Lily Allen Says Cocaine Is Not All Bad

Lily Allen certainly gives a good soundbite, doesn’t she?

This time she’d like us to forget the whole, "Drugs are bad, drugs will kill you," concept.

The only story is that
are bad and they will kill you – you will become a prostitute, a
rapist or a dealer. But that’s not true.

“I know lots of people who take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go
to work.

“But we never hear that side of the story."


She thinks the whole world just makes a big deal out of nothing.

“I wish people wouldn’t sensationalise it.

“Some people are just bad at taking drugs.”

Thoughts on this crazy quote…agree/disagree? I’m going to go ahead and continue to stay away from cocaine, but that’s just me. :)




  1. obsdwithino says

    Has anyone ever watched INTERVENTION? I believe its on A&E. If you think you can handle cocaine or whatever your drug of choice, think again. You may be in control now but the drug will soon control you!

  2. Anonymous says

    I don’t agree with drugs at all. They damage your brain and organs. Also, if you have a heart defect, even a small dose of any drug could KILL you.

    Too much of a risk.

    Plus, it’s illegal.

    I’ll find happiness in other things besides drugs, thanks. Drugs should be used only for medicinal purposes.

  3. momster says

    Bottom line is that it isn’t good for you! And like the above poster said, it’s illegal!

  4. Sarah O. says

    I know EXACTLY what you mean!! I have a season pass to Intervention on my TiVo. All these people think they’re okay, but really, they’re not. One of my (former) best friends just didn’t understand that it was not okay to do many things while on coke (including being my bridesmaid, reason for the “former” bestie.) I just have too much at stake than to risk it on drugs, and although I’ve never done any (for real!) I have seen/been a part of what they do not only to the user, but to the people surrounding the user, and it’s just heartbreaking.

  5. obsdwithino says

    Oh that’s just awful, Sarah O. She was on coke during your wedding? I guess that shouldn’t surprise me. A drug user’s ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong for them is drastically different than when they are clean and able to make good choices for themselves. The drugs change the chemicals in their brain. I hope I don’t come off sounding judgmental! I know its hard to bring yourself out of addiction. I have a very close friend trying to stay clean. He now knows that he needs help with that… can’t do it all on his own. He knows how powerful drugs are over him. For me, I know that I could not handle drugs so I will never try them.

  6. Anonymous says

    Wow, wow, wow. I cannot comprehend that Lilly and a few posters here are advocating that drugs are “ok”. They aren’t ok. They’re illegal for a reason, and that is because they kill. Any of you who say you can do it when you want and aren’t addicted, and IF you’re telling the truth, well, you might be .1% of the population who can do that. The other 99.9% can’t. If I have fun playing chicken on the highways, should I still be allowed to? Even if I’ve done it 12 times and never hurt anyone? Nah. Same thing with drugs. It’s illegal, it’s deadly and terrible for our society. You know, I wish when a “celebrity” like this immature Lilly says something so irresponsible, she would just get ignored. Don’t give her the publicity.

  7. Sporky says

    Well thanks Lilly, for schooling us all on how great coke really is. *rolling eyes*. Seriously, this girl needs to SHUT UP.

  8. Jan says

    Well one serious side effect of Coke is the feeling of being paranoid and also being anxious like you did something wrong. When we were younger I would see friends who spent the nite doing coke and the next couple of days were always a struggle. Thats one of the reasons you keep doing it, to keep the down feeling away. I think it takes a certain sort of person to walk away from coke and Lily Allen sure doesnt strike me as that sort. At her point in life Im glad she hasnt had children because she really needs to give her head a good shake.

  9. Hentai Lover says


  10. BrianneC says

    Coke can definitely be habit forming, but so can just about anything else. It makes a fabulous social lubricant though, and if done VERY sparingly i.e. once or twice a year, its really no better or worse for you than a night of drinking, and I know PLENTY of people that do that faaaar more than once or twice a year.

  11. Jen!! says

    A current coke head here!

    I have to say that its coke that MAKES me come into work dressed properly and hair and makeup done properly. While im snortin the night away, i always prepair for work for the morning, sometimes even doing my makeup before i go to sleep lol. I use alot and no one at my work would ever be able to tell and I am a financial manager! Im not saying its a good thing, im just saying that coke isnt exactly a dirty drug…. and hey, atleast theres no track marks on our arms! :p

