Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Go Vegan

Going vegan is HARD! I tried it for a while and had a nervous break down in the middle of a Turkish restaurant because I couldn’t tell if my rice was cooked with butter or oil. I was crying so hard, we actually had to LEAVE the place.

It really is a true life change. You don’t realize how many items we consume that are connected to animals… unless you stop and think about it. Since then, I haven’t had eggs, yogurt, milk or raw cheese. I’ve also severely limited my intake of cooked products… but that’s very hard to do when everything has egg or butter in it! Like I said… I was unsuccessful at accomplishing this.

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi are giving vegan a go! They’ve made the decision and are really happy with their progress. Portia feels the compassionate change was the right one.

"We just made that shift in our lives. The benefit of it is weight
loss. For her more than me. Her body responded to it very well. It is
amazing. We are just both very happy. It feels like such a compassionate
choice. We are such animal lovers, why stop short of cows and chickens?
It didn’t make any sense."

And De Rossi admits she and her wife have
been working towards becoming vegans since their very first date.

"When Ellen and I first got together I was wearing fur and
Ellen was wearing very expensive Italian calfskin leather. She was
giving me a hard time about wearing the fur and I said, ‘Why is a fox
any more important than a cow?’ "We took that idea and went all the way
with it. We are doing what we can."

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  1. LeahBeah says

    I’m a vegan. I dunno, I honestly don’t think it’s that hard. It’s a lot less difficult than I thought it would be. But, of course, I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years (my entire life) and I guess being vegan really isn’t that different.

  2. Anonymous says

    i adore them for that! i was vegan too. but it’s expensive…because sometimes i wanted things that were with eggs and so on…like cookies. and i needed something else to stop my hunger for sweets. so i bought very expensive sweets from a special store for vegan food and it’s very expensive. too expensive for me. i am vegetarian now…and i don’t trink and buy milk or eggs. but if this things are in food…which i have to eat…then i don’t say no.

  3. also named Amy says

    Vera is this posted by you or one of your writers? I know you openly have some writers that contribute to the site and can’t always tells who is sharing a personal experience. From hearing you talk about cooking etc. in the past I can’t see how eggs, milk, cheese etc. can get left out in the cold. So anyway, I’m confused : ) will you clear it up?

  4. starlitbetty says

    I’m a pescatarian… I don’t eat gelatin, mammals, birds, etc… just fish. I tried going without fish but I just needed more protein that I wasn’t getting from soy milk, peanuts, beans, and other foods. I’ve never tried being officially vegan, I only drink soy milk because I don’t like the taste of regular milk, but I find being what I am hard enough so hopefully someday it can be easier that way I can do it without examining everything I eat. I know that if it wasn’t so difficult then more people would at least try it! Not eating meat at least has made me feel so much better so I hope that everyone can at least give it a chance. It it also so much better for you because cholesterol comes from animal products so without them you lower your cholesterol… this is just one of the benefits!

  5. Alice Lopresti says

    It IS possible to be healthy and vegan. It is also possible to be healthy, vegan, and athletic. My fiance and I have been vegetarian for 5 years and vegan for 3, have had bone density scans recently and have bone densities of 15% higher than the average for our age, and we are both active. In fact, he runs marathons regularly and his pb (whilst vegan I add) was under 3 hours.

    I think the arguments for/against veganism aren’t to do with being healthy/being unable to do all the things you want to in life. It comes down to whether or not you actually give a shit about other living things on this planet. Animals sadly ARE made to be eaten, that is the sick way of the farming industry. Whether or not they SHOULD be bred in such a way is another matter all together.

    I would suggest that those of you who have arguments against vegetarianism/veganism along the lines of ‘it is unhealthy and stupid and you cannot run or live and the whole world would die out if we all went vegan’ should do some reading.

    Good first point of call? Juliet Gellatley’s The Silent Ark.

    Be informed in your decisions, instead of going through life ignorant of the damage and pain that is a consequence of factory farming and your consumer decisions.

    Go vegan. It is the only logical conclusion.

  6. Anonymous says

    I am not a vegan, because I eat meat occasionally. But I find myself body likes veggies better than meat. Many of my friends are chefs and its an insult not to eat anything they prepare. Also, when I was in college, meat was very expensive. My hair, teeth, body, skin looks better because I took meat pretty much out of my life.

