Padma Lakshmi Out With Her Boyfriend

Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi was photographed holding hands with her new boyfriend on their way to the Knicks vs Phoenix basketball game at Madison Square Garden in midtown, Manhattan. Padma is my girl crush, I am madly in love with her – but the men she dates are always such a surprise to me.

Recently divorced from former husband Salman Rushdie, Padma was spotted with Ted Forstmann, billionaire CEO of IMG looking quite annoyed to be found.

She likes them older (and extremely wealthy)… that’s for sure. I’ve attached pictures of her ex-husband in the thumbnails. Click to enlarge.

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  1. gia says

    I dont find her to be that gorgeous, but she is still way too attractive for the men she dates…Dont older models seem to hook up with older wealthy men a lot?? Not to say they arent interesting or funny or intelligent men, plus I am sure she is treated very well, I cant really say I blame her… Plus, these men are super successful, so I am sure they have some likeable qualities (like intelligence or charm) along with a ginormous bank account. Sex appeal can take many different forms, they may look physically less than attractive to us, but maybe she gets off on power.

  2. wickedgeisha says

    I agree with Gia, I think her looks are overrated. I don’t get it. But anyway, I do think she’s a bit of a golddigger. But I’m sure the men she dates are used to and okay with it.

  3. Anonymous says

    You lot are amazing, truly amazing. Do any of you know the woman personally? Have some class.

  4. Thomas says

    Going by her standards……am the least bit surprise….age is just a number. ….as long as they have a fat wallet

  5. James says

    I don’t hate, I know I could get her without money, if I had a little fame, she would be mine. I am the handsome one, but money like this guy, I can’t compete, but if we sleped together, he wouldn’t be able to compete. Great sex has no competition.

  6. Joey99 says

    I honestly know that there is more to a relationship than looks. Really, I do. However, Padma is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, and this is the guy she chooses? I don’t get it, but I guess I don’t have to! 😉

  7. Amy says

    If that guy wasn’t a billionaire there is no way she would find him attractive and there is no way he could get a girl that looks like Padma in the real world. I think her #1 requirement is MONEY.

  8. Ha says

    Yes, because there aren’t any young, handsome, wealthy men out there. LOL She is gorgeous and could probably date anyone she wants. The fact that she chose to date this man says to me there is substance there beyond wealth. Padma doesn’t strike me as an airheaded gold-digger.

  9. Anonymous says

    sure….do you actually believe she would date this man if he was only making 45,000 a year? she is a golddigger; women like her don’t date men like him…old, and wrinkled. Sorry but she is in it for the money and the security money can bring. There are women out there who will put values, looks and even love over money. She is not an airhead, but she is a golddigger.