Kelly Clarkson Naked In Texas? This Singer Just Hates Clothes

Sometimes the quotes media outlets get from celebrities are so random. Today, we found out that when no one is looking Kelly Clarkson likes to hang around her house naked and that she isn’t a lesbian.


What about info on your upcoming tour?! LOL!

"I’ve always hated clothes. I mean, I’m not naked all the time but if I’m in my house, hell yeah! Why not?I live in Texas and I’m not that interesting – despite walking around naked."

She had to know that would make its round online. It’s almost like a bloggers dream of coming across that quote. :)

Check out the above video of Kelly singing her newest single, My Life Would Suck Without You in concert in the Bahamas.


  1. ryan says

    i thank she is veryyyyy hot and there is nothin wrong with her weight and she is a great sanger

  2. Amy says

    I think her and Kenny Chesney should hook up(they have the same initials ), then they can protest their ungayness together. Seems to be all these 2 talk about.

  3. gia says

    I like Kelly, but since she has gained so much weight I dont think people are going to be hoping for any naked pics of her to slip out.

  4. jason says

    there aint nothen wrong with kelly i think she is hot lol. and there sure as shit aint nothen wrong with walken round ya home naked i do it to..

  5. babymimimelissa says

    all you people need to keep your mouth shut and stop talkin crap about kelly. kelly is an amazing person… not to mention an amazing artist. all y’all are jelous that your not as talented as she is. so before you go and talk crap… learn more about the person your talking about. seriously… how immature can you be. also kelly isnt’t fat. she took a year off to work on her new album. she always looses weight when she is on tour because what she does on stage is a freakin workout. and so what if she does gain a little. she is still amazing and beautiful and will always be loved!!! so just leave her alone.

  6. Lauren E. says

    She’s said the quote about being naked before. People just love to bring that up. The lesbian quote was odd, too. I love Kelly as an artist and she seems so down to earth. Love her and can’t wait for the album! :D

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