  7. Anonymous says

    not their fan….but wow I love this idea. I am still eating some animal food such as dairy, eggs, fish. I will be slowly removing it from my diet. I have been meat/poultry free for at least 10 years and I do not miss it at all, in fact I do not even handle any flesh at all. I have said ”no” to fur long time ago. I still wear some leather, mostly shoes (I am a shoe maniac), but I will be making smarter/better choices. It is all in works.

  8. Isis says

    Jeez, why would they ever do this?! Yeah I like animals but the great thing about what we call them is ‘animals’ which implies that they are beneath humans, so part of the food chain! It is a personal choice- but I like my cheese and my chicken so I’d never go vegan or even vegetarian.

  9. Anonymous says

    i can understand why some people goes vegetarian and all but frankly if you look closely… that’s stupid! sorry if i offense but if everybody stop eating meat just to be compassionate (talk about an absurdity) then cows and others animals have absolutly no more necessity. people have farms and all just to satisfy people demand and they will stop that as soon as it’s no more bringing money. so… no demand no animals. that’s simple.
    on the other hand, the vegan thing is the most stupid thing ever! what’s wrong with drinking milk and eating egg? can you explain me what harm it does to animals? so you have it once again, if a cow doesn’t produce meat and milk then you don’t need cows and it disappear. think about it!

  10. SickOfFatLazyAmericans says

    99% of you should stay off these boards and get a fuckin education. I am glad there are still numerous morons out here in America cuz all you degenerates are keeping me in a job. I am a veggie border line vegan and I am also a personal trainer, nutritionist and life style consultant. I never push my views on people but I do give them the proper tools and education so they can see exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Eating meat in 2009 is absolutely unnecessary. To those who say you cant work out with out eating meat…where do you live? Under a fuckin rock? I am a hard core lifter and I have the body of an 18 year old, my skin is perfect, my hair is amazing, I am never hungry and when I eat I make CONSCIOUS decisions. Pull your heads out of your asses people, the ignorant ones are always the fat ones these days. Saying that if we stop eating cows then we don’t need them? Is that a joke? How the fuck do you think plants grow? Try manure. That comes from cows. How about leather shoes and crap? Are you serious? I have to go I feel the stupidity rubbing off on me. America Is in great great danger when the fuck did the idiots take over. Maybe you all should try compassion sometime it would be nice to see a happy smiling face sometimes instead of fat assed bitches everywhere I turn. Yuck.

  11. google says

    Im a meatgeterian!!! ;)… i eat everithing… i think its part of nature!!
    like big fish eats small fish, and small fish eats smaller fishes… and tiny fish eats plants…

    BTW i dont understand WHY vegeterian people can’t drink regular MILK… or butter…. yogurth
    it’s SO natural? you are not killing the cow!! to make that….
    can someone tell me why?

    • Natalie says

      Well, first of all, it’s kind of weird that you think it’s natural for humans to drink the milk of another species! We’re the only animal that does that and it’s bizarre, cows milk is meant for baby cows not us. There are numerous health problems linked to dairy consumption and in fact most people in the world are lactose intolerant, it’s only a genetic mutation that allows adult humans to drink milk meant for the infants of another species without getting sick.

      And also cows are hurt and killed for milk production. Cows don’t produce milk unless they have a calf first so they are artificially inseminated with something called a ‘rape rack’ (no, seriously, look it up) and when they give birth their baby is taken away and either slaughtered for veal if it’s a male or raised to be another dairy cow if it’s female. And when dairy cows milk production starts to wane they don’t get to retire, they’re slaughtered for cheap hamburger meat. A cows natural lifespan can be as long as 30 years but dairy cows get slaughtered after 5 when they are no longer ‘useful’

      Add to that the fact that they’re kept in cramped dirty conditions on factory farms and often get painful udder infections and are pumped with hormones to make them produce more milk faster it’s all very unappetizing indeed.

  12. Anonymous says

    animals eat animals because they don’t KNOW any better and that is what they are inherently supposed to do. I have given up red meat, chicken, and pork entirely and I have never felt better (physiologically and spiritually). My skin is clear as well and I have MUCH regular bowel movements as a result of increased raw fruits and vegetables and CLEAN protein sources (nuts, legumes, etc). Meat eaters are basically eating feces in one form or another. Grow up and EDUCATE yourselves people. The world is just as much for the animals as it is for us.

  13. Anonymous says

    um vegetarians CAN eat yogurt and butter. you are thinking of VEGANS which don’t eat any food made from animal products. depends one what definition you are going by but most vegetarians I know still eat dairy. EDUCATE YOURSELF and you won’t sound ignorant when you post.

