You Have Minutes To Watch This

See it while you can because YouTube is SURE to take this down once they realize this video of Whitney Houston performing at Clive Davis’ Grammy Party is online!!

What do you think???




  1. Anonymous says

    Ok…I actually listened to the whole thing, and it’s not as horrible as I said…it IS ok, though. She still has a long row to hoe, though.

  2. anna molly says

    she gets stronger at the end – nothing like her voice pre-drugs but she sounds better than some of those pop-tarts out there now that solely rely on VoicePro to sound only half that good. Hope she stays healthy!

  3. meme says

    Not the old Whitney but this will do…for now. Love her but I think she permanently wrecked her voice and will never sing some of those notes again. Sad.

  4. lara jane says

    This is amazing footage! Well, really, it’s crap, but I love that we get to see this “private” show. I will always love you… Whitney! (Cheesy, I know!)

  5. audrey says

    I think smoking crack has changed her voice. She’s done a lot of damage to that over the years. She does look a lot healthier though. I wish her well on the long shaky road to recovery.

  6. Anonymous says

    OMG i dont mean to be dramatic, but im heart bronken right now! wtf? this is so sad beyond words such a waist ( kids this is what drugs do to you stay away) :-(

  7. Anonymous says

    She doesn’t seem high–I think it’s the best we’ve seen her in some time. I do think it shows an upswing for her. She looks gorgeous.