  12. Anonymous says

    I’ve numbered the paragraphs for easier reading. ::::: –1– I’m 30. I’ve been married for 10 years now. I have 3 kids. I’ve used just about every drug that doesn’t involve needles at some point in time or another. Not once did I ever use them to escape or cope from/with anything. I always used them for recreational purposes. Drugs have never caused anything detrimental or negative to happen in my life other than I didn’t get to by that extra DVD or two that week. –2– Yes, most drugs are harmful to your health. Yes, you can become a danger to yourself or those around you while on drugs. Yes, you can become addicted whether it be physically or emotionally. Yes, you can go about your life as normal while on drugs. Yes, there are quite a few people you know in your perfect little suburban community, attending PTA meetings, driving the kids’ carpool, helping out at community functions that are on some type of drug. –3– The people who abuse drugs are the only ones you ever hear about. The teenager who ran someone over with their car while high on marijuana. The celebrity with the $1000/day cocaine habit who overdosed in a hotel. The crackhead who hangs out on “Main St.” begging for change while talking to his arm … or whatever. –4– Drugs can kill you and that’s why they’re illegal. More deaths are alcohol related than drug related each year. You can still buy beer just about anywhere. Cigarettes kill people. You can still buy them at the gas station. *Hint … they’re over by the beer.* –5– Don’t go preaching about something you know nothing about just because you were told it was bad by someone else who’s never experienced it either. Here’s some truth from an EXPERIENCED standpoint … crystal meth is BAAAAD. Crack sucks (it sucks your wallet dry.) Weed never killed anyone but it can make you overeat, sleep, and laugh. No offense to anyone here, but I really hate self-righteous people who talk down to others about their choices based on what they’ve HEARD about. Go experience life then tell me a story. –6– P.S. Happy marriage. Kids are all consecutive honor roll students. My employer LOVES me. I own three vehicles and a very nice house in the suburbs with an indoor pool. I’m on the school board. I coach JFL football. I’m a cub scout den leader. And I’m in our town’s Men’s Club. Yea … I’m a detriment to society. Send me away. —– Damn this is long.

    • Chris says

      Kudos. I am not saying drugs can’t mess up your life but I will be the first to admit that the ones who’s lives end up ruined while usin drugs are the people who’s lives were already on their way to begin with. Drugs simply became that outlet that allowed them to let everything slide. Trust me, I know. I was a user of pretty much everything outside of crack through my life. I started sniffing coke in the late 60s and was an on again off again user well into the 90s. I am totally clean now and the only real damage I have is from the other drugs I’ve used. I used coke and no one ever knew it.
      I, too, am horribly bored and angered by the judgement passers who’ve never used a single drug in their life who’ve been milk fed this D.A.R.E concept of “drugs can kill you.” Yeah well so can driving a car so you better start walking to work and stop drinking cause that can kill you too, as you said, much more easily.
      We live in a brain washed society. Not only are these people soaked with these same stories, they are given these shows like Intervention only to help continue scaring people into doing drugs. You don’t think so? Think again. Why do you think coke is so much more easily accepted and often granted lighter legal action against the user? Because it’s very expensive and a lot of important people use it, the ones making the laws and those putting them into office so of course the laws are geared towards them. Crack on the other hand, you never see business men or politicians or wealthy celebrities using it. It’s totally a street drug for the lowest and poorest in society. That warrants the harshest sentences. Why? Because those are the people no one wants, they want them to kill each other high on crack or be locked up forever.
      A lot of you really have to tune in a little more closely to the world and stop judging people like little 5 year olds in a kindergarten class who start telling the one student they are doing something wrong just because someone else told you they are. Seriously. A lot of things, also, are illegal, like anal sex. Homosexuality used to be, now we can marry. Laws can be changed. Did you know that Coca-Cola, the original formula, had Cocaine in it? People were often prescribe morphine too, at one point. It wasn’t horrible and degrading in those days. You only believe what you are taught. If you are taught that drugs are horrible and to be avoided at all costs because they do this this and the other things well you won’t ever know any better.
      Shame on you who turn your back on a friend because they use drugs. If anything, if you really care about that person as a person and are concerned you are there supporting them and trying to help if you feel strongly enough about it, not black listing them from your life because you’re afraid if will taint your pretty little creamy white world to be associated with a drug user. In the world of big boys and girls with lots of money we play with big toys. My daughter’s mother is a very powerful and successful woman here in NYC and she uses cocaine on occasion… on occasion. She’d bury your ass if she didn’t like you so get down off your high horse and put your damn head down, you’re not so great and pure just because you are anti drug. If drugs were NOT illegal and you weren’t force fed all this anti drug crap propaganda chances are you’d be more tolerant.

  13. Stephanie B says

    Why are the majority of the drug advocates anonymous posters? (Rhetorical Question)

  14. Nimbus says

    I get where she is coming from…. but it dosn’t really come across to good… silly silly girl

  15. obsdwithino says

    You’re pretty damn lucky you’ve got that great life. I don’t think anyone here is trying to be judgmental. I don’t think I’m better than you because I’ve never tried drugs. I just know that it would be a very bad thing for me. I’ve watched drugs destroy more lives that I care to count. Taking every penny they saved to get more drugs just to keep from getting sick. Taking money or things to sell from family and friends to get money for more drugs, taking out 3 cash advances at a time. Credit card debt, etc. etc. etc. Wishing they’d die. These are good people I’m talking about. People who feel like they wasted their life chasing that high. People I love … and they’re the first one’s who would tell you that drugs are “BAAAAD” as you put it.

