Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Too Thin

Please tell me this is photoshopped?! I mean, how UNREAL is this profile shot of Lindsay Lohan shopping with her sister and mother at Kirna Zabete in Soho last night? She looks sickly… it’s TOO thin.

I wonder if she is alright…

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. suesci says

    It’s time for another intervention. This is not healthy, she’s ill whether it’s drugs or an eating disorder. The girl needs help.

  2. Serenity11 says

    Oh my gosh… She is beyond just skinny. It’s sickening to look at this picture.
    She needs help. Has she lost more weight lately due to her break up with her ex-girlfriend? Lindsay’s moms needs to come rescue her and help her… instead of treating her like she’s a responsible adult. Her mom seems to let her do what ever she wanted since the age of 10, and looks whats become of her… When lindsay was younger, I used to think she was going to grow up to be so beautiful. She hasn’t and she is nothing like she used to be.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think it’s legit but obviously her mom doesn’t seem too worried. She’s too busy spending her daughter’s money to notice.

  4. Anonymous says

    blatantly photoshopped. there’s no way her boobs would still be that big if she was losing that much weight.

  5. thumbelina says

    Oh no! Ali looks up to her! ALi copies her and hopefully this is not something Ali will copy…. poor girls…

  6. Anonymous says

    Her boobs have stayed huge though even though she’s lost a lot of weight. Which they didnt in the past. Boob job?? Or freak of nature?

  7. Anonymous says

    While she’s definitely too thin, it really looks like she’s sucking in, combined with the weird angle she’s turned at. I guess it’s pretty obvious she’s back on the nose candy…

  8. SaraMac says

    She has been getting really thin lately. But she probably doesn’t think she’s that thin if she’s comparing herself to Samantha. Samantha looks like a praying mantis. I have also wondered if she is trying to lose weight to get her thighs to look a certain way. I’ve read that she hates her thighs. They seem to be naturally really muscular so if her goal is to skinny out her thighs then she may not pay attention to how skinny everything else is getting. I’m thinking too hard on this.

  9. neve says

    other people noticed the boob thing too…i think: not photo-shopped on the skinny (needs to take care of self), and yes on the augmentation in the past (that was a story when she was 16 or something)….her arms also look really un-naturally thin. hope shes okay.

  10. YAYI says

    I agree with the comment from amandamoniun on top, she is twisting her her boby to the left! and if u guys try that same position on a mirror u’ll see it makes u’r waist look so0 tiny! it’s crazy, but from the side like that anybody looks thin ” unless ur a huge person” yes she is thin!! when is everyone going to realize that this hollyhood starlets have to stay cretain way to stay in the game? unfortunately it’s the sad true, but really anyone looks MAD thin when only showing one side of their boby!

  11. Anonymous says

    Shes doing meth now so this disgusting picture of her is actually quite fitting. She is fuckin gross and I really wish Vera would stop posting about her. She does NOTHING, she has NO JOB, she is a ungrateful brat and no one cares anymore. Time to drop her and Paris like a bad habit its not 2004 anymore.

  12. Anonymous says

    yeah she lost like 30 pounds in the past year and her boobs doesnt even shrink a bit. Hello Lindsay we know they are fake!!!

  13. Anonymous says

    Of course she has implants when she was like 16 or 17…her mother is sick enough to get her young-untalented girls implants…she knows the effect about big boobs on people!! ANd ALi not so long had no boobs and now !! I know she grow up but cmon, Lindsay whatever the weight she has, her boobs dont change!!! She looks sick, unhealthy.

  14. Anonymous says

    Drugs, drugs, drugs. The poor girl is addicted again. Back when she was using before rehab she got super thin and her complexion took on a unhealthy gray color and she was frequently photographed with a sweaty sheen on her face… all signs of drugs. She’s been looking like that again the last few months, so i think she’s using again. coke and/or meth.

  15. Anonymous says

    She has been getting so thin lately.
    I don’t think it’s photoshopped, and yes, her boobs can easily still be that big, ’cause it’s not like they’re her own.

    I really respect Lindsay, and hope she’s doing fine.
    She’s such a talent.

  16. Samantha Ronson says

    Is drugs guys…before her big rehab stint she was thin like this’ after se came out of rehab she had a halthy weight. This is the cause of cocaine. Hopefully she will die soon, is the only solution for heavy addicts like her.

  17. Callie says

    Having majored in college in Media and digital imaging, I can promise this is photoshopped guys. It’s very clearly manipulated. One glaring example I see is that her left arm was badly done. Your elbow is physically not capable of being smaller than your wrist. And yet if you look, who ever photoshopped it, failed to keep proportions proper. The elbow is almost exactly the same size. Another reason you cal tell this is BS is because in the photos for the night before, her face looks normal. If she were truly this thin, you would be able to tell in her face, she’d have no cheeks and her eyes would be sunken. In the photos of her face, she does have cheeks, and her eyes are not sunken at all. How you guys manage to believe everything you see is beyond me.

  18. leigha says

    “hopefully she will die soon, is the only solution for heavy addicts like her.” …As the child of an addict who overdosed and died, I find this comment extremely offensive and hurtful. Clearly you have no idea what it’s like to be close to someone who is addicted to drugs and it is also clear that you have no sympathy for those who do. Shame on you.

