Kenny Chesney Talks About The Renee Zellweger Divorce

When Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger divorced back in 2005 the media painted it as if she shocked him by filing the papers. She cited "fraud" as the reason, and everything ended up looking pretty one sided. But Kenny says that he knew the divorce was coming and that the decision was mutual.

"That’s false, very false. I was not taken by surprise. We knew it was going to happen. Somebody had to file the papers.
I was fine with her doing it."

He wasn’t ready.

"I didn’t have any clue as to what true
marriage meant… It was a scary moment for me."

Kenny says that in the end it was the paparazzi that drove him away, after he noticed "fear" in the eyes of his bandmates, friends and family.

"My band, my crew, everybody on the road – they were acting
differently. I’d go to a concert and there would be helicopters
circling, trying to get a picture of me and her together.

I never really had any kind of attention from the paparazzi. It went
from zero to the complete other end of the spectrum… I thought it would
be like that all the time… I panicked… I ran… I pushed her away… I just
didn’t want to be married to her anymore."

But, Renee left her mark on his life.

"I still think about her every day… I wonder
if she’s OK… Don’t believe it (split) hasn’t left scars. I mean, you
don’t just fall out of love with somebody."

And Kenny still wishes they could talk more often.

"We talked about a year
ago, on the phone, for five minutes… It’s just too hard."


What do you think about these revelations? I mean, we never really knew why the marriage ended, so it’s interesting to hear. But we have to keep in mind that this is just one side of the story.




  1. Sheri says

    It sounds like he was just way too immature to get married at the time; I can’t believe that the paps. would drive him away from his own wife! Ridiculous!! Let’s hope he has grown up some and will be mature enough to get married again one day ~ Good Lord, he’s over 40! It’s time he grew up.

  2. Anonymous says

    It sounds good, but it doesn’t stand up as a reason: If it were true, the word “fraud” would not have been used at all. She would have just cited “irreconcilable differences”.

  3. Anonymous says

    He told her he was straight and after they got married he dropped the bomb…Guess what, I’m gay!!!! When you don’t tell someone the truth, it is “Fraud.” I also do not feel he deserves Entertainer of the Year Award. His attitude is really crappy this year. When they showed pictures of him at the awards he has this “I can’t believe that person won look on his face and barely claps.” He needs to be brought down a peg or two. If Carrie Underwood doesn’t win the Entertainer of the Year Award than I hope Brad Pasiley wins it. Both Carrie and Brad are great entertainers and they are both personable and they cheer everyone else on. They are not stuck on themselves.

  4. Anonymous says

    Not a man.
    Not man enough.
    Self centered.
    Did not think at all about his spouse.
    Did not love her enough.
    No guts to fight it off (this is not even life’s paparazi).
    Doesn’t want to change a thing (his daily routine, travelling, tour schedule)


    Keith Urban might have faced same situation; at least the guy fought it off all the stress or depression or mental breakdown or whatever, even ended up in rehab. But he went through to make his marriage work. Even though it’s humiliating, he went trough it and did it.

    No more entertainer of the year award from ACM and CMA. I am sorry. What a wutz…

    Yes, he entertained 100+.

  5. Anonymous says

    Just to clarify, Renee cited “Fraud” because she asked for an annullment, not a divorce – two separate things. She claims she picked “fraud” because it was the best of the choices when asking for an annullment. I think if she had just filed for a divorce, she could have easily picked “irreconcilable differences” – plenty of celebs get away with that being married for even less time. Maybe there are other reasons for picking “fraud”, but it’s harder to get an annullment than a divorce, and you can’t ask for one just because you don’t get along anymore.

  6. Anonymous says

    Come on, Kenny Chesney is gay. He just can’t come out and say it because it would cost him millions in sales, possibly his career. His current image would be destroyed. And among his fan base, they would rather turn a blind eye to it and deny it as long as he does.

  7. gia says

    I think its hysterical that so many of us think he is gay!! I wonder why that is….And if its true I wonder if he knows it & is still in denial or if he really doesnt have a clue…weird.

  8. Tedium says

    To get to the level of success of Kenny Chesney, one’s gotta be enormously driven, ambitious, focused, single-minded. He did it! And on his own terms; his way. This kind of crazy success breeds an incredible amount of egomania from all of the indulgences of those around him (“yes” men/women). As he explained, he had life JUST as he wanted it. Now all he had to add was a movie star wife. WHOOPS! Guess what? Celeb wife = paparazzi! As he sez above…I believe him! He really was clueless regarding His World getting hijacked this way! Witness those pairings where the chick gets bigger than the dude! The guy withdraws, becomes a playah or just behaves in ways so that his WIFE will file, not him! Also: he’s southern. They have these freaky, Elvis kinda good ol’ boy’s Club way of livin, as he explains. And in a southern bubba fraternity logic, it meant MORE to him how his touring pals’ mojo was hijacked, too. Furthermore, in other interviews, she kinda suggests she was ready for kiddles perhaps (“put movies aside for awhile”), like Julia. She was likely whining about babies and he didn’t want ’em — not yet, anyway! I think touring musicians LOVE the road. Hard to make ’em settle.

  9. kira says

    If he claims to have pulled the plug on the marriage, why is he STILL talking about Renee in the media. I find it interesting that she makes no mention of him…ever. Kenny sounds like an immature child. He claims he doesn’t want the paps stalking him, but he doesn’t seem to mind using Renee/failed marriage to spotlight his music.

  10. wanda sue whitt says

    what did you do take your hat off? if you ever wanna get a date guy or girl dont take your hat off kenny.

  11. says

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  12. switchstance5 says

    Wow It sounds like he is really taking the split hard. But if he loved her wouldn’t he be willing to put up with the paparazzi attention as long as they were still together? Just seems strange. But they were a strange couple to begin with. I wonder if Renee still loves Kenny.

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  13. Anonymous says

    AWWWWWWWWW! Poor Kenny! Come here and let me give you a big hug! I love him and his music sooooo much! What a nice, down to earth, easy going, fun guy!!!!!!! He’ll find love someday….. PICK ME PICK ME!!!

  14. obsdwithino says

    What I need to do is turn this car around. Drive as fast as I can til I see the lights of my hometown. And run to her, take her in my arms. Make her see how sorry I am. Wel lthat shouldn’t be so hard. But I driiiiiiiiiive… on and on and on.

    Kenny, turn that car around and run to her. LOL. Poor boy! I still love you!

  15. Yanelis says

    oh…this is almost like a movie..he is still in love with her after so many years..i wonder if she loves him toooo..somebody needs to email her this page, so she can know…lol…

  16. gia says

    This sounds like b.s. to me…Isnt he a celeb too? He must know what its like…He is clearly an idiot & he did fall out of love with her…Why are celebs so quick to give up on someone they allegedly love? Because it is not love. Think about it…would some pesky, obnoxious paps keep you away from the one you truly love?? If so, you are weak & so is your “love”.

  17. meme says

    oh bitch please…just admit you’re gay. Four months and your weeny friends have fear in their eyes? pussy.