  16. LIAR says

    re: JAN!! 4:26pm

    i call total BS on your story. IF it’s true, believe me someone knows. there’s only so many times you can blame your congestion on a cold or allergies. TRUST! someone is noticing the wads of tissues everywhere.

    Oh, and doing your make-up before you go to sleep?? PLEASE! unless you’re are taking ambien, xanax or something, you are not sleeping well enough or still enough (if at all) for your make-up to look good in the morning…. LIAR!

  17. Anonymous says

    My employer LOVES me. I own three vehicles and a very nice house in the suburbs with an indoor pool. I’m on the school board. I coach JFL football. I’m a cub scout den leader. And I’m in our town’s Men’s Club.

    Wow, you sound like a real catch. Too bad your married =0P

  18. JesseD says

    As a recovered addict (clean since 02), I have to say that I find her comments pretty irresponsible. I DO think that we need to take the “mystique” out of these drugs, though. It’s not glamorous or “cool” to snort coke. It’s gross. Ever seen someone’s septum collapse? Ask Yasmeen Bleeth about that, it ain’t pretty. Know what an overdose looks like? It’s not pretty like on tv. I wonder what the statistics are for someone using coke recreationally trying something like, say meth. Mom, dad and school demonize coke so much that once you try it and it’s “ok”, why not the meth, too. Oh and check this out –

    The rest of the world thinks British celebrities should shut their mouths. Imagine that.

  19. Sporky says

    Weed never killed anyone but it can make you overeat, sleep, and laugh. ” – Hahaha, so true. It is bad for your lungs, though.

  20. Nimbus says

    Excellent post…. if you have any time in that busy busy schedule of yours (and drug doing !) you should become a writer…..:-)

  21. C. says

    The crash is coming! Have fun with that. Doing your make-up before bed and you think you are ok? You are burning yourself out.

  22. Anonymous says

    By purchasing drugs you are immediately responsible for funding the drug industry – thats the drug barons, pimps who often use drugs as a way to control their women, the drug trafficers, the human-slave trafficers. So whilst you might be ‘just fine’ and a functioning member of society remember exactly what it must have taken to get that ‘buzz’ to you.

    Ignorance is bliss eh?

  23. C. says

    There is always a price to pay for drug use, big or small. Don’t kid yourself. How many relationships were damaged as a result of bad under the influence behavior? How many bad decisions made under the influence? How many fights; how many arguments? How many regretted sexual escapades? I am sure there is wake of destruction as a result of your drug use. You may or may not be aware of it because you were focused on your use. You cannot be your best when you are under the influence of any intoxicant. It is an oxymoron! Drugs damage your brain, your judgement, your ability to perform, your intellect, etc.

    You cannot be fully present and effective when you are living in a distorted reality which is exactly what all drugs do! Afterall, isn’t that the goal?

    BTW- I had a boyfriend who had a very good job and got dressed every day, looked great and was well liked. Then one day under the influence of cocaine he pull a knife out. I know that wasn’t part of his plan when he decided to use to have fun and just relax for recreation. Bad things happen when you use – PERIOD!

  24. friendsfirst says

    WOW!!!! I like my addiction to sex much better…cheaper…will say that thinking you are STRONG MINDED and will never end up like a cokehead/crackhead whatever…is a DANGEROUS way to think…I will also say that the coke use is WAAAAAAAAAY more prevalent then anyone who isn’t using or know someone who is using can imagine…I mean WOOOOOW!!!! From what I can hear/tell…it will ruin your life…but anything can…I’m with VERA…I am good with out the cocaine…I have a self proclaimed addictive personality…with foods, resturants…whatever I like I will have it and have it until I am sick so the drugs have always scared me….I know for a fact and I am DEFINITELY strong minded…but I know my life would officially suck…and when I say addicted to sex I am being synical…that is apperently a real addiction too and not to be made fun off…I just mean sex with my really insanely hot boyfriend.

  25. C. says

    Anon – btw the I haven’t killed anybody yet so I’m a good guy mentality is ridiculous! The fact is every time you used there was the potential to make the bad decision to get in a car and endanger others. Being luck SO FAR doesn’t mean anyone should take that chance.

  26. C. says

    Of course weed has killed people! People get in cars high and kill people. Gangs high on weed kill for drug turf. Wake up people!

  27. Sporky says

    Okay, okay C. calm down. I admit people do stupid things on weed, I just thought the line that poster wrote was pretty funny to this former pot head.

