Angelina Jolie Did Indeed Wear Her Dress Backwards At The SAG Awards

Did you think anything looked unusual about Angelina Jolie’s dress at the SAG Awards? Well, I bet Max Azaria, who designed the gown, sure did.  Angelina wore the dress backwards

Her stylist Jen Rade tells Jolie
purposefully turned around the dress — which was from Azria’s spring 2009 collection — to make it ‘more blouson.’ (The actress was also able to show off her tattoos more.)”

Huh.There’s a picture of the dress on the right way here.  What do you think: does it look better on the “right” way or backwards?

Well, regardless, Angelina still looked great!

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  1. YAYI says

    I must say that the dress is amazing no matter which way you wear it ha! amazing color, great desigh it looked so sexy on the model the proper way, but i think Angelina did a great job improvicing with it! like i said on the first add when vera post the “guild actors award pic” is a dress that is timeless and many years from know we will see it and say gosh that woman looked classy and elegant! so, it doesn’t matter how she wore it it still looks amazing! in my opinion she made the right choice for her!!!

  2. Anonymousxx says

    Oh she had to show off the trailer-parkish ink by God! She looked horrible as usual.

  3. luckystar says

    I think it looks better the way Angelina Jolie has worn it, rather then the way it was intended to.

    I would love to know what foundation Angelina wears- her skin always looks flawless…

  4. sdenaec says

    Personally, I don’t like the dress either way. The right way, it shows way more than I care to see. The wrong way, it looks matronly. I also think that color is better suited for frilly curtains than a dress. But I’m not into fashion, so what do I know?

  5. tom says

    It is a very ugly dress either way. But the forward way looks a bit better. I wonder if she really wore it backwards on purpose or was embarrassed when she found out she wore it wrong!

  6. Sporky says

    I preferred her in it worn the wrong way, because as someone mentioned above, her breasts wouldn’t have been able to pull it off the correct way.

  7. Anonymous says

    But there is a zipper on the back! Should that have been in the front? I don’t think this is true. She has worn this blousen style a few times now, think she might be hiding something AGAIN???

  8. meme says

    Only the Loons think Mangelina wore the dress the right way. Only the Loons. Dress was stunning on the runway and matronly/drab on “the other one”

  9. Ivy says

    I definitely see why she wore it backwards; I actually think it’s more flattering that way. (I’m a fan of Angelina, but I do think the dress was bland. I hope she wears something more interesting to the Oscars)

  10. kiki says

    She looked great? She looks like a boring, lonely housewife. The way it looks in the front is horrible; there is just nothing going on with it. It is too plain. But, if she had worn it the right way, it would have looked a million times better. I think she would need to have a killer body to have worn it the right way though. She does not have that, so maybe she made the right choose. She has basically worn the same thing over and over, just in a different color. Always trying to show off those disgusting tattoos, just shows what little class she has. Those awards shows are very formal events and she should try to cover those things up. I can just imagine her at 80 with those things. She won’t think they look so hot then. Also, someone should tell her to get a better hairstylist.

  11. Anonymous123 says

    I thought the dress looks odd! she should have worn it the right way….i agree with the others…she looks matronly and granny looking.

  12. Anonymous says

    I liked the dress. I do like Max Azaria very much and I have some pieces but not from couture line. I really do like Joile’s style and her color choices (they have always been my personal favorites). She does look matronly in this dress but it does not look bad on her at all. Wearing it the right way would only be suitable for JLo.

  13. Anonymous says

    I agree that the dress the way she wore it is granny like but I guess she must have tried it the proper way and knew she is to skinny to wear it that way.

  14. says

    Still not liking it. Angelina never takes red carpet risks where there may be a danger of any kinds of slips. Understandable…but she has worn so many more chic outfits to premieres and she could have chosen a better one. This dress is a gorgeous colour and she is beautiful…BUT it looks weird…

  15. Dita Fan says

    I thought the dress was baggy and boring, and it looks really similar to the sparkly white one she wore at the Golden Globes.

  16. eeyore2454 says

    i think she looked great the dress might of made her look a lil granny looking but she does have a millions kids now she should be going around with half her body showing like it would of if she wore it the right way.

  17. Anonymous says

    she looks beautiful…great color. I would like to see her in a red dress at the oscar!!will see!

  18. fyregoddess00 says

    Yeah- I agree. I think it would’ve looked much better on her if it was worn the correct way (based on the picture Vera posted of the correct way).

  19. papyrus says

    its best she wore it backwards, she’s too bony and her breast wouldnt look flattering with this cleavage

  20. KatieS says

    Looks better worn as the designer intended. Much more up to date. Worn backwards it looks too matronly.

  21. hurleygurlie5401 says

    HAHA! mangalina. i’ll have to use that one thanks!

    save a heart, break a penis

  22. Alicia says

    She should have turned it. I’m sick of the dresses she wears, she always wears very flowy/matronly dresses

  23. techspice says

    Me too. Why would she pick that dress if she didn’t like the way it was? It looks much better the way it was intended to be worn.

  24. anniedawg25 says

    ha ha ….well I guess it worked. She was on Yahoo’s best dressed list :)
    TRUE STORY: when I was 5 my dad got married to my stepmom. Me, being a 5 year old kid, I didn’t know how to dress myself for the wedding. So, either I dressed myself, or my dad helped…to this day we arent sure how it happened, but anyway my dress was BACKWARDS all day!!! So in all the wedding pics, my dress is on backwards! It’s so embarassing now as an adult! ha ha ha sheesh. what a fashion disaster***annie***

  25. Jan says

    Ooooooh well I for one would never want to see it worn the correct way. She is way too skinny to show off her breast bone. Stacy and Clinton must be cringing to think someone like the great Angie is on the red carpet talking about only wanting to be comfortable. Jesus girl you are only at the event for a few hours, your a bag of bones so its not like you will be poured into an outfit thats too tight. There are TONS of choices that would make you look beautiful !

  26. Chelle says

    She would look better the right way but in the past three award shows, (Golden Globes, Critics Choice & SAG) she basically wore the same style of dresses but in different colors.

  27. keane says

    she look awful with backward style. might be she want to show her best asset, but actually she want to hide her skinny flat breast. hoho..