Jennifer Love Hewitt Dressed Up As Audrey Hepburn While Celebrating Birthday

Isn’t this an odd way to celebrate a 30th birthday? I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt
is a real fan of Audrey Hepburn!!

Here the actress is celebrating her birthday Saturday morning visiting and having breakfast at the
Tiffany & Co. store in Beverly Hills.

There has to be more to this… I’m searching for info as we speak.

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  1. poetstar says

    Theme parties! I love it! She did say she was doing this for her birthday. How fun! All I did on my 30th birthday was quit smoking. LOL

  2. Anonymous says

    So she doesn’t have as much “class” and doesn’t “measure up” to this other person solely for the fact that the other person is dead? Puh-lease… Lets see what people have to say about Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie 80 years from now. They will still be remembered as huge stars and when a future celebrity dresses up as either of the two everyone ill criticize that new celebrity saying that they could never be like the authentic original. Give her an effing break! She can dress however she wants to. Nobody is better or classier than anyone else just because they’re dead.

  3. lovechild says

    She said on Jay Leno that to celebrate her birthday she and some girlfriends were having a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” brunch and she would be dressed as Audrey Hepburn. I don’t think that is too crazy?!
    Heather <3

  4. Kaitx says

    What gets me is that there appears to be no one else with her… I know paps don’t want to see the “little people” but you’d think that even one of the shots would see her with her friends or something, and I havn’t seen any from this siteor others. Odd, sad and more than a little desperate, especially on Oscars weekend

  5. Mar says

    Her friends are probably inside waiting for her. The paps got her getting there, not inside or at her party. She can dress however she wants to.

  6. Irregular says

    She is so sad, she is only dressing up like her because she thinks that she looks like her and she is hoping that some sad and desperate director will spot her and hire her to play Audrey in some remakes of Audreys movies.
    She is desperate, sad and does not look good in that outfit!
    There is a reason that she is in that hideous Ghost Whispers or whatever it is called and that is because she is a terrible actress and she will remain that way as she has no potential what so ever.
    Go home Jennifer, you have made enough of a fool of yourself since you put yourself in the public eye………

    • Tina says

      Please!! Leave her alone.. She is not trying anything like that. She is sweet and humanitarian like Audrey and she loves her so i believe she just wanted to celebrate Hepburns life.. Why everything takes so bad what Jennifer does?? She is amazing!

  7. Booyah says

    uuhmmmm, like, er, she already did silly! From The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000) (TV) …. Audrey Hepburn

  8. Anonymous says

    30 yay! Theme party yay! But why invite the paps? It makes her look desperate, which she is.

  9. Anonymous says

    She’s crazy. No one can be like Audrey. Hewittt can’t even hold a candle to Audrey!! And would she stop trying to be her! Jennifer is so fugly & somebody has to tell her to quit the Audrey act already!!!!!

  10. Ohlivia says

    Ugh, I HATE when people do this. No matter who it is, how classy they think they are, no one is near her level. There will never be any one else with the same grace. Stop trying, it’s insulting and embarrassing.

  11. Anonymous says

    So do you hate it when people dress like Audrey for Halloween?
    I doubt that Jennifer is comparing herself to Audrey or thinks that she is the next Audrey. Sometimes people like to have fun, and she is having fun by dressing up. What’s the big deal.

  12. Mar says

    She said on the Tonight Show a few days ago that she was having a party with some girlfriends and they were dressing as Audrey Hepburn.

    She looks nice.

  13. katgib13 says

    While I think JLove is adorable and could probably be the only one to come close to looking like her…..If you are going to go all out…please don’t forget the hair! Dress..check. Gloves…check. Glasses…check. Jewelry….check….Hair….a mess.