  14. annieannie says

    and why vegans can’t eat any food made of animals??
    i mean you don’t hurt a cow to get milk….
    can someone tell me?

  15. jenny says

    actually, “animals” does not imply a lower position in a cast or food system. humans are members of the kingdom animalia…. which includes all animals. Please know your facts before making absurd comments.

  16. Anonymous says

    they are trapped in pens and milked on a strict regimen. it’s not humane and does not allow the cow to roam free. also they pump the cow with antibiotics, etc

  17. Betty (who eats vegan for health reasons) says

    I am really shocked at how many people here do not understand veganism. Check out the American Dietetic Association’s position paper affirming that a vegan diet is a safe and healthy diet for all people at any stage of life, including childhood, pregnancy, old age, and for all types of people, including athletes. It’s not hard to find this information, so please do some research and refrain from judging something you don’t understand.

    If you want to know why animal products are unhealthy, read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. Animal proteins are linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS, and many more diseases. The reason we don’t hear more about this is because of the influence of the meat and dairy industries (the dairy industry supplies much of the nutrition education in our elementary schools, a clear conflict of interest), and because people think that Americans just won’t do it.

    If you are worried about protein — most Americans eat 2-4 times as much protein as they need to, and beans, nuts, and soy are all great sources of protein. B12? Eat fortified cereal like Cheerios. Calcium? Soy milk and green vegetables like Swiss Chard and broccoli. Actually, high animal protein diets cause calcium to leach from your bones, so dairy does not guard against osteoporosis — actually, it can cause it.

    Cutting animal products out of your life is actually not that hard. There are replacements for everything, soy milk and almond milk are delicious and healthy, you can put soy creamer in your coffee, and there are whole books devoted to vegan baking. Veganism does not have to be difficult or expensive.

    As for the ethical reasons not to consume dairy and eggs — the dairy and egg industries are unnatural. Chickens are kept in small cages without enough room to move and are treated as machines. As for cows, they only produce milk when pregnant — just like a human. A cow never needs to be milked, and their milk is intended for their babies. Dairy cows are artificially inseminated to have babies every year so they will continue to produce milk. Their babies are sold for veal and after they stop producing milk they are killed for their meat. So, if you are against eating cows, you can’t support the dairy industry. I also want to point out — cow’s milk is 22% protein and human milk is 7%. They are vastly different and cow’s milk is the perfect food for baby cows, just like human milk is the perfect food for baby humans. Humans weren’t meant to drink cow’s milk.

    As far as honey, some vegans eat it, some vegans don’t.

    I hope that was helpful, and I encourage everyone to do some more research!

  18. Anonymous says

    I have to add that I think statements like “I couldn’t live without meat” or “I have to eat cheese” are lame excuses. I love donuts, but I don’t eat them because that’s gross. And anyway, vegan cheese and ice cream are tasty.

  19. Meat4Ever says

    Nothing can replace meat or dairy. End of debate. Those who choose to be vegans are just stupid and missing out big time. ALl the more for the rest of us!!

  20. Anonymous says

    idiot Isis. Humans are animals as well, go back to school and learn that. Who gives a flying bird about what you like. Get off that weed youve been smoking and start thinking.

  21. Anonymous says

    I find it interesting how the dumbest people, closest to animals in their intelligence, seem to find the biggest difference between humans and other animals. Do you need to keep telling yourself that you’re smarter than they are?

  22. Louche says

    I do not understand what is so “HARD” about going vegan. There are plenty of people who have very little money by American standards who are vegan. Let me tell you something… it’s “hard” to be gay, too. Twenty-five percent of all homeless youth are LGBT individuals. Why did they choose to live true to themselves when they could’ve hidden and had life “easy”? Because, actually, hiding was probably HARDer for them than living a lie. And, for me, eating meat and eggs and dairy would be HARDer than veganism because I would feel so guilty that THEN *I* would be the one having a nervous breakdown. I had a freaking nervous breakdown when I watched the animal farm videos. I cried. Yes, just like you, buddy. I cried more than once. I felt traumatized. You know, that feeling where the world twists so far around into the realm of suffering that it stops making sense. I’m okay now…. now that I’m vegan and working to promote veganism. Now there’s a reason to live. But I know something’s wrong when you feel traumatized more by having to leave a restaurant than by the thought of contributing to so much pain and suffering. I felt bad for four days because I had to refuse a bloody piece of Japanese candy… do you know how pathetic that is? I realized shortly thereafter that actually I don’t need Japanese candy and I was just being selfish. I don’t need to eat at restaurants either and usually avoid them (did so before going vegan anyway). I went to a restaurant with nothing vegan once and felt like crap until they offered me a vegan salad……. but you know, I don’t blame veganism, buddy. I blame the terrible system to which the restaurant belongs, I blame ignorance, I blame history… but there’s really no point in blaming anyway. Just change it. You have the power within you. Have some courage, have some self-discipline. That is, if you still care. Kudos to you for giving veganism a go. But please come back. Each one of us who practices veganism is building a better world. And get this… I am using my own live to advocate and promote veganism in this world… one day, you will see that it’s easier because of the work of today’s vegans. You’ll come back either way. Peace and love to you and the world!