  28. Anonymous says

    Am I on the only one to notice that “C” seems like a major prude?? Drugs are bad… no one is arguing that. Some of the drug advocates are just saying that it’s not ALL doom and gloom. You can have a few lines of coke and still be fully functional – albeit a bit wired. You’d probably never be able to tell who is on it and who isn’t.

    Get off your high horse and just listen. You don’t have to agree with everyone but don’t be so narrow minded.

  29. Anonymous-- is my hero says

    EXACTLY! thank god someone has actually lived a little. drugs are like anything else in this world, it can be properly used and other times, wrongly abused. The fatties love their fast food, we all know that, yet instead of trying to minimize America’s access to these types of establishments (that pretty much guarentees certain death by cholesterol) we think of a new one! a fattier one! a closer one to the other fatty local! another place to fatten our kids and shorten their parents life spans. Then there’s good ol brew and ciggs. both considered very deadly by the surgeon general (what does he know anyway? haha) yet, we sell them in damn near every store. Children love their crappy, mind controlling video games, yet those aren’t illegal…. does anyone see what i’m getting at? ANYTHING is fine in moderation. It’s when it becomes something that you need instead of what you want that you find yourself in trouble. Despite what you see on Intervention, they don’t make up the majority population of drug users; so stop giving illegal drugs a bad rap if you don’t know sh!t about it. Everyone is on pharms these days, so please. the only reason why they had to invite pharms is because of bush and his dumb and UNSUCCESSFUL war on drugs. otherwise housewives would still smoke grass like they did on in the 70’s instead of eating painkillers and valium all day. the only drugs that litterally scare me are METH and PCP (which unfortunately is actaully hard to find these days). so my book agrees with MR ANONYMOUS’ book…. too bad he’s married. we could have a good convo poolside, sharing a hookah. haha.

  30. Jenny says

    uuuuum… cousin was super intelligent, had a great degree and a real job and a real life and did cocaine….guess what? He got drug related blood clots and died before he was 30. Not everyone that does drugs has a horror story but bad things happen.

  31. Anonymous says

    I don’t care how successful you are at work or how “functional” – in my mind, the fact that you need to be on something to get through your day means that you’ve got bigger issues than just the drugs. Drugs aren’t exactly an indicator of mental or physical health and having worked in a very cut-throat corporation for many years, I found it interesting to note that most of the people at the top were also the ones with the most problems and personality issues and were hardly respectable people when it really came right down to it.

    • Chris says

      Do you ever need a cup a coffee in the morning or perhaps before that big exam you stayed up all night studying? What about 5 hour energy drinks or any of those wiry caffeinated beverages?

      Hypocrite… like you’ve never used ANYTHING, EVER, to boost you up? IF they were illegal you’d be just as guilty as any drug user. If drugs were legal they wouldn’t be as bad, right? You can die from too much caffeine. I know someone who died at 32. Not because of drugs, but because she was so drained from working and trying to pay the bills that she was fueling up on those coffee drinks all the time, that’s what killed her heart.

  32. C. says

    Your HERO – so SAD! You don’t have to be addicted to something to get in a car and kill someone. You don’t have to be addicted to have unsafe sex because you were out of it. You don’t need to be addicted to get in a fight and seriously injure another. The list could go on and on. It only takes one use to screw up the rest of your life. WAKE UP!

  33. C. says

    Not a prude – just experienced. You CANNOT be “fully functional” when you do a few lines! What would be the point to spend an arm and a leg to be perfectly normal?Get out of denial and get real! It is not a matter of agreeing with anyone. It is a matter of biology. Learn the scientific facts of cocaine use. Learn the physiology. All these celebs that use coke are so “with it” and “functional” that their pictures with white powder coming out their noses are plastered all over the net. If they are so with it, wipe your damn nose! The fact is they aren’t with it! I am passionate about this because I am educated, have experience and because I see the damage done from such “recreation”.

  34. C. says

    So true! The more you do drugs the more you increase to odds of serious repercussions and sometimes they can’t be undone.

  35. Anonymous says

    Lighten up, she’s absolutely right. I know people that don’t have addictive personalities, and they can dabble in whatever they want…without suffering any real consequences. Others that I know..don’t know when to stop. It consumes them once they begin….and booze is usually their trigger.
    Don’t push your values on others. Lilly Allen is a grown adult, and welcome to her own oppinion. Why do people care so much about what other people do?

  36. C. says

    What people do effects others. My “values” are based in scientific fact…..yours?… friends haven’t died, killed anyone, or overdosed yet. Dabbling leads to problems with many. As I said, you don’t have to be an addict to have a tragedy occur due to drug use. It only takes one time and you never know when that will come. It is a fools game and not to be encouraged.

