Hot New Couple Alert: Ed Westwick And Jessica Szohr

Let’s just say that I am VERY surprised about this pairing and leave it at that. Gossip Girl cast members Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are officially an item.

The couple was spotted canoodling at an airport in Dallas, Texas as they waited to catch a flight to New York on Sunday.
A source tells New York Post gossip column PageSix,

"They were trying to be discreet by stealing kisses near the gate." On the plane "they were kissing in the aisles, but once they sat, she read her script and he drank a Heineken."

So what does their rep have to say about all of this?

"We do not discuss our clients’ personal life."


This is Gossip Girl’s second hook up as Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are currently together as well.

Photos by WENN




  1. Ariane says

    Her nose is well the way it is. Leave her alone! And let’s talk about your nose, or whatever is messed up in your physical aspect before talking about orignal and beautiful features about others… For God’s sake ! Not everything has to be standardized!!! !!

  2. Emilie says

    There’s nothing surprising. I called it months ago.

    Jessica is always saying that Ed is her best friend and they’re always very flirty with each other.

  3. Anonymous says

    Third hookup. Sebastian Stan, who starred in Gossip Girl for a few episodes, and Leighton Messter have been dating for almost two years now.

  4. Anonymous says

    Ew! This coupling makes absolutely no sense to me. No offense to Jessica or anything, but she comes off totally flat and boring onscreen, from the very first episode with Vanessa. Something about her just makes my skin crawl, can’t stand her. Honestly, I’d even be less grossed out if he were dating Taylor Momsen believe it or not. Whatever, he could do better.

  5. asdfas says

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  6. Ladylala says

    Why so shocked Vera? I’m just wondering if there’s something I haven’t heard about either of these two? :)

  7. B says

    I don’t watch the show or have the slightest opinion about this guy, but there has been rampant speculation that he’s gay.

  8. PardyHardy says

    I just think he’s sooo cute! Not so much in pictures, but on Gossip Girl he’s adorable. And most definitely my favorite character.

  9. Riviera says

    Ugh, I hate, hate, hate Jessica Szohr and the way she plays Vanessa. I cringe every time she comes on screen. And speaking of her character, she and Nate are the worst match ever. I mean, honestly, what were the writers thinking?? Can’t stand it. I also can’t stand the pairing of Serena and that wet noodle boyfriend of hers, Aaron. They should get rid of him stat before the show goes down the hill.

  10. Anonymous says

    That’s why they were so cute and twinkly when they worked those scenes together a few episodes back!

  11. says

    Ok…EW! Do I need to say it again? How could he like her? ok…so she isn’t ugly…but EW…EW…. I’m just too wrapped in this show for my own good.

  12. Lauren E. says

    I don’t watch the show but she is absolutely GORGEOUS. And him…well he’s not so attractive. x_x I think her and Chace would be cute together. 😛