  19. C.Mo says

    The last time she lost a ton of weight her boobs went away, they are still around this time… makes me wonder if she had some work done. (no I don’t think this particular pic is real)

  20. Anonymous says

    Thats not normal. Of course she has implants!! She got them when she was like 16 or 17… shes addicted to drugs and has no job. Gosh! I don’t understand why people are interested in her…. shes such a bad role model with fake breasts and loves drugs and got an eating disorder. And now her sister jumps on the same train… sad.

  21. Anonymous says

    When at normal weight she had these thick, shapeless, rubbing together thighs. She looked hideous when she was wearing tights. It is just a way she is built. Her thighs were not curvy, they are just not well proportioned due to a narrow pelvis. At a higher weight my thighs do not look as ugly as hers. Being skinny corrected that, but now she looks unnaturally skinny and starved.

  22. Anonymous says

    I just left a comment regarding her thighs. The were not muscular, they were thick and shapeless, and very close toghether due to a narrow pelvis. Very unnatractive for an average weight and they were rubbeing together from top to bottom.. Being underweight corrected that somewhat.

  23. leigha says

    And transferring their suffering onto those they left behind. Wishing death on drug addicts isn’t humane or whatever you’re trying to imply here. It’s just rude, ignorant and irresponsible.

  24. Anonymous says

    btw, her sister Ali on a photo also has a lack of hips and thighs. she looks like a boy waist down. This is what most women, who think of themselves as’ too fat’, want to have. Look at this and be happy that you are of a healthy normal weight and resemble a woman. DO be happy for having hips and thighs. Clothes will look hideous on you.

  25. Anonymous says

    I agree with you. How heartless it is to wish a death to a young woman, albeight addicted to drugs, who also has a plentitude of other issues. Shame on a commenter. Usually addiction to drugs/food/alcohol is due to some unresolved issues for individuals who are susceptible to them and are unable to function like norma l and healthy individuals.

  26. Ellie says

    Whatev. She looks good. Maybe 10 lbs underweight but it’s not a huge deal. She can gain that back easily… she’s proved that in the past. The only people who thinks she’s sooo “sickly” are the jealous fatties who are incapable of being thin because they can’t put down the damn doughnuts.

  27. BenJames says

    Yeah sometimes when you dont like a part of your body, you make yourself lose weight to make that part look better.

    Unfortunately everything else wastes away with that part.

    But being skinny – well some people actually think it looks good!

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  29. Amy says

    Yikes, that doesn’t look good. That protruding bone looks sick. I think the pic of Kate Winslet on People at the moment she is wearing that black and white dress.

  30. Anonymous says

    i think she’s really thin but this is probably photoshopped. If she were that thin she wouldn’t have the energy to be walking around.

  31. iowa girl says

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped. Stress can make you lose a ton of weight (relationship probs) and so can drugs & alcohol. I bet she is furiously running on caffeine and coke though.

  32. Kally says

    Ewww…she looks scary & I agree she seems to be SICK!!
    She need to stop all those f*cking drugs, thats TOO much!!
    Shes gonna kill herself if she continue in that way!

  33. AmandaMonium says

    She is twisting her body to the left so the right side looks worse than it does really.

  34. nikkimackkk says

    eww lindsayyy stop doinng cokee i usedd to look up to you and iam sure lil girlls all over still do be a role model even if your sister is the only who likes you anymore

  35. Vera, don't be jealous says

    I’m always amazed at how women say, she looks sick, unhealthy. There are so many legit. starving children in the world and we say Lindsay looks unhealthy!! Truth is that Lindsay has lost a TON of weight and I don’t care for her look but when women say things like this it’s jealously at it’s core. That is why, anorexia which is the most deadly mental health issue doesn’t have many women advocating against it, they just don’t care. The only women who really care and guilty moms.

  36. Anonymous says

    not jealous of a coke-ho who have no career now, except walking around for paps, showing how shes dress and spend samantha’s money…ok i know, sam need Hohan to get big $$$contract and hohan need Sam cause she has zero credibility now in Hollywood. And YES shes too thin!! DOnt wish to look like that at all!! DOnt think its sexy to see bones everywhere. Lindsay and ALi got breast implants. They are both insecure girls. I think i would be insecure with parents like that!!!

  37. Anonymous says

    Shes back on the smack again! I mean c’mon its not like you see her jogging or going to the gym-shes just gaunt looking (except for her chest!)
    My bet is she will be back in rehab by summer-this chic is such a loser! SHes not even that talented, has every oppourtunity in the world and throws it away on partying-what a waste. Why does anyone care anymore?? I dont feel bad for her one bit-shes trash

  38. Sexy_Smurf says

    I’m pretty sure that either her left arm or right arm has been photoshopped. Her right arm is a lot thinner than her left. Yes, she is holding it close to her body, but still——scary stuff.

  39. Anonymous says

    i think she looks wonderful lately. she is beautiful, with a beautiful skinny body. she might be on drugs but she’s got a stunning apperance, much better than when she was healthy

  40. Anonymous says

    she has gotten way too thin. its disgusting. if she carries on like this she is gonna die.

  41. Anonymous says

    dont know about the photo shop – its weird angle- she’s gross either way- obviously unhealthy, look at how funky her hair is – no life to it. biting her nails till her next fix and looking like death walking- she needs to get back into rehab.