Casey Affleck Begins Filming Joaquin Phoenix Documentary

It’s begun! A cameraman has been hired and Casey Affleck is officially Joaquin Phoenix’s shadow. Here they are at LAVO nightclub
in Las Vegas atJoaquin’s first public apperance as a rapper trying to break into the industry.

It shouldn’t be that hard considering Sean Combs is already backing the former actor!

Out of control!!And why does Joaquin’s hat have so many holes?

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  1. lisa kate says

    is he really trying to become a rapper?! this seems so scheme-y to me…i dont trust this one bit.

  2. audrey says

    He looks terrible. And I am willing to bet there are all kinds of bugs crawling around in all that hair and filth. I too am wondering if this isn’t some sort of media prank, kinda like the one Bill Murray pulled a few years ago when he said he was giving up acting. In the meantime anyone who goes near Joaquin needs a can of raid and a tub of hot soapy water.

  3. Anonymous says

    diddy really doesnt mean much to the rap industry anyway. just because he’sbehind doesnt mean he’ll do much of anything but hey we’ll see lol

  4. Jenny says

    Ok, I will admit its totally weird that he’s dressed that like….BUT he’s probably dressed like that because it fits the part…if he showed up clean cut in a suit to rap….that wouldn’t work. Also, you have to remember that he is a singer and comes from a musical family (River had a band and all the kids used to sing on street corners to earn money for their family.)

  5. Amy says

    Is this for real? His hair looks like a rats nest. It looks the last time he had a shower could be marked by months, not days. Anyway, I hope he is playing a part and this isn’t his new look.

  6. tiffanyyy says

    Casey is by far the hotter Affleck…and what’s up with Drew Fuller looking all messed up..

  7. Anonymous says

    While Joaquin is not classically handsome I find him very sexy. I think it has to do with he fact that he is also into environmental protection and he is vegetarian, and looks manly at the same time.

  8. Fashionsmashion says

    I will agree with you there is something sexy about him that draws me to him but he looks awful in this picture.

  9. Anonymous says

    He looks unstable and disheveled; I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting a little out of control.

    The usual chain-smoking environmental vegetarian is almost a comical figure in Hollywood nowadays.

  10. charitylove says

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  11. Anonymous says

    Wait, what? Is he on drugs? Does he have mental health problems? What is he thinking? Is this a joke?

  12. Anonymous says

    Unfortunately, Joaquin just looks like a drunken MESS here. I would NOT pay to watch this!

  13. KissKiss says

    I’m starting to think that it’s all just a big fat hoax. Maybe they’re making a rap version of ‘This is Spinal Tap’.

    I just really hope he will be hot again one day

  14. Gee Gee says

    Joaquin is playing the role of homeless rich dude, homeless people should be offended by him.

  15. Loritsa says

    Is that a hole in his pants in the picture with his hand up?? I hope this is a big joke, because I loved him as an actor. Shame…..

  16. Janie Jones says

    aah calm down people!
    i know, he used be hot.

    But now it seems as if he doesn’t want to play along with the industry anymore and enjoys doing his own thing. And thats something not many people dare to do, celebrity or not.

    so keep on rocking, joa!!

    ps: nobody forces you to watch this film.