  37. Ellie says

    Lol, and let me guess, you’re one of those people who needs a cup of coffee, Diet Coke, or a big fat dougnut to get you through the day. Isn’t that “something?” Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that it’s not just as bad for you. Puh-lease.

  38. Chris says

    What about the runny nose you get? Trust me a former user like myself would tell if your snorting or not.

  39. Anonymous says

    So I assume you do not wear ANY clothes from sweat shops, don’t eat meat, and are not contributing to any industry that may result in the harm of others. Not to mention if you pay taxes you are funding our shitty fucking war.

  40. C. says

    What BS! There will always be an illegal drug trade. People sell oxycotin on the streets. Dealers will always exist as long as there is a buying market. Stop using and dealers will be out of business. Legalizing drugs will not stop drug abuse. It will increase! Under the influence behavior would increase with legalization. In recent history man-made opiates have increased as has the need for rehabs to get people off them after they hit bottom. Legal opiates doesn’t lessen problems; they create them. Now soccer moms are addicts as are the homeless. Drug abuse has increased with the availability of legal and illegal drugs. Legalization is NOT the answer. Stopping use IS!

  41. Anonymous says

    well, if i cant have my coke, i guess i can settle for some adderall and then some benzodiazepines to settle me down 😉

  42. Anonymous says

    You can’t knock something until you try it, so get over yourself, and the mentality that the previous poster described.

    YOU don’t do it because someone TOLD you it was bad, you HEARD it was bad. You didn’t do it and have a bad experience with it. Some people can handle drugs, and know how to use them in moderation, and other can’t — it’s a fact of life. It’s not some opinionated question where you tell us whether they are bad or not.

    Yes, drugs can kill you — yes, they are bad for your health — yes, they can be dangerous. None of that is true until drugs are being abused, rather than used. If you know what you are doing before you do it, you’ll be fine as well as the people around you. You’re not supposed to do most drugs without a sober person in the room, when there’s no one there — that’s when someone gets in an accident and kills someone under the influence. A responsible drug user knows what they are doing, how much they are doing, and where and when — BEFORE they do it.

  43. D. anonymous says

    Drugs are NOT bad. The user is what makes them bad.

    I’ve been using several drugs for over a year now, only using about twice or thrice a month. I’ve used cocaine, mdma(ecstacy), ketamine, shrooms, LSD, and weed.

    I never get any health issues whatsoever, I never get sick from them (of course there is a comedown with most drugs, which is about 1 day recovery for me).

    Don’t delete this post for telling the truth.

  44. C123 says

    You people have no idea what you’re talking about. This all sounds like a bad flashback of the D.A.R.E. program in elementary school. Are drugs bad… sure they can be when done in excess but then again so are cheeseburgers. What most people fail to realize is that the key to life and being happy is called moderation. People with addictive personalities and no self control are the ones to blame for the stereotypes about drug use. Not everyone is a junky like you see on those shows on TV. Sure they exist but are not the majority. The majority you never hear about because there isn’t an issue there. They can be your boss, your co-worker even the police officer writing you a ticket. There is just so much propaganda about drugs that people follow it blindly without doing any research for themselves. Fact is that you probably have a lot more dangerous stuff in your medicine cabinet than a little bag of coke. You want to know what a bad drug is… tobacco. Tobacco kills more people every year than all other drugs combined! Not only do they kill their users but also innocent people through 2nd hand smoke. How about alcohol? How many people completely ruin their lives from it? How many people die every year from drunk driving accidents? How many people die from alcohol related health issues? This country makes no sense in that it allows two of the most lethal drugs to be legal but then yet outlaws every other drug out there…. and then to top it off, completely demonizes them and make it seem like it’s the worst thing in the world to do. You people need to realize that that politicians, government and government entities do NOT have your best interests at heart. They only are there to server corporate America so more money can be made. Plain and simple.

  45. mark says

    cocaine is the best thing that ever ever ever ever eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer happened to my life

  46. jammy_81 says

    i would have to consider myself an alcoholic AND drug addict…. yet I still show up to work, rock the show and have my time in the evening to do as I CHOOSE…. which may include a little of you know what

  47. Anonymous says

    It’s a rumor, that Lily Allen said this. Actually she didn’t. She’s already released a statement saying I don’t condone using coke, and I hate drugs! It makes sense because the article asked (A) question about her song everyone’s at it, which is an anti drug song, and then the article came up with the statement, one that Lily Allen would never make, so I think the blog is false information!

  48. Amy says

    What she doesn’t say is that the people that do show up for work are late, look a terrible mess, clothes usually dirty and unkept and on top of that does a lousy job. We always know who the crack heads are. There is no hiding it. She is delusional.

