniston fan just because you hate angelina. it is getting damn old. it seems like the only way angie fans can validate their love for her is by bashing jennifer. it’s stupid and childish. both of them are overrated and need to disappear.

  14. Sporky says

    Looking great for having had twins not so long ago. She’d look so much better without the skinny arms, though.

  15. Anonymous says

    She admits to having an eating disorder when she was younger. I’m guessing the picture in this link is in that time frame. It’s amazing how much work she’s had done on her face though! Nose, cheeks, chin…