Seven Pounds Changed Will Smith’s Perception Of Control

Playing a depressed, suicidal tax officer really did something to Will Smith. Seven Pounds ended up being one of those movies that Will couldn’t shake off once filming ceased.The concept of control has forever been altered for our favorite leading man. He tells USA Today,

“That’s one of the elements that attracted me to this idea – how much control you can have over your life but how much you don’t have once you relinquish it.

“I make choices in my life after working on this film. I found myself walking down the stairs and it’s raining, and I found myself grabbing extra-hard on the railing. Just think, one slip – and that’s it. You have to be conscious. You don’t have control after you’ve set these dominoes in motion. Your control point is before you make this crucial mistake.”

I CAN’T WAIT for this film!

Will also commented on being famous. While it does allow celebrities to lead different lives than the rest of us, it usually comes with a price.

“By being famous, you’re afforded rights that other people who aren’t
famous aren’t afforded. If I’m going to walk to the front of the line
(at the restaurant) because I’m Will Smith, then I have to sign all the

“If I don’t want to sign any autographs, I don’t walk to the front of
the line. It’s that simple. Stand in the line with everybody else.”

What do you think about what Will said? Do you agree with the fact that celebs should jump ahead of lines in exchange for a few autographs? Personally, while it is most certainly a perk, I think having them not wait is more of a safety issue than anything else. Imagine Will Smith and his family waiting on line to be seated anywhere. They would get MOBBED. It’s better to put them inside and out of harms way. Too much commotion isn’t good for anyone.

Photos by WENN