  23. Gisselle Marie says

    There is no such thing as husband and wife in a lesbian relationship. There are just “wife” and “wife”. Same as in any homosexual relationship.

  24. Louche says

    As a vegan, I do not consume honey. However, I must say that I didn’t go vegan for the bees and never would have – no offense to them. I just think that if people are going to learn to stop treating other species as inferior, talking about bees might not be the best place to start. Honey is basically stealing from bees. But I met one vegan who said that he would choose honey over refined sugar because sugar is refined with bone char. I respect that.

  25. Louche says

    Of course you hurt a cow to get milk. Milking a cow involves treating the cow like a machine made purely for human use. It’s called exploitation. Baby cows don’t get to drink milk – instead they drink their mothers’ blood – because humans are busy drinking the milk. But hey, why don’t we milk humans if it “don’t hurt a human” to milk them? After all, human milk is healthier for humans than cow milk. What’s really bizarre is that humans are supposed to be weaned after a year or so of life. Instead, we’re never weaned, we go on drinking milk until the day we die. Meanwhile, baby cows are weaned from day one and never see their mothers again. We live in a sick and cruel world. Welcome to humankind.

  26. Louche says

    LOL! That’s brilliant. Normally, when people say they love cheese, I say, “That’s what I said.” But maybe it’s more effective to say, “I love cheese, but I don’t eat it because that’s gross.” Hahaha.

  27. Louche says

    I’m not missing out. You, however, are missing out on endless fields of compassion and love and kindness. You are missing out on a chance to change the world. You are missing out on all the friends you’d make in the animal kingdoms. You are missing out on delicious vegan food. You are missing out on liberation for all beings. Man, you’re missing out big time.

  28. says

    Being vegan is really easy. You do have to open your eyes and see the truth that the industry is hiding away from you so they make more money.

    Try a 30 day vegan challenge offered by Toronto Veg Association at veg.ca and see for yourself!

  29. Ilyellenandportia says

    i think being a vegan would be interesting i mean i was a vegetarian for about a month and a half has a bet with my friend (which i won btw) and tht wasnt hard.. i worked out 3 times a week and ate boca burgers and salad it wasnt tht bad

  30. Ilyellenandportia says

    i think being a vegan would be interesting i mean i was a vegetarian for about a month and a half has a bet with my friend (which i won btw) and tht wasnt hard.. i worked out 3 times a week and ate boca burgers and salad it wasnt tht bad

  31. killin is wrong says

    “What rights should animals have?”

    Animals should have the right to equal consideration of their interests. For instance, a dog most certainly has an interest in not having pain inflicted on him or her unnecessarily. We are, therefore, obliged to take that interest into consideration and to respect the dog’s right not to have pain unnecessarily inflicted upon him or her. However, animals don’t always have the same rights as humans because their interests are not always the same as ours, and some rights would be irrelevant to animals. For instance, a dog doesn’t have an interest in voting and, therefore, doesn’t have the right to vote because that right would be as meaningless to a dog as it is to a child.

  32. Anonymous says

    “What rights should animals have?”

    Animals should have the right to equal consideration of their interests. For instance, a dog most certainly has an interest in not having pain inflicted on him or her unnecessarily. We are, therefore, obliged to take that interest into consideration and to respect the dog’s right not to have pain unnecessarily inflicted upon him or her. However, animals don’t always have the same rights as humans because their interests are not always the same as ours, and some rights would be irrelevant to animals. For instance, a dog doesn’t have an interest in voting and, therefore, doesn’t have the right to vote because that right would be as meaningless to a dog as it is to a child.

