I Officially Believe We Are Getting Punk’d

Either this is all a big joke for Casey Affleck’s documentary, or Joaquin Phoenix has lost his damn MIND. We all know Casey is filming Joaquin’s rise to fame as a new rapper on the scene, but we’ve never seen the former actor in action. Here is your chance.

Joaquin is even seen falling off the stage in the second video and then he stands up moments later with his arm in the air as if to say he is alright. Feels very scripted to me. But who knows… I could be wrong.

What do you think?




  1. lara jane says

    As much as I love both of them, I sincerely hope this is a big joke, and I agree that Casey is a douche if this is for real.

  2. Katie says

    It is one of two things….
    1. He has lost his mind and needs to go on medication…. or
    2. They are poking fun at people who are just followers and making a film about it.

    The point is… this guy is not a talented rapper. At all.

  3. Anonymous says

    The things drugs make you do see that kids just say no to drugs or you will be like him a sad pathetic fat loser

  4. Ali says

    All I can think is, if it’s not a prank, his brother-in-law is a real arsehole for filming his decline into the oblivion. Come on Casey, just look at it this way – What would BEN do??

  5. KissKiss says

    I agree! But if it really is a prank, they must be having a great time doing it. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this (too much time blabla). Especially the moment when Joaquin first anounced his ‘retirement’. The things Casey said, or didn’t say. It just seemed like one big joke. I can’t wait for the final product (assuming it’s all a hoax)

  6. mariska says

    i hope so that it is a prank.because i really love joaquin and i hope he is not ending up like his brother.and if its not a big punk’d episode..why is casey not helping him!lately i can’t stop worrie about my favorite actor.well lets all hope for the best

  7. Booyah says

    For Joaquin’s sake, I pray you are right Vera. Honest to God, first his brother, now this? What the hell would happen to kids that they both jettison from glory like they are? Does addiction run in families like a disease?

  8. Amy says

    I hope it is a joke. If it’s for real, he sure has lost his appeal. Maybe that’s what he wanted.

  9. gia says

    I hope he doesnt end up like his brother…Doesnt Joaquin have a drinking problem? Maybe he quit acting, so he could be alone with his addiction. Just party & not have any real responsibilities. This whole thing seems very odd to me. I think maybe the part of about him becoming a rapper is probably a joke, but him losing mind seems very real. Didnt it all start like last year or something when he asked if there was a frog on his head during some interview? The entire family is incredibly quirky, but he always seems drunk, so I think there is a real addiction issue.

  10. Stephanie B says

    My husband is convinced this is a prank. He was telling his parents about it last night at dinner because he can’t get over it or the tuque (which means a winter hat for those non-Canadians) with holes in it. It does seem pretty contrived and the Casey involvement makes it less believable.