  49. Stephanie B says

    She’s a pretty immature girl. I agree with Amy. The coke lifestyle will catch up with her friends although I have a sneaking suspicion that these people don’t work the same serious everyday jobs like many others and aren’t climbing the ladder very fast at work. They all probably work as personal assistant to…wait for it…Lily Allen! Riding coat tails takes heavy concentration and accountability I’m sure.

  50. Anonymous says

    I don’t think she’s immature at all, see what people don’t realize is she doesn’t say the things, that the writers are using as quotes. If anything these are immature articles and stupid blogs. In the case of Lily Allen, well people would have to figure out if she actually said something, controversial, even then she can be misquoted, because every article and every blog, say’s something negative, even if they have to go back to something she said last year!Here’s my point! (and I’m not attacking anybody) Lily Allen does not respond to things that are written about her, she knows what some people think, and I think it bothers her, but she tries to ignore it. Now! when people in music or entertainment, have a negative comment, she might respond in self defense, sometimes but it’s always been about self defense, not anger. For the most part she keeps her mouth shut, goes to her meetings and worries a lot about putting out a new C.D. I think she does a pretty good job of keeping her head up, considering some people want her to sink. That’s a sigh of maturity.

  51. Anonymous says

    Most anti-drug people have never taken drugs. All they know about drugs is what they’ve read in the media. Yes, there are messy dopes who fall apart from drug abuse. Heroin addicts typify this. But there are thousands of people who live and thrive while occasionally dabbling in drugs. End of.

  52. Hentai Lover says

    Amy she is talking about cocaine not crack, you’ll be surprise how many coke heads do show up for work, are kept and neat and do a great job. Is the coke that makes them such high achievers; the more they do the more they want. I know, for I used to do coke and was the most sucessful woman at my job, and then it all came crumbling down. I’m a former coke head, although there are times that I still get tempted, is a struggle. I sure did love snorting the white candy though…LOL

  53. C. says

    “all came crumbling down” is the KEY! You cannot continually put toxins in your body without consequence. And you will always have to fight the temptation and possible relapse once you’ve become addicted to a substance. For Lily-addict to advise young people that it is “not that bad” is irresponsible and plain old BS! You were lucky you didn’t OD and have worse consequences. Lives are ruined by drug use sooner or later -PERIOD! It will catch up with everyone. Lily has already made many bad decisions as a result of her using a myriad of substances. No one should look up to her as a role model or advisor.

  54. Anonymous says

    I read this (so called article) I think it’s kind of weird, that it’s easier, to find all these comment’s that Lily Allen was said to have made, but you really have to look for the article that used the comments. And they always start out according to…..? The quotes were released before the article, that’s suspicious!My checking of this is that Miranda Sawyer of Observer Music Monthly Magazine wrote that Lily Allen said I know lots of people that do coke, and get up to go to work, because she researched and quote that read Lily Allen said, I’m not saying I’ll never do drugs again! So I’m challenging the dub-asses that write down these stupid quotes. Sawyer used both of the comments written above, and this was an entirely different article from The Word Magazine, Sawyer used quotes from BBC 1 radio that Lily Allen had actually made, to make it sound real, but I don’t think these are her comments at all, Too many people have it built up in they’re heads that she always has a big mouth, but she doesn’t and that’s the only reason these blogs and articles sound real!

  55. Anonymous says

    Ellie your too stupid and or your on drugs, to think she said this! Your only source of information, is a tabloid magazine, or looking at photos that have been air brushed, you are an immature BITCH< that is desperate for attention from that hate you YOUR A C*NT superficial, boring bland and ugly!

  56. Anonymous says

    I am a Lawyer working at a large International Law Firm.

    It is just assumed that you are doing cocaine or some other form of drug to keep you alert to be able to pull the all nighters 4 times a week.

    its also a great way of relaxing.

    It is extremely detrimental to society for people to just assume that one who uses cocaine does not go to work on time, or looks disheveled when they do arrive, or does not do their job to the best of their abilities.

    I agree with Lilly. Some people do not know how to use drugs, or do not have enough social and emotional awareness to realise that NOT going to work will impact their ability to continue using.

    I know a lot of people will disagree, but it happens. Its life.

    I promise you, that some one you know is using ‘illegal’ drugs during the week.

  57. Anonymous says

    How would making those assumptions about coke users be “detrimental to society?” I realize maybe the average person that doesn’t use coke maybe doesn’t know the extent of it’s effects but, really, detrimental to society?

  58. C. says

    So SAD! A lawyer who thinks they do their best job under the influence – pathetic! You are delusional which is exactly what drug use does. It shifts your perception of reality away from the truth. I hope you get caught and are disbarred. Just because “it happens” doesn’t make it right. You are a great example of what is wrong with this world. BTW – all drug users justify their using. Lawyers are experts at twisting the truth. Grow up and re-join reality!

