Khloe Kardashian Is The Latest Celeb To Go Naked For Peta

BOY! Isn’t this a racy photo! I put the real image in a thumbnail just in case you are near children or a roaming boss. Khloe Kardashian sure doesn’t have a problem showing some skin huh? I guess this is a cause the designer is extremely passionate about.

"Compassion is the fashion this holiday season, so join me in boycotting fur," says Khloe. "With all the stylish and super-warm things you can wear, it’s easy to have a killer look without killing animals."

What do you think about celebs who show it all for Peta? Does it get you thinking about not wearing fur?




  1. eddie says

    YOU GROW UP IDIOT! If these SKANKS would care for animals they would donate EVERY CENT they could to homeless animal shelters…they are a pack of WHORES out for self promotion. They would not even be celebs if they didnt spread their legs for disease spreading rappers.

  2. Miss_M says

    Ah, can I ask all the fur haters to think about your cushions, your pillow. The feathers inside, the bird fur, where do you think that came from? How do you imagine all that duck and goose skin was gleaned? Next: cotton. Ever thought about the impact your cheap t-shirt has on the environment? I suggest you do some research. Now think of mink: of all the animals that we kill for our personal use, mink have by far and away the easiest passing: well fed and unstressed, they’re gently gassed. Ever been to a battery chicken farm? An industrial pig stable? A slaughterhouse (cows)? The percentage of fur being “made” to wear is small. ………..You can chose not to wear fur but don’t attack people who do! And don’t assume people who do wear fur don’t like animals.

  3. Anonymous says

    She should be proud of herself for showing off her fuller figure. I am a full figured woman and it feels nice to see not everyone is aneroxic looking in Hollywood. She looks absolutely beautiful and has a gorgeous body. You go girl!!!

  4. StephanieV says

    Excuse me, but to make leather shoes and Uggs, the animals are DEAD before their skin comes off. In China, where 80% of the fur trade is, skinning an animal alive is entertainment, or are you THAT uneducated about the situation? I bet you are. OPenning your mouth before even catching a glimmer of what goes on. And what about people? As far as I see it, plenty of people do things for human beings. I donate food, I donate diapers, and I have spoken to beaten women. Guess what? Plenty of people out there speak out against the atrocities happenning against other people, but when it comes to “Please don’t wear fur”, its the ol’ Eric Cartman saying “I do what I want!” without bothering to know the facts. You wear fur, you might as well be the disgusting POS that is skinnning that animal alive as it screeches in pain, and then thrown on a pile of its fellow creatures, still breathing,writhing in pain, and dying painfully as its entire body was skinned and paws hacked off.

  5. Ladylala says

    I’ve never heard of this woman before today… I do however recognize the last name, which makes me think of Porn Star.

  6. Ania says

    I dont get why people have to hate and bash her. Grow up, she is doing this for a good cause. I guess all these people dont care for animals and I’m sad for them. I’m one who will never wear fur and I support the fur ads.

  7. Anonymous says

    Yes, it’s a terrible situation. But it really makes me mad that you have to take up some infuriated tone! I am sure this person you are responding to knows the facts about fur. BUT it is a free country! Some people just like the look of fur–I’m not one of those people, but for whoever is, it is there decision to wear the fur or not. How do you know it’s entertainment to the people in China? Do you have evidence or are you assuming that it is entertaining? Some of the workers may not have a choice of where they work, and they have to do the job as their employer tells them to. Something needs to be changed about fur, but you should not go around yelling at people, practically accusing them. I’m sure that most people who wear fur would like to have it produced some different way, but they are not behind that. You do not know if they support the act of skinning an animal or not–I’m sure that they would not support it if there were some humane way of doing it. Don’t get angry because some people love fur!

  8. p says

    Does it make me think about not wearing fur? No, it makes me think how glad I am this is a free country and we can wear whatever the hell we want to wear. I wonder how many of these PETA famewhores wear leather shoes? Or Uggs, for that matter? Find a real issue to get behind, people. There are far worse things done to human beings (particularly women) every single day in this world than what’s done to animals.

  9. Rasclaat says

    She’s a common $lut and PETA can kiss my a$$! They suck the bag and I hope the recession puts them out of business,too!

  10. Lucius Fieldon says

    When did she become a big enough celebrity that anyone would listen to anything she would say? Her sister is a D-list at best, so that would make her a what? K-list?

  11. anaaaaaaa says

    wow! chloe is HOT! who is she? normally i like rail thin but this is actually pretty hot.

