A Sex And The City Sequel Will Happen!

The ladies are back!After the first Sex and the City: The Movie grossed $150 million, it’s not shocking that there would be a sequel, but only just now have all four stars (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrell, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis) committed to the sequel.

Not all the contracts are signed, but everyone is on board,’ a source tells Us. ‘It just happened.’ “

All the leads are getting “hefty raises” this time around.They deserve it, since the first movie did so well!

Sarah said she was never against doing another movie.

‘It’s all about the story,’ she said. ‘If we can’t tell a story that’s really worthy of an audience, then we won’t do it.

‘We’ve been really lucky at this point,’ she continued. ‘We’ve been
in people’s good graces for a long time, and we take that very
seriously. So that’s the biggest challenge, the story.’ “

I’m glad to hear concern about making sure the story is good!And Cynthia has some ideas about what would make a good story.

I would love to see [Miranda] and Carrie and Charlotte and Samantha all go off on some wild mad cap adventure somewhere,’ she said.”

Hmmm, sounds promising…

What do you think?Are you excited or not?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Memmers says


  2. Lose That Girl says

    Very excited! I just hope that they learned from the first one and let the editor do their job. The first was a bit too long.losethatgirl blog

  3. Sporky says

    I wasn’t real thrilled with the first movie, but I am addicted to SATC so I will probably rent it.

  4. Anonymous says

    Is the Britney rumor true? I actually thought Britney was really charming on How I Met Your Mother. I think she would be really great in this movie if she was like a cousin or niece from the south like they were saying.

  5. maryelyse8 says

    I’m super excited for the second movie!! Hopefully it’ll be just as good as the first!

  6. ava unknown says

    I thought the first movie was pretty bad. It was like a long tv show and not really a movie and too many fashion montages. The storyline wasn’t that great, but I went in with low expectations because I don’t think they could get any better than the show and they didn’t. I could go own, but I don’t want to sound bitter

  7. kandyland21 says

    I dont care what they say… i am over the moon about this sequel. I mean the movies are fun, not deep. enjoy it during the rough times.

  8. Anonymous says

    why spoil something? sequels are almost never a good idea, except for the greedy studios and execs who want to make even more money

  9. horseyjunior says

    I was nervous about the first movie! The series was great – never missed it. Then the movie came and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I even made my husband watch it with me (I bought the DVD when it came out) And he was laughing out loud at times. I thnk if the story line is right, it couldn’t be any worse than some of the other movies they are putting out there right now.