  33. Anonymous says

    There ARE other logical conclusions. Having been on many farms and witnessed very loving care of animals that feed people, I have no problem consuming animal products. Your conclusion is arrogant – allowing that only you and those in complete agreement with you are correct.

    What one eats should be a personal choice. I also agree with the person who pointed out that each person may handle certain foods differently. I have met people who naturally limit meat in their diet and feel fine. I, on the other hand, find that if I don’t have meat of fish at least ince per day I am not satisfied and can’t eat enough fruits and vegetables – it would be perpetual hunger without meat for me.

    It certainly would be difficult to be vegan and travel the world. Your itinerary would certainly be limited.

  34. says

    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to offer something again and aid others like you helped me.

  35. says

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  36. Anonymous says

    I was a vegan for about 5 years but it was just way too hard. Plus the food that is safe to eat is expensive. Also I got hell from my mom and husband because they thought I wasnt getting the healthy amount of iron and all that. To be honest with you, I dont think I was either so finally one day I got myself a big hamburger and dug in!

  37. Anonymous says

    There is NO WAY I can live without the proteins offered in meat. Sorry, I cannot do it. I have tried before. No thanks!

  38. Anonymous says

    ..and you’re not the only one. If we gave up meat, all of us, in 3 generations we sees to exist. We will be killed even by a simple cold.

  39. Anonymous says

    If you realy tried, you’d have found out.

    See “Meat myth”
    See “Protein Myth”

    Any bad effects on a veg diet are detox.

  40. Anonymous says

    Animals were made to be eaten. Cycle of nature and all. If every living thing never got consumed then the natural world would not function properly. Plants, animals, insects, etc.

  41. Anonymous says

    in raw nature you are also part of that food chain and need to be eaten. You should not receive any medical care for any diseases because only the strongest species must survive. If you cannot have children-it should stay this ay, your offspring is not needed. this is why we are civilized, and should worry not only about human animal welfare, but also about other creatre welfare. if not agreed go back to the woods and start hunting.

  42. Amy says

    I need my meat and dairy. Lucky for me I do. I was in a bad bicycle accident 2 1/2 yrs ago. I was thrown off of my bike several feet. I was a mess but no broken bones. I was told I had the bones of a much younger person. I am soooooo glad I didn’t read that book Vera read. I have since heard from several people not to read it.

  43. Anonymous says

    Fingers crossed the next accident puts you out of your misery since your an idiot and have no concept of what it is you are saying.

  44. lis says

    You certainly can live just fine vegan – with proteins and vitamins and whatnot — but it’s not as easy, of course, as not being vegan. Everybody’s body handles things differently. I’m not vegan, but I’m pescatarian. A couple of times I thought I’d give beef a try but I just feel awful after – not a allergy but my body just doesn’t want it in it. I also cut out eggs and milk whenever possible. *shrug* I think we should just find what kinds of food make our own body work the best, and stick with those. Which are of course going to be different for everybody.

  45. kkaayy says

    Vegan food isn’t guilt free or blood free. A lot of small animals die in the process of farming. The idea that one can exist in this world guilt free without harming any living creature is naive at best.

  46. Anonymous says

    it is not about completely irradicating something. It is about being MORE compassionate and MORE aware, and contributing LESS to animal abuse and pollution.

  47. Herbivore says

    Death happens. Nothing lives forever. But the suffering in farms doesn’t have to happen.

    And …… Humans started eating meat in the ice age, because of lack of food. It’s no longer nessessary.

  48. audrey says

    Any diet that causes a mental breakdown just isn’t worth it. I can go without meat, I just load up on the veggies, but I honestly don’t think I can go without eating cheese or yogurt. And there is no way I can drink a cup of coffee without a little bit of milk in it.

  49. Anonymous says

    Most people do not have mental breakdowns over being vegan. If they do they must have been pretty weak minded to begin with!!! Good on you for being vege. Being vege is a huge step towards helping the enviroment and the animals.

  50. Joanne Malley says

    It is not hard to be vegan. It is simply hard for anyone to drastically change their lifestyle. I am vegan and feel great. I would NEVER go back.

  51. Anonymous says

    I think that’s a little off. The majority of Indians are vegetarian, and going by the numbers (having a population of over 1 billion), I think its safe to say that you won’t disappear.

    Being a vegetarian is about supplementation. If you don’t work out, its not too hard, but when I became a lot more active in my life, I had to make sure I was getting enough protein in my body. The shakes aren’t too bad when you add juice or throw in some fruit. I have lots of lentil soup, nuts, tofu and soy.

