Sean Penn Is Sick Of Uncommitted Actors

Sean Penn has no patience for the Hollywood type that resorts to self-promoting through modeling for clothing and perfume ads. He tells Rolling Stone,

"People are
spending too much time modelling for some f**king clothing company
instead of acting, and I resent it. It’s like, ‘Are you going to do the
Chanel ad today? I thought you were in the middle of shooting a f**king
movie. Just let me know if you mean it. I want to know you’re trying
to write the great American novel every time. Fail all you want, but
f**king try."

Sean thinks that if an actor or actress truly wants to be taken seriously, they would leave all the rest behind. Do you think that’s true. Do you lose all respect for celebrities who are out to make an extra buck doing advertising gigs?

Photos by Bauer Griffin.




  1. Anonymous says

    ALL actors are whoring themselves out. Thats why in Roman times actors were looked at as nothing better than a whore on the street. So you would have to LOVE acting to do it back then. But now that actors make millions in two months of work. People look at them as something more than want they are….which is ENTERTAINERS. I would like to see Mr Penn’s opinions if he wasn’t making millions per movie. Its always easier to talk ish when your successful and rich. And he can still pick what he wants to do without worrying about the rent money. With that say… I agree with some of what he is saying. The part I don’t agree with is I believe people can model, act, sing, and dance if they want to. I’m sure the “real” actors in the theatre think Sean is selling out. By doing movies and not theatre. A lot of actors in the theatre feel your not true to the art if you can have 10, 30, 50 takes to get a scene right. In the theatre you get one time and if you f*uk it up you have to just make it work. So whatever you do somebody is going to find some fault with it.

  2. Anonymous says

    The only reason I agree with Sean is becuz these celebs are making it harder for the little guy to get into the entertainment business. They have their hands in every corner. Children Books, Clothes, Music, etc some are going after cooking shows and cook books. Madonna is reportedly worth 500 million dollars. But she still feels the need to model, write kids books, and God help us….act. Sometimes I feel all they really want to do is turn us up side down and shake all the money out of our pockets.

  3. ShoeSlut says

    I respect Sean Penn for these thoughts. I am so tired of hearing that every young hot actress is coming out with a clothing line. That bothers me most of all for some reason. I guess because somebody else is working hard behind the scenes to design these clothes that the new “it” girl is going to take credit for – that bothers me. Focus on the craft of making a good movie and you’ll get the recogition you deserve.

  4. Ha says

    I think Sean Penn takes himself way too seriously, but I also think he’s right. Half of Hollywood is made up of a bunch of idiots who are pretty and who are more interested in being a celebrity than an artist.

  5. says

    Well said. He’s very good at what he does and he takes it seriously. Nothing wrong with that.

    A lot of actors seem to be more into Hollywood than they are into acting – I don’t really mind so long as what ends up on screen is good. But for someone to whom acting is a craft, I can see how it might get irritating having to work alongside them .

  6. CapturingLife says

    This coming from a man who thinks that because he’s an actor, it qualifies him to meet with world leaders and spew his political crap at me. He’s a hypocrite. And maybe jealous because noone is beating down his door to do fashion ads (for good reason. 😉

  7. suffy_78 says

    He was talking about Nicole Kidman and while I am not a mad fan of hers I am still wondering whether he was just having an off day.

  8. Anonymous Sex says

    How is it that Mickey Rourke could be in a suit, and still manage to look like a slob?

  9. Hypo says

    Oh yeah? And did he bring that up with James Franco, frontman for Gucci’s latest men’s fragrance, during the filming of Milk? Unlikely.

  10. Anonymous says

    “I want to know you’re trying to write the great American novel every time.” Huh? WTF is he talking about?

  11. Anonymous says

    That was the first thing that came to mind when I read this. Although I think James was already finished with Milk by the time he did the Gucci ads

  12. Amy says

    He and Christian Bale must have gone to the same grammar school. He does have a valid point tho.

  13. ks says

    love the photo,is brilliant:) And he does have a big point here,i actually like his language it fits well with him.

  14. Jude says

    Dear Sean Penn,

    Nobody cares what you think. We don’t go to your movies because we think you’re smarter or more deserving of attention than all of the other actors in this world. We go to be entertained by you. Plain and simple. While you are between projects, should you feel compelled to voice your personal and unwanted opinions, please feel free to shut-the-hell-up.

  15. ks says

    Dear Jude,could you please be so kind to stop talking from the name of “everybody”,i don’t want to be in your “we” category.

  16. poetstar says

    As much as I hate to admit that I just read Perez Hiltons book…it has shifted my thinking of the “celebrity”. I completely agree with Sean Penn. Actors should stay true to the art of acting and not money making by Zillions. Use your face for something important, not consumerism.

  17. meme says

    I completely agree. There’s a reason people like Brangelina only allow their TV commercials to be shown overseas — they’re only doing it for the money and their greed is disgusting. Sean is from the Jack Nicholson school of acting where you don’t whore yourself or your family out to the media and you keep a low profile.

  18. Ha says

    Come on now, Brangelina doesn’t need to be singled out. There are plenty or morons in Hollywood willing to sell their souls. They’re just the most obvious about it.

  19. gia says

    I am usually not a fan of the stuff he spews, however, he is right on the money with this one. It must just be a total slap in the face to authentic actors who take their jobs seriously to have to deal with all the sell outs or the ones who are only in it for the fame & money.

  20. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Bottom line- Sean is an amazing actor and has high standards for himself and other actors. He views it as a craft, and he is amazing. When he first started slamming Nic Cage, I thought he had gone over the top, but he really is right.