New Madonna Outtakes For Hard Candy


Have you heard about the nude picture that is on the auctioning block showing Madonna… in a hairy light? Well, I JUST saw the picture and PROMISE you I won’t post it here, but a quick search online should bring up results if you are that kind of gal (or guy).

After seeing that black and white, these outtakes are absolutely lame in comparison! Too hard for me to shake the image and look at this set unbiasedly.

What do you think about the outtakes?




  1. exposition says

    They did a wonderful job of photoshopping boobs onto her in the first pic. I like the added necklace, too. Really gives depth. :rolleyes:

  2. lisa kate says

    if madonna wants to shock me, i’d like to see a picture of her in jeans and a tee watching some tv like normal people. these pictures are just screaming ‘mid life crisis’. *shudder*

  3. Ladylala says

    Oh dear god. What IS she thinking??? This mid-life crisis has been going on for much too long. She looks DISGUSTING.

  4. audrey says

    Ok Madonna we get it. You are thinner and fitter than most of the female population. You’ve also had plastic surgery and cheek implants to ward off the ravages of age…but could you please remember to wear pants the next time you leave home.

  5. Anonymous says

    i love her and she can pull off ANYTHING normally…..but this is too much… might have worked if she had decided for a proper panty maybe….

  6. bunnyonfire says

    She’s getting way too old to continue dressing like this! Yeah, she looks amazing for her age, but enough is enough. Not even photoshop can hide her age.

  7. Anonymous says

    all bad angles for her. Geese. I would love to see her in just a dress. Why all the tacky non-clothes and accessories? I think she is looking great these days though.
    Hope i look that good when I’m her age.

  8. Fashionsmashion says

    She looks trashy as usual. I will say this again I don’t understand the appeal of her.

  9. Anonymous says

    I think she looks great. You can only get a body like that by working out. So what if she’s 50? A woman doesn’t stop being attractive just because she gets to be a certain age.
    I think woman like Madonna will make it easier when the rest of us get older, because she might change the way people look at middle life and that life isn’t over just because we hit 50. We’re all going to get there…

  10. Anonymous says

    Yuck, Madonna has always been nasty and disgusting. it has nothing to do with being 50.

  11. Anonymous says

    The only CD she put out that was WORTH listening to was RAY of LIGHT–everything else is pointless!

  12. Anonymous says

    She looks amazing, but let’s not forget that she rejected every single one of these photos and did not think they they were good enough to be used for anything – album artwork, magazine articles, posters etc. Madonna herself didn’t want the world to see them and I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of people here who have had photos taken that they don’t want the world to see. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a human being here. Besides, love her or loathe her, you can’t deny that the woman has enormous talent. She wouldn’t still be selling out stadiums and shifting millions of CDs 26 years into her career if she didn’t.

  13. Anonymous says

    are you kidding? when madonna was wearing dresses (think of “the english roses” book reading), a lot of people were complaining about how old and matronly she looked. now she does the complete opposite and people still complain about how “old she looks!”

  14. Anonymous says

    OMG She looks fantastic! And check out those ABS! HAWT! For all of those saying she should stop, green doesn’t suit you dears. I get so sick of reading the same pathetic criticisms of her over and over. Only now we are injecting ageism! A bunch of bigots and hypocrites! If you don’t like her look fine, but enough with this “she isn’t a good role model” “she’s too old to dress like this” etc, you make me sick.

  15. Anonymous says

    Can you imagine your mother, dressed like this?
    I’ts time for her to dress to her age. The women is 50!!
    And she dresses like a girl, that’s 16 and trying to look 20…

  16. rita says

    Give me Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon anyday over this hag. Those women are sexy and respectful of their age. And they actually look like females. She looks like Terminator ! Sorry but I’d rather look like Mo’nique than this horrible thing and she looks older than she already is!!!

  17. Paige says

    One word….WHY? As a musician, one should evolve, not DE-volve! Madonna is doing nothing but making a joke of herself. What happened to Miss Reinvention? All she is doing now is regurgitating! What point is she trying to make by dressing like a cheap whore? This outfit is degrading for anyone at ANY age. She has gone out of her mind.

  18. Anonymous says

    Didn’t she write a children’s book awhile ago….????? She still hasn’t figured out who she is. I’ll admit, she’s in good shape for her age but, when will she realize it’s time to put away the thigh high boots and pass the torch.

    She’s making a fool out of herself. How embarrassing for her kids, especially, her daughter.