  52. Anonymous says

    They’re vegetarian because they have nothing else to eat, but they eat a lot of chicken and fish and eggs, goat milk, goat cheese..when they have it. Indians are not a good example, you don’t want to know the condition that they live in. I used to live in that region, besides a child expectancy to reach 20 is lower then in other countries. Lets not talk about Chinese…

  53. Astounded says

    Actually that’s not true. If everyone gave up meat there would be enough grains and plant life to healthily sustain most third world nations. Hopefully with some luck you cease (not sees) to exist since you’re thick as pig sh*t, ill informed and illiterate.

  54. Anonymous says

    Nope. I’ve been Vegan 15 years. I had a cold 5, 7 and 9 years ago. I made it. Cold lasted 3 days; felt great after. But I don’t get sick anymore. Hmmmm.

    See “Meat myth”
    See “Protein Myth”

  55. Herbivore says

    It’s easier than you’ve been CONvinced it is. Protein’s a big-business scam.

    See “Meat myth”
    See “Protein Myth”

    I’m 15 years vegan. 2 years ago I went:

    80% fruitarian
    I stopped supplements and powders


    Because I learned even more truth.
    Now I’m happier than ever. The truth set me free.

  56. Joanne Malley says

    That is a silly presumption. I’ve been vegan for 8 years and vegetarian for 7. I barely ever get sick. Vegans eat more fruits and veggies, which are rich in antioxidants, which keeps our immune systems up.

  57. Joanne Malley says

    That is a silly presumption. I’ve been vegan for 8 years and vegetarian for 7. I barely ever get sick. Vegans eat more fruits and veggies, which are rich in antioxidants, which keeps our immune systems up.

  58. kkaayy says

    Ah, the holier than thou attitude that doesn’t help. I do agree though that the meat industry can use an overhaul.

  59. Anonymous says

    IDIOT!! Animals are BRED intentionally so they can be killed for ugly fucks like you, that is not part of the cycle of life when humans interfere. Do your research dude!

  60. April87 says

    Recently I have opened my eyes a lot to the sad truths behind factory farming and the dangers it has. The poor way the animals are treated made me sick to my stomach. I am trying to cut down on meats, and when we eat meat I try and make sure it comes from humanly managed farms… I am not sure if I can go vegetarian and i don’t think i could go Vegan. It would be hard, since my fiance is crazy about his summer cookouts with burgers and brats… I am feeling more and more guilty every time I eat meat, and I feel guilty feeding it to my family knowing more truth behind where it came from… so I am trying to get it more humanly… I think it is a nice and noble start.

  61. j says

    i’ve been vegetarian for about 3 years. my body & mind just doesnt agree with it. i’m reading ‘eating animals’ by jonathan safran foer, it’s pretty much logically just fitting the final pieces in my head to go fully vegan. its so logical for me. i came across this page whilst researching veganism. i guess its all a process & we’ll find our way into it if we are meant to (& yes i will just educate my nephews & nieces & be honest about my views & beliefs).
    its very good to have portia & ellen putting it out there. by example changes can be made xxx

  62. Anonymous says

    You don’t know your subject. Most farm animals live very comfortable lives. Much more comfortable than they would be if exposed to life on their own in nature.

    A fact of life is that if farm animals were set free they would perish – and they would be very expensive pets.

  63. enviroartiste says

    wow, reading the comments & some r insanly biased & some r rather ingenuis. i love how the hate & misunderstanding tapered off. i have been vegan for nearly 10yrs, veg for 17. (i’m 24) a lot of people who say you can’t be vegan because you need the protein is a complete myth. i think you say that because you like the taste of meat 2much, or you just don’t know any better. my sister said the same thing. she was veg for a while & got sick, only because she didn’t know how to take care of herself, she said she wasn’t gettn enuff protein. she eats meat now & she’s more of a mess than ever, hense it was never the protein that was the problem. i just wanna give props to all the veggies & vegans! being vegan can be hard, you just have to know what your doing, & how to take care of yourself properly. being healthy is hard, because your making conscience decisions instead of throwing fast food in your mouth. knowing exactly what goes in2 your body at all time. i respect any1 who does that. & animals r just so darn cute, how can you eat them?

  64. Natalie says

    Humans are animals too so what’s wrong with cannibalism? I hear we make pretty tasty bacon.