Blind Items Revealed!!!

SO excited about this! I am only going to take a few from ENT’s site, there are too many to post on INO. Click here to read Crazy Days and Nights’ blind item reveals for 2008!!

  • I guess she is a C list actress now but with A list name recognition.
    Anyway, she had her "people" lie to news outlets about her recent trip
    to rehab. Instead, her "people" gave an exclusive about her rehab visit
    so she could get a cover story when she gets out of rehab in the hopes
    of jump starting her career. TARA REID
  • This actress is B list. Hit network drama which I refuse to watch.
    Totally in contrast with her earlier more famous television role, this
    actress has a big soft spot. Over the past few years she has arranged
    for about 20 disadvantaged kids to go to private schools. She pays for
    all the books, uniforms and tuition. It costs her about $200,000 a year. MARCIA CROSS
  • This just confirms that this A list supermodel is in fact, an idiot.
    Our supermodel was seen making out and groping with some random guy in
    the corner of a party while her zillionaire boyfriend was nowhere to be
  • Former A list rock singer. Now, just someone we love to sing with at clubs and see in the odd film cameo is going blind. BILLY IDOL
  • What film brother/sister duo in an upcoming blockbuster film are having
    to keep their relationship secret because of fears that the general
    public will not make the distinction between film and real life? ROB PATTINSON / NIKKI REED
  • Now for something juicier and we will stay at NBC. This time a comedy
    where the two stars of this hit show used to laugh and get along and
    just be best pals. Well best pals to the extent people can fake being
    best pals. However now it is to the point where the only time they
    communicate is through their lines on the set. The other problem is
    that other cast members are having to pick sides and if you speak to
    one, then the other won’t speak to you. Yes, these are adults. TINA FEY / ALEC BALDWIN




  1. lovechild says

    Blind items are so much fun but I always die for the reveal.This was temporary satisfaction.
    Yay to marcia I love to see celebs use their money for things other than jets,handbags, and over priced meals.
    Heather <3

  2. kaykay says

    NOOOOOO. Rob cant be dating Nikki. He is way to good for her. (@ Anonymous 9:01 – Nikki Reed is the girl who plays Rosalie in Twilight)

  3. Anonymous says

    robert is not dating nikki, it was rumoured that she had a crush on him as it was also rumoured that she disliked the chemistry between him and kirsten and it was last rumoured on 31/12/08 that hes with kristen, once again just rumours. If you read the book, Rosalie played by Nikki, could not understand why Edward (rob) didnt want her and then he found Bella (kirsten), she was jealous even though she had Emmet and therefore i think that people are confusing fiction with reality. lol

    So please give they guy a break, nikki reed *HELLO*.hes not that good looking, but hes much to good for that vampire-lol- i also tink that journalist want senationilism and will say anything to get people to log onto their websites and buy their magazines, and they dont care about the actors and actresses whom they exploit.

  4. Anonymous says

    Aww, I would have featured more of the kindnesses! So many nice celebs who give anonymously! I certainly hope all those are true.

  5. Gee Gee says

    sorry but his reveals sucked big time this year, he had really good ones that he didn’t reveal. He reveald the obvious ones, but the one where an actor beats on his GFs, or the one where an actress put peanuts on a cake she baked. She then gave it to a friend of hers who is allergic to peanuts. The friend ended up in the hospital, she did it to see what would happen. That is the reveal I wanted to see. ENT is playing it too say lately, he’s gotten soft on us.

  6. Anonymous says

    awww rob pattison is dating nikki reed (whoever she is lol) im so sad…i just saw twilight yesterday so im still in the edward obsession 😛

  7. Anonymous says

    Ent’s blog is blocked through work, so I’ll have to check it out later. I do agree i’d love to hear more kindness reveals. The other reveals just make you remember how stupid some celebrities truly are!

  8. B says

    Thanks. I’ve always thought some blind items were made up, just to fill space and get people talking. It’s interesting to see answers. Good for Marcia Cross.

  9. CapturingLife says

    It’d be nice if Rob & Nikki were dating. Although, I think they are just really close friends. But it’d be great. :)

  10. Anonymous says

    i wish they would reveal alllllllll blind items. the answers to these aren’t the most juiciest ones.