Entertainment Mogul Tyler Perry Talks About Finding Mrs. Right

The man behind major movie hits like Why Did I Get Married? and the Madea movies, entertainment mogul Tyler Perry, has overcome incredible adversity, such as child abuse and poverty, while trying to succeed as a director/actor/writer.He actually made his success outside of the Hollywood system and has built his own movie studio outside of Atlanta.

Yet even he has trouble finding Mrs. Right.

‘…Relationships are tough. Then you add fame and money on top of that.
Then people and tabloids and gossip and blogs — put all of that stuff
on top — it’s tough,’ Tyler tells Essence magazine.”

It’s typically women I hear complaining about this, not men.Certainly not famous, wealthy, successful men!But even with all the perks of celebrity, nothing is perfect.

Do you think relationships are more complicated with fame and money? Not to mention people and tabloids and (*ahem*) gossip and (*cough*) blogs?

(And in the interest of accuracy, let me point out that the pictures of Tyler with actresses Sanaa Lathan and Taraji P. Henderson were taken at the movie premiere of The Family That Preys 😉 ).

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  1. Fashionsmashion says

    I think that the tabloids and blogs would be hard to deal with because you never know if it’s true. This site is differant from the others because you only post the truth. Other sites goes with rumors and runs with it.

    I love Tyler Perry though. He is so talented, he would be a great catch.

  2. Anonymous says

    The fact that this guy is a on the down low gay man may also have something to do with why he can’t find the right woman.I love this site but “tyler Perry can’t find the right woman because of fame” is not the truth.

  3. Bermy's Angel says

    Ok firstly i agree with Fashionsmashion the media can totally screw withones relationship. However to “anonymous” how do know if this man is gay??? Have you slept with him? has he made a pass at you? or are you just going by what you assume to be, is it because you never see him with a women that he calls his girlfriend or is it because he does not have his relationships out in the open for the world to see??? Im just wondering what your reasons are for saying that. I just want to know had it ever crossed your mind that because he is so faith based and is deeply devoted to God that he may have put his relationships in God’s Hands. I dont mean to go off but I just cant take it when people make statements like that. If you are going to make comments like that one state your name and two give proof and FYI your opinion is NOT proof.

  4. Fashionsmashion says

    Just because someone doesn’t date doesn’t make them gay. Until he says other wise I will not believe. He has been nothing but open about who he is.

  5. CatsMommy says

    I agree he is gay. There is nothing wrong with it, but it does make it harder sometimes to find that someone else willing to go very public.

  6. Mousie says

    I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that Tyler Perry is gay. It was the author of the original blurb who appears to have assumed that Mr. Perry meant he was looking for the right *woman.* It doesn’t appear Mr. Perry mentioned gender at all.