No Wonder They Couldn’t Make It Work!!!

Oh. My. Gawd.

I’m not trying to vilify Guy Ritchie or take sides in this or anything like that, but NO WONDER these two couldn’t work out their problems.

Guy calls Madonna "It," to her face.

I have no words.

Guy will say, ‘Oh, It’s in a bad mood today’.

Even towards the end of their marriage, he would call her It. He told people,
‘We can’t make It angry’.

There is absolutely no love lost between them.”

Low blow, Guy, LOW blow.

Being that it’s a third party saying all of this, who knows if it’s even true… but can you imagine?

How would you react to an insult like that?

Photos by Bauer Griffin.




  1. JenneD says

    It actually amuses me immensely. I don’t know…I don’t think it was an immediate thing, I mean…he was probably driven to it after she called him something. Before I got divorced…I used to call my husband “that guy.” It probably wasn’t the greatest idea…but he started calling me Thunder Butt 3 days after I had our first child…so you know, I figured he probably deserved it.

  2. Anonymously says

    Well if he was saying it to her face through the marriage perhaps it was a nickname she didn’t mind, because I think she’d have the balls to tell him to get knotted if she did. Her PR people are getting desperate aren’t they, how refreshing that Guy is keeping a dignified silence on his marriage breakdown.

  3. Anonymous says

    That’s great! That thing is a machine and there is nothing womanly about her. Thank you Guy, I love you.


  4. says

    Madge seem quite self centered and overbearing I can imagine that she drove him to the edge. Name calling is childish but Im guessing that considering that Madge isnt a wallflower she dished it out too.

  5. Anonymous says

    I dont think Guy would say something like that JUST BECAUSE HE’S MEAN… if he was indeed treating Madonna like that, he must have had a reason.
    Madonna doesnt exactly seem to me to be a sweet loving person.

  6. Frimmy says

    I think she IS an “it”. I think things between them dissolved to the desperate point where he let decorum fly to the wind and voiced what those, not in her circle of benevolence, already think but don’t have the freedom to say. I say he’s got balls. Bigger ones than hers.

  7. Anonymous says

    Oh well, I’m sure she has been called worse. Sounds like Madonna is trying to spin things in her favor. I really don’t trust her and think she is capable of most anything as long as she benefitted from it.

  8. isysblue says

    If I were him I would call her “It” as well. She’s nasty – why do people want to watch a 50ish year old woman wear sleazy clothes? Such as that recent album cover – all I could look at were her scrawny legs – no one wants to see a grandma aged person dress like that. Plus she seems like an uber – bitch x 10^43 – that’s the actual math for a super bitch too. I hope It rots in a hell of It’s own creation – and that It’s children can grow up and be normal – or close to it.

  9. Samy210 says

    Haha, o well, I’m sure that Madonna was a beast to be married to for that long, everyone knows how conrtolling and obsessive she is. I know that if I had a husband that was even half as neurotic as she probably is, i’d be calling him some not so kind names either. And if you really think about it, Madonna has created herself into being a brand almost, shes a one woman powerhouse show. Kind of like a “IT” being instead of someone actually human like. Just my opinion.

  10. joice says

    hm, when it was over with my ex, people assumed that it was because of me, because he has this innocent, nearly childlike look plus he is rather, pale, very tall and thin which makes him look even less macho. he never said much – in front of other people. but in our household he was the zynical one, who bossed around, lied and never defended me.
    just because guy keeps silent and madonna is out there, we can’t assume that he is the less worst one.

  11. Anonymous says

    She is an “IT”

    Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz …. I bet she has said MUCCCCH worse to him.

  12. katgib13 says

    I don’t know the scoop on their relationship, but if my husband called me IT, I’d be like…IT is gonna whoop your @–…lol

  13. stephy c says

    haha I bet money she provoked him to the breaking point if he called her “it.” Now I would love for Guy and Sean Penn to sit together and let us all hear what Ole Madge is really like.

  14. Anonymous says

    That’s hilarious. I imagine Guy loved her when he married her and then Vadge became the gristley, botoxed shrew that she is now. Now she is an IT. I can see Guy looking at her and saying, “I see IT’S angry today.” and Vadge fuming and stomping off to have her wrinkles removed.

  15. Anonymous says

    I wonder what got him to the point that he had to call her “It”? No doubt she’s a monster and an “It”. I would have called her far worse.

  16. Alias says

    If you add a “B” in front of and a “CH” after the “IT” you kinda get the true picture….

  17. Anonymous says

    So surprising that all the women are siding with the man. So surprising. Women hate other women.

  18. Anonymous says

    I don’t hate other women…I hate Vadge. I’m not sure she’s a woman anymore either.

