Inside Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s Custody Agreement

Star magazine claims to have the inside scoop on Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s custody agreement that explains why we don’t see Nicole with her two older children, Isabelle and Connor, very often.

Tom supposedly had “special papers” drawn up that tightly regulates Nicole’s access to their children, limiting how often she can see the kids, “the exposure she can have with them,” and when she can have overnight visits.

She doesn’t go anywhere with those kids without Tom’s say-so.”

In additon to limiting Nicole’s physical access to their children, all of Nicole’s phone calls are documented and all of their contact, including emails, are done under Tom’s supervision.

Tom’s rep denies all of this.

This definitely sounds like a “get your salt out” story.I always assumed both Tom and Nicole keep their children out of the public eye because they want to protect their privacy since they’re teenagers (who probably can’t imagine anything less cool than being photographed with their parents), but maybe not.

My main question is: why on earth would Nicole allow this?

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous123 says

    I don’t know about Connor but I heard that Isabelle does not like getting pictures taken and I do recall Nicole saying that Isabelle doesn’t want her or Tom talking about her to the public. Her privacy is extremely important. She has zero interest in being famous. That’s why you rarely see Nicole or Tom with their older children. The tabloids are making story out of nothing.

  2. Anonymous says

    Scientologist is a mighty powerful cult. She’s lucky to even get away much less take her kids with her on his turf.

  3. Anonymous says

    I’ve heard this a few times before. I tend to agree that Nicole would go along with it simply because she wants to see them. Scientologists are very weird when it comes to their kids and relatives outside of the cult.

  4. Anonymous says

    Nicole is a very private person and tries to avoid people taking pics of Conner and Isabella. When she is in Nashville the people are really kind to her and keith so I suppose when she is with her children they back off a bit. I really hate how people think paparazzi photos are good source to see how often celebrities are seen with their children. Just because we don’t see photos does not mean that Nicole is never with her children. It disgusts me how people can loath the paparazzi and yet somehow rely on them to let us know what parent is “better” with being with their kids.

  5. Bliss says

    Don’t know if this is true, but I read somewhere that when you join Scientology, you have to do a video expose of yourself, and reveal everything: your achievements, faults, hopes, failures, your secrets and its all documented and recorded. So they have this on Nicole, and can use it against her, so she has to fold to every one of Tom’s command. Who knows how true it is, but I guess anything is possible.

  6. Linda123 says

    I don’t think this story true. Why would Nicole go along with it? Saying not to anger Tom doesn’t explain anything because what would that do? Nicole doesn’t strike me as having skeletons in her closet and Tom is blackmailing her. I’ve seen the kids with Tom in NYC several times in the past month and here and there since Katie entered the picture but I don’t think I’ve seen the kids with Nicole since her wedding. Maybe she’s a lot more secretive when the kids visit her. I think people are willing to believe this story so easily because Nicole gushes over Sunday all of the time and hardly mentions her older kids. When she does, it’s an afterthought.

  7. switchstance5 says

    It seems like neither Tom nor Nicole are ever seen with their two adopted children. They both now have their own biological children and hardly ever spend time with their adopted children. IT seems like they really don’t even care for Conor and Isabel. It was just a fad they were going through at the moment.

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  8. Kat2 says

    Nicole had custody after the divorce. Why did she give them up? That’s the real question. If she had custody of them, that would severly limit her being able to travel the world the way she does making movies. She’s spent the majority of the past 2+ years making movies on the other side of the world. If she were limited to staying in the States to be a mother to Bella & Connor whatever would she do? Let’s see what she does when Sunday starts school.

  9. Anonymously says

    I read somewhere that the kids live with Tom’s sister and her family in LA and not with Tom and Katie. Also I think that Nicole has said they want to stay in LA and not with her in Nashville. I suspect that as we don’t constantly see pics of Nicole Keith and Sunday out and about she is good at finding places to take the kids so they are not photographed.

  10. Caro says

    There’s never found any proof to these rumours. I don’t believe Tom would be the kind of person to draw up papers like these, and I don’t think Nicole would ever agree with such a agreement, let alone a judge approving it in court! Anyone who believes such crap isn’t too smart. We all know magazines do make up stories but some stories clearly are fake and no-one should spend a second believing them.
    Besides, don’t you think it’s curious such a report gets out right when both Tom and Nicole have huge movies coming out? Did it ever occur to you that it is a way to badmouth Tom and maybe push Nicole’s movie into better box office rates?! COINCIDENCE – yeah right!

  11. Anonymous says

    I think Nicole allows this because the Scientologist clan will divulge all her audit secrets!! Isn’t that what they do to control their members? Nicole is probably afraid of what they will divulge if she doesn’t comply!!! Anyone else agree????

  12. Run KatieRun says

    Nicole was 21, fresh off the boat from Australia. She was sleeping on Hugh Jackman’s and his wife’s sofa and was swept away.

