Just A Tiny Sprinkle Of Fairy Dust…



Don’t you love seeing before and after pictures of magazine shots? You know, BEFORE they touch everything up with Photoshop. It’s not the celeb’s fault. Jessica Alba had no say in what they did to her Campari pictures after they were shot.

But it’s always nice to see what the shots originally looked like. Take a look and let me know what you think.






  1. Shanny013 says

    The bottom pics make her look like Phoebe Cates from Fast Times at Ridgement High. Aside from that, I don’t think they needed to change the way she looked. I understand changing the lighting or changing the way the clothing bunched up, but she didnt’ need to be changed.

  2. Monica says

    If they’re thinning out Jessica Alba, then no wonder sooooo many girls have self-image issues.

  3. Anonymous says

    Holy Photoshopping!!! No wonder teenage girls have complexes now with eating disorders…

  4. Anonymous says

    Its pretty clear that these are four different pictures. The first is an outtake, I’m sure.

  5. Jan says

    Wow I cant believe they even change the background and everything ! Its amazing and no wonder my personal photos will never compare with professional ones LOL even theirs cant compete with the photoshopped version ! They cut out 1/4 of her leg in that white shorts set and who knew they took out wrinkles in clothing ? Fascinating.

  6. Ellie says

    I would die. That is unacceptable. They ruined her face in the second photo. If they retouch photos of HER to that extent, than I can imagine what they do to the thousands of other less attractive women.

  7. sweetl18 says

    I think she still looks gorgeous, I mean for God’s sake she just had a baby…:) Oh and thanks God for Photoshop

  8. Anonymous says

    I actually prefer the before ones, especially the second one. Why ever would they change her? She’s gorgeous as it is!

  9. Anonymous says

    oh my god they so painted out those hips god they really didnt need to touch htem up she fab

  10. VazquezGal says

    Are you serious? They even re-touched the clothes to look less wrinkled… Crazy! and they definitely had to take the face from another pic and superimpose it on the first one with the black dress because in the original she is looking down and in the final she is looking up into the camera. they even added the people in the background… Crazy what they can do with technology these days! She looks beautiful though with our without the touchups.

  11. xy mom says

    most actresses probably don’t even have to show up to the sessions because they can just morph all the photos together and create something totally separate.

  12. starlitbetty says

    The before shots def. make me feel better about my body than the photo shopped ones… I was wondering where those Latina curves went! She looks beautiful no matter what but I guess less curves are better for the ad.

  13. Bernadetteoc says

    It looked like it was more crappy light in the before shots. I mean come on, she’s Jessica Alba, but then again if she doesn’t look good enough without being airbrushed, us average Joannes don’t stand a chance lol

  14. Amy says

    I am not surprised to know they go to this extreme because very rarely do I even recognize anyone on a cover these days. They are photoshopped beyond recognition. Jessica Biel the other day, I mean please, was she even there.

  15. Anonymous says

    the originals shots were stunning, she is a beauty i have to admit,the retouched shots were simply more colorfully manipulated, jess body is banging as you can truly see from the originals wow!

  16. Ladylala says

    Whoever did this photoshopping has REAL talent! Very impressive skills… But I cannot BELIEVE how much they changed! Just look at all the little details.. So much has been done! And it’s unnecessary! She’s gorgeous.

  17. Jen.number2 says

    My boyfriend was all over the before photos, he loves Jessica Alba. He wasn’t a fan of the after ones though.

  18. C.Mo says

    I always had a morbid fascination in seeing what I’d look like air brushed. I bet it’d take a lot of work haha

  19. Anonymous123 says

    I actually like the before shots better!! and people thought she wasn’t photoshopped…pffft.

  20. says

    The before and after photos can’t be the same. It looks like the shots were taken a few seconds apart otherwise that is extensive and difficult photoshopping. She is definitely made to look thinner in the photoshopped version, but her head is at a different angle in both of them. They elongated the photo and used shadow to make her face look thinner. They also really worked on making her legs thinner. In the first pic the dress is cut off at a sharp angle on the left side and they used black to separate her legs in the middle. Her arms are also thinned out and covered up with hair. The photo shopped version is definitely better. Whoever did it has talent.

  21. Anonymous says

    They look the same to me except for a few bulges in her hip area, thinner arms, thinner legs, etc. LOL