  19. Anonymous says

    ICK! Madonna can have all the plastic surgery in the world…but her midsection is showing her TRUE age :(

  20. Anonymous says

    come on why the hell would you post pictures of one of the UGLIEST woman in the world ,she is a waste of space delete those pictures you made alot of people vomit

  21. laesmralda says

    Those boots look stupid, I hate that peep toe look on boots. I am also tired of seeing her all together, nude, semi nude and clothed. She is always in your face and it is getting old, just like she is. Those underwear are looking uncomfortable too, why didn’t they just hike them all the way up to her boobs. I mean heck , they got them to her belly button, keep on going.

  22. Brooklyn says

    Ah, Madonna! Hypocritical role model of a mother! Won’t let her kids watch TV, but makes much dinero with these stupid photos. I, too, saw the picture up for auction and need to bleach my brain of the memory. Can someone say BRILLO?????

  23. Anonymous says

    What the hell? That’s not being hypocritical! It’s the opposite! It makes complete sense! Madonna wouldn’t let her kids see what’s she’s doing and and what is on TV exactly because of the nature of it! She makes sense!
    Plus, you are tired of seeing her? Well, that’s not the case for me and MANY other people. I find her inpirational and such a GOOD ROLE MODEL! She’s smart and great! And the older she gets, the more human she gets! If you don’t want to see more of her, don’t even talk about her, or you’ll make her even more famous, which you wouldn’t like.

  24. luckystar says

    Oh god. I’ve just saw THE photo. I wish I didn’t now, but I was curious…

    I’m fed up of Madonna showing us her crotch… but that photo was beyond belief… (how hairy?!).

  25. Gee Gee says

    Madonna’s nude photos were “leaked” yrs ago when she was starting out, nothing new; who hasn’t seen Madonna’s fur burger? as for these pics? she has a great body, she is 50yrs old and her body rocks. I’m sure they had to photoshop the veins from her arms, but other than that, look at her body! I’m sure some of you don’t look half as good. As for Madonna not letting her kids watch TV, read Magazines, or newspapers? she does it because she doesn’t want her kids seeing her, or what she’s done in the past, or what she keeps doing. She wants to hide from her kids what a whore she is.

  26. Gee Gee says

    please, I’m not a Madonna fan and I’m calm as a cool breeze, I was stating the obvious, why don’t you calm down and stop assuming things about people you know nothing about?

  27. Steve says

    How is being the greatest pop contributor to filth and then not exposing your kids to the very filth that you create not being a hypocrite?

    Are you saying that being ashamed of what you do, when you do it for big bucks, is moral?

  28. Miss_M says

    Yes, she has a very fit body for a 50 year old but I would never call her sexy. She’s too hard, there’s nothing feminine about her, the softness is missing and then for me, being sexy has also something to do with personality and Madonna is simply too much of a control freak so when I look at these pictures all I can think of is “oh Madonna, we get it, we all know it, you are fit, you work out everyday, you defy gravity, we’ve all seen your crotch by now thousands of times, get over yourself!”. …….. As for the picture that’s up for auction, again, I wouldn’t want to hang that on my wall and I have a lot of nude and semi-nude pictures of women hanging in my house… Madonna just doesn’t do it for me. But interesting how the fashion was then down there… that’s one hairy bush, isn’t it? LOL! I guess today she is sporting a Brazilian!

  29. Anonymous says

    Great body …….. but, common lady, you are tooooo old to be throwing these pictures out there. You have a serious “attention whore” syndrome. Are you going back to the way you where in the 80’s or what. My God, what do you think Lourdes would think??????

  30. kikid1203 says

    I think she looks TERRIBLE…. I used to really like Madonna, but as of late, I think that she is trying too hard to be young again and missing out on the point that “THE FACE DON’T LIE… She needs to start dressing like she has some CLASS. Just because she has money doesn’t mean that she’ll look any better if she works out.

  31. Anonymous says

    She cant really be a female…she looks completely like a man. Maybe she is taking testosterone or something. I dont think it would be possible for a woman to get that manly without some sort of drugs or HGH..

  32. Anonymous says

    sorry to have to say it but she looks more of a slut now then before,she the one who carnt hold on to her man,even that sexy one vanilla ice wouldnt stay with her cause he knew she couldnt keep her legs shut,

  33. Famous says

    Thr truth about her is that she is an ILLUMINATY, search what thats means, and she wont let her kids see TV or news is cause all is a lie! Get the facts right and you all will know what i am talking about.

    She worships sattan and worst more! search the web and youtube for the news! UPGRADE!

    Soon you all will also stop watching the LIE, i mean TV!