Jennifer Hudson Was The Right Choice Says Faith Hill


Faith Hill is so happy that Jennifer Hudson has been tagged to sing the National Anthem at the SuperBowl in Tampa this weekend.

"She is a strong girl, a girl of faith. I believe to come and perform the National Anthem, which is this country’s favorite song, at a time that our country is stepping up and moving forward for future generations – I think it’s just the perfect choice."

I have to admit, while I am not into football, I am interesting in this part of the show. Well, this and all the cool commercials. :) I just want Jennifer to do so well!

Here she is arriving in Tampa with her little pooch to get ready for Sunday’s festivities.

Photos by INF





  1. YAYI says

    Gosh, every time i see a post or hear about her i can help but to feel a lump on my throat! i can not even beging to imagine as much as we all try to know what has being like for this poor girl! but life it’s like a show it must go on, unfortunaly with or with out our love ones! im very confidant that she will do a great job! she still after all a naturally talented woman best of luck jen, we are all rooting for you 😉

  2. Anonymous says

    Faith Hill did this because of last year when they caught her on camera making a “wtf” face when someone else won the award over her. Anyone remember more?

  3. OooLaLa says

    I’m so rooting for J-Hud. Girlfriend sure can sing… and I know it’s been hard for her thes past few months. I sincerely wish her the best!

  4. Anonymous says

    I love Jennifer, but to turn down the inarguration over the super bowl……is ridiculous. I empathize with her with her family, but I really think she missed a golden opportunity. I realize she performed for the Democratic Convention, but there is no way in the world if the President himself asked me to perform, would I say no. I think this was stratigic. Her PR people are not the wisest in the bunch. It’s like she in the news, then she’s not. Okay, she’s making a video, I don’t care. I’d rather no what she’s doing to help her cope than anything else. If you want space, stay out of the spotlight! Don’t get me wrong, I truly feel for her, but I think this is just a ploy. Don’t give me sh*t people, I lost my mother recently as well…although not in the same passion, the pain is the same!