    She had never heard of Scientology and signed her rights away, “any children to be raised in the “Church in LA”.

    Young love is so foolish and he was older, the biggest movie star, and being “handled” by the cult. The young girl was in love and had no idea………….

  13. says

    Nick has publicly said ( on Oprah) they dont have an agreement and its whatever they decide. i think the difference is Nicole moves around a lot and Tom doesnt. Now she lives in Nashvillle, her kids arent going to up and move.

  14. TraceyOP says

    Oh please, Nicole sees her older kids, they just don’t want to be photographed! She said that Conner worked on the set of Australia and loved the experience, so she obviously sees her kids outside the spotlight!

  15. Anonymous says

    I think that is exactly it. Nicole was lucky to get out of that marriage and that cult with her own life! Hopefully Connor and Isabella are smart and will get out of that situation with their father when they are older.
    Katie Holmes parents should kidnap her and Suri to get them away!

  16. Jerry says

    The real reason: I have friends who have friends who know Tom and swore to secrecy but everyone knows that good gossip makes its way through the grape vine.. but every now and then even the grape vine is dead right! The truth why Nicol lost her privileges as a Mother over her own children is because shortly before all hell broke loose in Tom’s and Nicole’s marriage.. Nicole was caught red-handed by a State Trooper of not just speeding with the children in the car but Nicole was also under the influence of psychotropic medications and apparently too much wine too! This was kept hush hush by everyone invovled including lawyers, judges but somehow someone who didn’t obviously uncross their fingers told a someone and that someone told a someone and well eventually it got to me and well I personally don’t like Tom so I’m spilling it!

    Nicole had an out and out nervous breakdown after the event, she was arrested on the scene, the car was impounded, Tom was called and had to leave a worksite by jet and helicopter to bail Nicole out and the kids were monitored in the police station the whole time it took for Tom to get there. This whole incident put Tom over the edge with their already strained marriage and Tom drew up the divorce papers and so isn’t it obvious now why Nicole didn’t have a damn crossword to say to Tom or the media. Yes, things like this, where a mother is refused rights to her children.. they just don’t happen. So, now you know why.


  17. Anonymous says

    Many of you don’t seem to understand Scientology.

    btw, 70% of all abusive men sue for sole custody as a way to control the woman even after the divorce. Happens all the time.

    Scientology is a highly abusive cult. Extreme emotional abuse and brainwashing techniques.

    Get to know someone who lives in LA and is very active within Scientology. You’ll see for yourself that Nicole didn’t and Katies doesn’t have a chance.

    It’s not a rumor… If you don’t know someone in Scientology, a quick Google search for “Scientology critics” will help. Scientology is real and its members are as extreme and intense as former members claim.

  18. Anonymous says

    Jerry, I have a friend who’s close to a relative of the Kidmans and I’ve heard the same story. I have to think its true. I also heard the real reason for the divorce was she was having a long time affair with none other than Russell Crowe and Tom found out. She gave up custody of the kids so this wouldn’t be revealed. The more I hear about Nicole the more I dislike her for her blatant dishonesty. She doesn’t have a uterus so there’s no way she had Sunday Rose. Someone should expose this fake. Why does Hollywood cover up for these sort of peope?!! Its really sad. I used to think Tom was the bad guy but not anymore.

  19. annoyed says

    Look the bottom line is her and Tom adopted those kids, and she appears not have any relationship with them. We’ve heard nothing but Sunday Rose and Keith for sometime now. Now they have Faith Margaret…You will never hear about those kids again! Tom and Nicole should be locked up for adopted kids as an accessory then when the season is over they are hung up like an old sweater. It’s not about Scientology it’s about replacing the adopted with the biological…Shame on the both of them!

  20. Pegi says

    I had a girlfriend with a child. Both parents were into Scientology. They were unmarried and when she left him, the church determined that custody of the child belonged to the church. She went into hiding to keep her son. Have lost contact so I don’t know the end results, but I think she reached a point where she felt safe.

  21. Amy says

    I do think Tom is controlling and that nothing is done without his approval. As for why Nicole allows this, who knows? I am sure she knows Tom very well and signed contracts for every aspect of their marriage and divorce including the kids. Of course Tom and his people and even Nicole herself are going to deny it. Nicole probably has to play by the rules or who knows the wrath that would be put upon her. I can’t stand Tom, but he is looking better these days.

  22. Isis says

    I bet this is just all junk but who knows. Hey maybe even Nicole didn’t want a lot of visitation 😛

  23. Sporky says

    I don’t understand why people are confused about this. It seems extremely clear to me that Nicole goes along with it because IT’S PART OF HER CONTRACT and she’s not a Scientologist. My only question is, why are we finding out about this now?

  24. Anonymous says

    Who knows? The kids never seem to be with her and she never talks about them. maybe she feels she has a replacement. (Sunday)