Which Celebs Had The Most Heat For 2008?

USA Today ranks celebrities’ popularity in the Celebrity Heat Index by measuring how often a celebrity is mentioned in print and online entertainment media outlets.The celebrities are ranked every week based on how much coverage they receive for the week.Today they published the results for the entire year.

Britney Spears kept her #1 position for 2008 (she was also #1 in 2007) after being the most-covered celebrity for 11 weeks this year.The pop star received a monumental amount of press attention this year (which I’m sure none of us will ever forget) between two psychiatric hospitalization and an incredible comeback, including the release of her latest album, Circus.

Angelina Jolie (#2) just edged out Jennifer Aniston (#3), while the third member of the triangle (Brad Pitt) came in at #4.Although Britney managed to have the most weeks as the most-covered celebrity, Angelina, Jennifer, and Brad had 14 weeks as the most-covered celebrities between the three of them.I suspect this trio will be tied together until their careers die down.Well, they say the worst press is no press, right?

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Not to be completely outdone by her big sis, Jamie Lynn Spears, along with Tom Cruise, displaced Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith to rank among the top 10 most covered celebs this year.Jamie Lynn was also ranked the most popular new mom of 2008.

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Gossip Girls’ Blake Lively were among the hottest breakthrough stars of 2008.

Actresses were on the most magazine covers this year.Supermodels are a dying breed, apparently.

And Reese Witherspoon is the star people wanted to hear more about.Do you want to hear more about Reese?

What do you think of these rankings? Given the personal drama that propelled celebs into the top four spots (Britney, Angelina, Jennifer, and Brad), I’m not sure I’d want these honors!

Photos by Bauer Griffin