  19. Embee says

    It’s an unacceptable comment and says more about Guy’s emotional maturity than Madonna. Of course she’s not an “it” and his labeling her as inhuman and androgenous so succinctly may be clever but it’s horribly cruel. To say that she had it coming is to endorse revenge. What was it that Confucious said about revenge? Something like “Before you head out on a mssion of revenge dig two graves.” If he saw her as an “it” he should have left–this abuse is indefensible.

  20. Anonymous says

    Vera, have you ever dealt with a narcissist – like Madonna? I have and they are horrific!!! They truly believe that everything is about them. I know many people will say that we are all like that to some degree (which may be true) but this on such a different scale – it is a way of thinking, not a bad mood or a passing phase. Believe me, “it” is just too kind. they are awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous says

    see, this is how narcissistic people think. get over it katgib – this is not about you! sheesh, where is the objectivity?

  22. Jinks says

    Considering she scheduled time to have sex with him (wow, what did she think he was, a human d**do?), calling her ‘it’ is the least offensive term he could think of.

    Let’s face it. She is more android than person.

  23. Nimbus says

    Jesus… don’t you think you are overreacting just a tad, my frustrated friend… where is you sense of humour???? bad day was it??? sheesh yourself…. dork

  24. Anonymous says

    Granted, it’s not very nice, but something tells me that she probably said and did much worse.

  25. lara jane says

    Sure, but consider for a moment what might’ve made him get to that point! I’m sure Madge isn’t easy to live with! Obviously, we can’t know either of them, but I’m sort of imagining her driving him crazy.

  26. Ha says

    I have a very strong feeling that Guy didn’t start calling her “It” just after they said their vows. And I also have a very strong feeling that Madonna isn’t an easy person to be in a relationship with, much less live with. This probably started closer to the time that they ended things. It’s immature, but probably somewhat justified. Who knows how condescending she is to him or what she may call him.

    Oh, and how would I react? I’d divorce him.

  27. Fashionsmashion says

    I say it’s just Madonna playing the media like Angelina Jolie. She wants to look good and make him look bad. It’s working.

  28. Anonymous says

    while no one is perfect I cannot blame him. women with attitude like madonna’s are never a marraige material and are never something that a true man looks for. while a woman can be sexy, provocative, seductive, a bit aggressive it is not something she should display for public. then you become an open and read book. a air of mystery and a bit of class goes a long way. nobody wants to see their wives crotch in every magazine. and any man who tells you he is OK with it is a major liar. He is simply OK with wive’s nudity in public because he does not love her. Also women bosses/control freaks are a major turn off for a real man. by bossing him around you kill every bit of manliness nature let him have.

  29. Anonymous says

    Hey, do you remember years ago when he promoted one of her albums by wearing a women’s cami with an advertisement on it while they went out for the evening. I’m not sure if that’s considered manliness, but if so, I don’t think he was too worried about losing any he had hidden somewhere.

  30. Anonymous123 says

    low blow?? are you kidding….madonna was fvcking around during their marriage and you think calling her an “it” was a horrible thing to say??? wow.

  31. Anonymous says

    get off your f*ckin high horse Vera ans stop acting like you know these peopl and your so perfect you’d never stoop to doing this. I’m sure Madonna is no saint either.

  32. gretel says

    I don’t see the relevance. When your marriage is totally broken, you call each other anything.

  33. Anonymous says

    Just imagine what living with her was like. I think she’s lucky he only called her “It”

  34. Anonymous says

    It (no pun intended!) was an unconventional marriage, even by Hollywood standards.

    And this is Vera’s blog. She’s entitled to her views and opinions. We’re just visitors. :)

  35. Anonymous says

    Ha ha! It’s funny. It’s probably how he managed to keep his head and sense of humor while dealing with one of the most self-absorbed people on the planet. We have no idea what went on behind the Ritchie family’s closed doors –who knows what she might have been calling or doing to him or indeed if it’s even true.
    Like that’s the worst thing anybody’s ever been called? My word.

  36. Anonymous says

    If you are not trying to ‘vilify’ Guy Ritchie, why would you post something that you can’t even confirm is true?

  37. kellirc says

    People always think they know something. Believe me, unless you were in that house with those two people, you know nothing. The way people act behind closed doors is usually very different than their public persona. I know people that are like a whole other person than when they are out in public. This is probably the case here also. I don’t want to defend Madonna, really don’t, but you have no idea what their relationship was really like. I seriously doubt that he was all good and she was all bad.

  38. Anonymous21 says

    Vera, aren’t you being a bit unfair??? How the hell do you know what Madonna called HIM???? Come on. Everyone knows she is a vicious bitch.