  59. gia says

    there are also functioning alcoholics out there…just because you can still use & go to work & remain a functioning member of society doesnt make it right…but its their bodies & if they want to destroy it by using then thats their perogative…its a good thing they can still work & do drugs because that stuff can get expensive.

  60. Nikki G. says

    i completely understand what lily is TRYING to say about coke use. But here’s the problem, it starts out REALLY, REALLY fun but that fun gets away from you. before you know it, you’re using 5 days a week.
    i started doing coke at 25 and still do it now (on occasion) when the reason is to have a good time NOT to numb the pain. there are about 4 years where things were out of control and even though i still went to work, family never found out but things were not ok.
    i stopped using to excess on my own but for some people it’s not that easy.
    i say that coke is habit forming not addictive so you have to know yourself. can you handle it? HA! good luck… and let the buyer beware.

  61. Nimbus says

    re-read the comment….. “It is extremely detrimental to society for people to just assume that one who uses cocaine does not go to work on time, or looks disheveled when they do arrive, or does not do their job to the best of their abilities.” …. I think you got the wrong end of the stick matey

  62. Anonymous says

    Oh, I fully understand the original comment. The individual said that it is detrimental to society for people to assume that cocaine users look disheveled at work. In my opinion that assumption wouldn’t be detrimental to society because in some cases it is true that cocaine users are disheveled at work.

  63. Anonymous says

    If employers knew everything about everyone they were hiring and wrote off every single person who used illegal drugs, or in this instance — cocaine — just because of the use. They would lose a hell of a lot of good workers, and in turn society would go down the drain because these people work in ALL ranks of the world. Not just fast-food joints, but politics, government, and everything below/above and between.

  64. Anonymous says

    I love how most of you think drugs are illegal because they’re dangerous…Could it possibly be because they can’t be effectively taxed? Read a fucking book you morons. Alcohol and tobacco are both incredibly detrimental to you health…and guess what? They’re perfectly legal! Guess why moonshine is illegal…Because it can’t be taxed! Marijuana was perfectly legal until cotton farmers in the south lobbied to make it illegal so they didn’t have to compete with hemp (which was the superior material). It all comes down to money. If the government could find a way to stop people from growing weed in their basements or cooking up crack rocks in their kitchens I can all but guarantee they would be just as legal and socially acceptable as buying a pack of cigarettes or a case of beer. BTW, I don’t do any drugs, so don’t give me shit like I’m being deluded. You’re all a bunch of sheep.

  65. C. says

    Cocaine used to be in coke but is was removed because it is harmful not because of taxes. Drug use is harmful. Smoking is no longer allowed in many places because it is harmful not because of taxes. There are rules and regulations for alcohol use because it is harmful.

  66. DJ says

    To all the loser drug addicts who have swarmed to this site touting the “recreational benefits” of permanently altering your brain through illegal activity: You will one day regret your decision. The day will come when you lose all credibility with your children, spouse, friends, parents, or worse. Just wait for the day when the horrible example you’ve set influences those you “care” about to make similar disastrous decisions which lead to their own self-destruction. I really feel sorry for the children of the loser who brags about how great his life is. Some day those kids may be bragging about their own drug use just like dear ole dad, as drugs take them down a similar path of denial and tragedy. Get some help people!

  67. Anonymous says

    SO FAR I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS THESE STORIES ARE FAKE! people never write true stories about Lily Allen, she’s in the tabloid because ”THEY (the writers) are ””HACKS!

  68. Anonymous says

    I know alot of people who do the nose candy once in a while with no side affects (other then feeling like crap the next day, but thats the same with booze)..

    Truth is, some people can handle it, some can’t.. There is a fine but clear line between the addict and the recreational user.

  69. Miss_M says

    Wonderful discussion here! I can see where Lily Allen comes from but she should have just kept her mouth shut in her position. A lot of kids see her as a role model (why I do not know) and she pretty much promoted that taking coke is ok. If you are an adult she may be right, but not when you are a teenager.

    I know enough people who do drugs and go to work and no, none of them are unkempt or unwashed or whatever else people said they might be. You’d be amazed if you knew who and how many people do drugs you wouldn’t even imagine.

    Some people have bad experiences but a lot of people have actually good ones, so why not leave the decision to take drugs to each and everyone and stop being so condescending?

    I’m with the poster above, some can handle it and some can’t. Goes pretty much with every drug… alcohol, nicotine, prescription medicine etc. etc.

  70. Miseducatedchik says

    I actually agree with Lilly on this one. There are so many functional druggies around, its always the people you would never think would do it. I for one do not or will never do coke, heroin, pop pills, do acid. Not my thing. The comment above me I c/s this statement. We never know who or what is around us. We are not aware. I hate the fact that we can sit here and be so judgmental about others. Lilly I knew there was a reason you were one of my favorite singers. WINK WINK.

