Runny Noses Over High Fashion

Sometimes I end up having to wipe my son’s nose on my shirt, so it can’t be silk and cost $800.

Keri Russell

(Spoken like a true mom!) :)




  1. Anonymous says

    stupid comments by Keri (nothing unusual since she is ahhh an actress) but I do like her haircut/color

  2. Em says

    i HATE when people cough sneeze on me, especially kids, they carry everything. but if an animal happens to sneeze or even vomit on me, you just cant help but hug them and tell them it’s okay.

  3. Anonymous says

    I love the back of this dress. She looks as amazing as usual. One of the most naturally beautiful women on-screen. The red lipstick doesn’t look right on her, though.

    I imagine that there are times that all of us have wiped things on our clothes because we had no other options at the time. Yes, it’s gross, but it’s also part of life. Give me a break.

  4. Melany0 says

    I have kids and I’ve never done that. When they had runny noses I had tissues with me. They don’t have runny noses all of a sudden.

  5. Luke says

    That’s disgusting. This is why moms should always carry tissues. I’m sure her husband loves touching her only to feel dried baby snot on her clothes. Have some pride, ladies. Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you don’t have to stay clean and presentable. Same thing goes for maintaining a decent weight. NO wonder men cheat on the mothers of their kids.

  6. p says

    Had two kids, never EVER wiped a runny nose (or any other body part) on my clothing, thank you very much. Somebody needs to teach these pampered poodles how to take care of a baby without being a freaking slob. I hate remarks like that…they’re only meant to convince the public what a hands=on mom she is…when what it really does is make her look like a moron. Also, that red lipstick makes her look 45.

  7. mascara says

    I couldn’t agree more. These celebs try too hard to convince people of something they are not. If they were, they wouldn’t have to try to be convincing.

  8. gretel says

    I believe most of the people here who made comments like “ew” and so on don’t have kids.

  9. gretel says

    So if you don’t have a tissue at hand, you’d rather leave them with a runny nose? How great. I think it’s perfectly normal if it is truly needed.

  10. Anonymous says

    I gotcha. If I don’t have anywhere special to go, I’ll wipe it on mine…but it has to be of the watery/runny variety 😉

  11. jenjen says

    I have had to do this a couple times this week, actually. Quite icky but better than runny nose!