Matthew McConaughey Skateboarding

Don’t you wish for one day of your life you could be as free-spirited as Matthew McConaughey? I mean, hand me over a set of bongo drums because it must be fun to be so at ease and happy all the time.

Here the actor is looking mighty fine while being photographed skateboarding in Malibu yesterday afternoon. He’s 39 and having as much fun as most pre-teens!

Matthew surfs, skateboards, lives in a trailer, doesn’t care about the lime light, has millions of dollars in the bank, is father to a new baby and has a beautiful girlfriend. You just can’t beat it.

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  1. Anonymous says

    He should have gone to college and gotten the dude phase out of his system. This is why he dates a 25 year old. Mid life crisis in 3…..2……

  2. missmarnip says

    yeah, minus that i think that he is one of the most unsympathic actors hollywood has to offer (goes into the same category as ms alba), he must have a great life!

  3. Nicole says

    What is the stick thing he has with him? (I’m probably the only one that doesn’t know!)

  4. Anonymous says

    It’s the Kahuna Big Stick and is made by Kahuna Creations! It’s used just like you would Stand-up paddling, but just on land! Super fun and a really awesome workout….

  5. Anonymous says

    Nicole, first I thought it was to accelerate but with the wheels on it? I don’t know…

  6. gia says

    I used to like him, but now, blah…I just feel like he thinks he is above everyone else, I get a sense of arrogance from him even though he goes to premieres in icky clothes & lives a more low key lifestyle.

  7. says

    Wow… he sounds A LOT like my guy friends! They skate, drink beer, fathered numerous children with apparently HOT girls… one actually lived in a trailer… and as much as I love them…. they are ALL douche bags! Don’t you love the irony once money is involved…? Put him in rural America and any woman with all her teeth wouldn’t touch him even with that stick he is holding!

  8. Anonymous says

    You just can’t beat it??? How about he makes a movie that doesn’t suck for once? His career is embarassing.

  9. Anonymous says

    Yep its amazing what money will do for you! He definitely lives the life of Riley. Wonder what he did in his last life to have such good Karma in this one? I just hope he realizes and appreciates how blessed he is.