  12. Anonymous says

    so following your logic I have to conclude that because in this world bad things are done to humans, we should not care about animals at all. Same as since the leading cause of death in adults is heart desease, we should forget about looking for cure for cancer. Or because we have famine is some african contries, we should forget about women rights in middle east. Is that what your shrieveled up brain came up with? Everybody should put an effort at what they are best at. For some it will be taking care of people, for others it will be advocating for animals, and so on. But one group should take care of idiots like yourself, who are void of compassion and any reasoning skills.

  13. Anonymous says

    Uhm, this doesn’t get me thinking about peta. it makes me want to buy photoshop and make all my ex-bootycalls look hot hahahahha. just how mike peralta makes fun of her too, and asks what kind of message she is really sending

  14. bugsbrat says

    she’s either losta whole lot of weight or they airbrushed/photoshopped the hell out of her! i liked her on the show – i always thought she was the most outspoken and real, but these pics are awful!

  15. Anonymous says

    Wearing Uggs IS NOT the same thing. They use the meat and then take the skin. They were using the meat anyway. And also, I agree when it comes to farm abuse, and I don’t like killing animals, but they will always be used for meat. And since that is so, there is no reason not to go ahead and use the skin too. The meat was going to be used anyway.

  16. Pogue Mahone says

    To P:I agree; it’s a free country and we don’t need PETA’s “permission” for approval for what we wear,and I’d rather wear fur than go *naked*!It’s too bad a lot of people seem to care more about animals than people,too.Their priorities are all wrong.

  17. Pogue Mahone says

    I don’t believe in posing nude,and I don’t believe in PETA,either; they’re fanatical lunatics!

  18. SCORPION2NV says

    All these celebritys that are so PRO PETA and so for animals, but I bet every last one of the Drive or Ride in a car that has leather seats. Do they know how many animals it takes to cover those seats. Please they need to get over it. They cant be anti fur anti killing animals and then ride around on dead animals all day or wear leather shoes

  19. Anonymous says

    To Anonymous at 10:50 and 5:06 (obviously the same lunatic)…get off your soap box! No one wants to hear you spew your ridiculous opinions.

  20. Gee Gee says

    Even if you don’t agree with the lunatic as you call he/she; they are entitled to their opinion. Thank God you are not the only voice and the majority here. Let them speak, if you don’t like it, you can easily click over to another story.

  21. Katiemarina says

    Wow… hate to be mean, but photoshopped much? And I am sorry, but she is only doing this for exposure. She must be the only person available. It would be a much better ad if she was pictured with her real body and in clothing! Or maybe a much better ad if it were just someone else…

  22. Anonymous says

    unfortunately I do not believe she is doing this for animals. She is doing it because she wants to promote herself. this is what I hate about these fake people. They never do it because they feel it, they do it because it pays money and provides exposure. and it goes for all these celebrity auctions, charities, galas…they never even follow money trail to see where it ends up.

  23. Michelle S says

    Boy isn’t it sad that we have to be so jealous of someone’s fortune…. Khloe is very beautiful and for no other reason than that she does not deserve for anyone to talk trash that is what is wrong with this world today people who are jealous that PETA would never even consider you for this spot… Get over it and stop all ready dont we have more to worry about in this day in age then who photoshopped this picture your all just jealous you can’t look like that……….

  24. Anonymous says

    for some reason….i do not believe she isn’t photoshopped. she doesn’t look this gorgeous on tv.

  25. tiglesia says

    Maybe she is trying to downplay the bad press she received after avoiding jail time for that DUI case……. it seems ‘celebs’ and other ‘rich folk’ can break the law, drive drunk and never pay the price for their actions. If a ‘regular’ joe had been before that judge with a DUI their license would have certainly been revoked at MINIMUM. She is worried about hurting animals, but it’s OK to drive drunk and potentially kill a person?

  26. Anonymous says

    She makes me want to kill a bear cub. I agree with all the posters who said she’s not genuine. PETA should know better than this.

  27. Anonymous says

    Whatever the reason she is doing this, it IS a good cause and so for that she should be applauded not bashed. If she really just wanted to get naked she could do Playboy. No-one should wear fur, it is insane in this day and age when there are so many other fabrics to keep warm and heating that some people still think its ok. The cruelty, torture and suffering those animals go through is so so awful, I dont believe anyone who has watched one of those videos or seen an animal skinned alive would ever consider it. Animals are so beautiful, innocent and deserve to live as much as humans do, they should be loved and protected, not worn.

  28. Jan says

    Celeb??? Wow we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel if this is what is consider star status these days.