Rosie O’Donnell On Madonna And Menopause

Rosie O’Donnell did the Tyra Banks show the other day and boy did she ever keep things interesting. She mentioned that Madonna is mentoring her through menopause and adds that she’s quitting alcohol for her son. Crazy quotes ahead so sit down and buckle up. :)

On stopping drinking:

stopped drinking on December 1st.
It has not been easy…On November
29th, I was with my son, who is now 13, and I said to him, ‘Park, can
you get me a beer?’ And he said, ‘No I don’t want to.’ And I said,
‘Really why not?’ And he says, ‘Because you know what, I think you
drink too much beer…Lately I think it’s too much.’ I said, ‘You know
when I was a kid, when I was 22, I stopped drinking for like eight
years.’ He goes, ‘Well maybe you should do that again.’ I go, ‘Well
honey what happens if I can’t do that?’ He say, ‘There’s a drunk club,
I forget what it’s called, but you have to like be really drunk to get
in, I don’t know if they’d let you in, but you could ask them for

On Madonna:

[Madonna] great, she’s a lot like a big sister. When I started having
my hormone things, I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ send, she’s
like, ‘Get the cream’ send.”

Lots more, keep reading!

On similarities between Rosie and Madonna:

She’s the most famous person period, I think. She’s just moved back to
New York with her kids so that’s great. So well get to be able to hang
out more. We have kids the same age.”


“I had just
seen “Truth or Dare” and she was the first woman that I met who had a
similar situation to me. My mom died when I was a kid as did hers and
I’m named after my mom as is she and I don’t know anyone else who has
gone to their mothers grave and seen their own name.”

On hormones and menopause:

let me tell you one thing Tyra, I am about to be 47 next month and Aunt
Flow has not shown up for nine months. The worst thing is I am like
ending that whole cycle and my daughter who is 11, is beginning the
cycle. So the two hormones in the house, it’s a lot going on.”

started for me at 41…I would be in the bed and I would wake up and the
sheets would be soaking wet, not damp, soaking wet… I thought, ‘Oh Vivi
crawled in here last night and maybe she wet.’ So I would throw the
covers off and turn to look and there’s no Vivi, it’s just Kelli and
then I’m like, ‘Kelli is incontinent!’ And then I realized, no it’s me.”

“I would literally stand naked in the winter on my balcony in December in the middle of the night just to get cool.”


TMI? Maybe. But, Rosie is absolutely hilarious. She always gives a good interview, that’s for sure. :)




  1. Jan says

    Interesting quotes. And for once shes not shooting her mouth off about someone else which I like.

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m 33 and I sweat at night. As a divorced and dating person it’s a lot to explain why I keep the window cracked and a fan going in the middle of winter. “Hey babe can you close the wi-” “NO! Now go to sleep!” My doc says it’s not hormones. But I think she may have gotten a “C” in that class or something because I swear I’m flashing!

  3. Anonymous says

    since you’re dating, send the guys home after. That way you can open the windows, crank up the fan all you want.

  4. Anonymous says

    Aren’t you a little too young for that? you’re like 10 years younger than I’m but I don’t have any of these things… thank God. I know it’s coming soon though :-(

  5. Jan says

    You know I used to have that problem in my late 20’s or early 30’s ( Im bad with time frames thus the range ). I used to get up and put a towel under me and one over me. They wick the sweat away and it was much easier to sleep. I have no idea what caused it ( I figured it must have been an illness – cold or something ) but it happened for quite a long time. Then it went away as soon as it started and now I dont have the problem at all. Maybe until you figure out what it is try the towel thing. At least it will give you some comfort.

  6. gia says

    Overall I cannot stand Rosie or Tyra…Some things should stay personal…I dont need the image of Rosie getting a period or not or standing anywhere naked in my head…Ick!! I know she is a comedienne, but still…blech.

  7. Anonymous says

    Anyone who reads her blog can tell rosie drank too much. With her family history it should be a huge red flag.