Hot New Couple Alert: Alex Rodriguez And Kate Hudson

Ever since the fling with Madonna, Alex Rodriguez has become a hot commodity with the A-lister women of Hollywood. Last week, Donna Karan was supposedly getting her flirt on with A-Rod and now this week we’re hearing rumors of a hookup with Kate Hudson!

So they’re probably not a Hot New Couple just yet, but the two did have a three hour long dinner with friends at Lure restaurant, that sources say was definitely a date. Afterward, they headed out for drinks to hang out with Kate’s friend, Ron Burkle.

As for rep confirmation, this is all we have so far:

"Kate was at Lure with a group of 10 people."


What do you think…does this sound like fact or fiction to you?




  1. Anonymous says


    Ugly as sin would be an exageration. The body is better than the face but the body is great- solid without being inflated. $30 million a year doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Anonymous says

    I hope she doesn’t introduce him to her son too soon. Ryder spent a lot of time with Lance and we all know how that turned out. The poor boy is going to be so confused. Oh and A Rod is just her type —athletic, wealthy, and a complete douchebag!

  3. Anonymous says

    nothing wrong with kate hudson, all a lister woman should just stay away from arse-rod if they dont want to be dragged into the madrod mud. arod will always be madonnas bitch.

  4. charitylove says

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  5. Tyra says

    Fact. She can’t seem to go too long without a man in her life. I feel sorry for her son. I mean…how many “Uncles” can you have?!

  6. gavintiegirl says

    Oh, Tyra…. good one!!! I was thinking the same freakin thing. This girl GETS AROUND.

    I know she is a hippy chick and all into that “free love” stuff but how many high profile partners can one girl have in a year?

    She is a loosey goosey. LOL!!!

  7. poetstar says

    She was in the radio here Friday (Columbus, OH) and was saying that she has been single for awhile and that she is not searching for anyone right now. She said she cannot even go out with a male friend without being linked to them romantically. But don’t they all say that? I think it is fiction.. I think she is just being her typical hippiechick self and just having fun.

  8. Gee Gee says

    I believe it because Kate “open wide” Hudson can’t seem to be without wrapping her vag around the latest slong.

  9. kiki says

    I may be alone on this one, but whatever….A-Rod is as ugly as sin. I am sorry, but I just don’t see what makes him so sexy or why people go so crazy over him. I always look at him and say, ‘I don’t get it.’ To each it’s own I guess.