  71. Anonymous says

    No! This is how it goes, Paper magazine, Made up a fake quote, that read Lily Allen said I’m not saying I’ll never do drugs again, ”And” Miranda Sawyer used that quote, and added I know lot’s of people that do coke and get up to go to work, check the article if you want ! (Lily Allen Paper Magazine) Miranda Sawyer, of Observer Music Monthly did her article (not an interview) with information that’s full of wholes. Some of the comments are real, because Lily Allen said it on BBC one radio, and Capital F.M. but the whole thing is just a compiled mess of paperwork!

  72. C. says

    Oh, do tell the benefits of MJ. Do you know the damage that pot does to the brain? lung? immune system? reproduction? mental illness? depression? memory? heart? cancer of the head, neck & lungs? parnoia? anxiety? impaired coordination? impaired learning? chromosomal damage? Wow, that is really good (sarcasm)!

  73. Anonymous says

    Smoking is still legal because of taxes. The government makes a HUGE amount of money off it. If they were really looking out for us, cigarettes would be illegal. But guess what? They don’t have out best interests in mind. How many people does weed kill per year? What about MDMA? Oh, then look at alcohol and cigarettes. Compare.
    Alcohol can make someone black out. Beat their wife. Yet for some reason, we allow people to make their own decisions on these socially acceptable drugs, but demonize others.

  74. C. says

    NEWSFLASH! The government does not look out for us! Go to the grocery store, read the labels and see how many toxins are in the foods approved by the Food and Drug Administration. FYI – Weed contains more carcinogens than cigarettes. Alcohol is also a poison. We had prohibition but it didn’t work because people were determined to make it and get it so the gorvernment decided to try to control it instead to minimize the harm. The government would similarly have a really hard time making cigarettes illegal but they are making it more difficult to use. I am by no means advocating smoking or drinking. They too ruin lives. If the government just wanted more taxes, they could make meth, cocaine, heroin and all the rest legal to get a piece of the action so to speak. So, why don’t they? Beacuse it would destroy society t give people permission to use them! Legal versus illegal is not about taxes. It is about what is considered a luxury and what is a necessity. Food is not taxed. Beer is.

  75. Anonymous says

    Anyone who demonizes drugs to the extent that they think if anyone ever tries them – it will ruin their whole life, and meanwhile drinks AT ALL or smokes cigarettes is in denial. Alcohol has destroyed lives. So has cocaine. Should we just assume all drugs have the same effect on everyone?
    Remember, we give Adderall to children.

  76. Anonymous says

    Lily Allen has her name in the British tabloids, oh, about 7 to 10 times a week, including rumors of drug use. It seems to me that if any of those stories were true, she would have been arrested for ”PO-SESSION ‘ but the fact is she has never been arrested for anything, (not even hitting a paparazzi) so your opinion C, is totally moronic, and you’ve made an ass out of yourself. She’s suing the magazine by the way! “”STUPID!

  77. tyrone says

    Who cares if people whatever other drugs in their own home, responsably.
    If everyone knew the amount of professionals (doctors, lawyers, teachers etc) that used cocaine, or cannabis regularly you wouldnt believe your ears.
    Yet, alcohol and cigarettes that you can buy from your local shop are just as addictive and intoxicating as some class A drugs, if not more.
    Sure Lily Allen has probably tried some things here and there, but who hasn’t?
    Give the girl a rest, she’s only like anyone one else in britain, and to be honest I dont believe this statement is something she would say, as her first song on her new album is about how she disagrees with drugs, look up the lyrics to “Everyones at it – Lily Allen” and you will see how this statement is obviously a fake.

    But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is just that, well, everyones at it!

  78. Panda says

    Whether or not she really said that, its true. I know many druggies who function long work hours with bumps of meth or people who celebrate and have fun with many different drugs responsibly. If someone takes a gun and shoots his/herself its not the guns fault, its the persons action. So really society should be downing irresponsible use of drugs, not the drugs themselves. Plenty of friends don’t have time or energy to make different hobbies. They’d much rather relieve stress instantaneously by smoking a joint or snorting a line. Just be responsible.

  79. Anonymous says

    No, Drugs alter your perception during the time you’re on whatever it is you’ve taken.

    I still know and think drugs arent thebest for you.
    but in cases they are fun too do when you go out and party.

    I’m not justifying it.
    but it’s just like people who drink.

    people who need it too go on with life, I agree…it’s an addiction, and it’s not the best thing.

    but don’t go saying all drug users justify it cause we’re all fucked in the head.
    Media makes everything awful.
    I bet I could say a billion bad things about a bunch of stuff you’ve done just because the media has over blown it somehow somewhere.

  80. suffy_78 says

    OMG! Back off will you?Can you not take your hatred and go somewhere else? Don’t acknowledge these comments Ellie.