Jennifer Aniston Works Hard To Stay Looking Young

Just this morning we heard that Jennifer Aniston wants her shot as the next Bond girl. I just found some more quotes from the same interview where Jen talks about how hard it is to stay fit and how it’s a MUST if she wants to keep working in Hollywood.

I am a realist. I know if I eat nothing but burgers, I’m not going to be hired for parts I normally would.

I’d become a character actress. That might be fine one day but not right now.

Wow, it’s nice to hear an actress admit that it takes dedication. So many claim to eat cheeseburgers all day and say they just have a great metabolism.

Jennifer also says she has no problems with growing older.

I’m at ease – and not just with my age. Really, I’m at peace. I’ve
never felt this good about myself before. I think that shines through.

And when asked for comment on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (of course) she responded,

I don’t owe anybody my side of the story.

There are no sides! There is no bad guy and there is no good guy.

There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story.

She’s obviously right. She never has to talk if she doesn’t want to and no one except those three will ever know the truth of what really happened.

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  1. Anonymous says

    She is a fvcking hurt and self absorb woman who is forever going to be imcomplete because of her ungratefulness, and not because her relationships to man but because she is to selfish an empty who no matter how happy it might seems clearly is an empty and unfulfilled person, she doesn’t even have a relationship with her own mom thats how miserable this woman is!

  2. Anonymous says

    Jennifer doesn’t have (or I should say didn’t have) a relationship with her mother because her mother gave interviews to a bunch of tabloid shows and mags where she talked about Jennifer’s private life and the first taste of fame and so on (it happened a couple of years after “Friends” came out). Jennifer was really hurt that her mother would dish about her and that caused the estrangement. They’ve reconciled during her divorce from Pitt.

  3. stephy c says

    It would be interesting to see her as a bond girl. And I hope she continues to mix it up a little bit. Everyone assumes she just acts in comedies. That’s certainly not true. She was great in The Good Girl and in Friends with Money.

  4. Anonymous says

    I have to agree she was great in both The Good Girl and Friends With Money, She has great comedic timing, that is something you cannot teach. I think people need to lighten up on her acting I mean she had 2 number 1 movies in the span of 6 weeks, she is box office gold and getting better with time. She is beautiful, youthful, energetic and open. Go Jen.

  5. says

    I think her deep problem. Yes JMO.. Is that she really thought that Brad was going thought a mid life crisis. That he would have his fling and come to his senses. The problem was there was no crisis, it was not a fling, and he did come to his senses. He wanted Angie, He pursued Angie, and he caught Angie. NOW 4+ years later he seems happy and content to me.

    I disagree with the whole character actor thing. There are some great character actors. They are the ones you see on the screen and say, Oh I like him/her.. I could name more then 20. But Jennifer decided to go the comedy route. She took her Friends role, and Rachel to the movies. When she tired and succeeded in breaking that mode “The Good Girl”, she did not follow up, she feel back on what she knew, what was familiar. Now she is 40 years old. Yes she does look good, but she is falling into the trap that Meg Ryan fell into. Yes you can be America’s sweetheart, but America grows up, and a 40 year old woman playing the roles meant for a 25-30 year olds is not convincing. Especially when there are 25-30 year olds who are available to play those roles. I can understand her frustration, but I really think she and the other cast members stayed on the show too long. We will see if her next films show diversity or the usual. I don’t see her as a Bond Girl. Women find her sexy.. I don’t know if the male audience will feel the same. She needs to do a good drama and step out of her comfort zone. Her last attempt at sexy: Derailed, did not convince the audience. Time will not wait.. She better make her move sooner then later.

  6. Anonymous says

    Couldn’t agree more you^ everything you said in both personal and profecional this woman as much as she proclaim to be lucky and happy with the boys is clearly and truly not, she is trying as hard as she can to break this image that was created when her divorce to Brad felt thru… the truth to all of this is that she has always been trying everything together with her PR people to get away from this “aww poor jen” people that does not buy it are clear that she is a very unhappy and lonely woman and had always have had issues with her family (mother) and even though her mom might have said whatever to the press that still her mom and her actions shows what kind of person she is she never try to get close nor reach out to her mom it was the other way around and she still hasn’t try to bond with her it sounds to me that her (jennifer) and Angelina are two arrogant brats who get mad at their families over stupidity the difference btwn them two is that Angelina is a rebel bad a** who doen’t give a shi+ what any one thinks while Jen is certainly and clearly a calculated person who tries in every way to sale to us a perfect woman that is supposed to be happy and complete when in fact is very insecure and lonely that is fulfilled by material stuff and puts family and love in the back burner for a obsession of being powerful and carrer obsessed and that is the freaking truth whom ever doesn’t want to see this are either blind or a fanatic which is fine just because as my self every one is entitle to their own opinion!

  7. Anonymous says

    Back to the original argument, Jennifer Aniston is a typecast actress. One cannot certainly argue with that statement. Perhaps everyone has a different definition of the word “character” actress, but one cannot argue that she tends to star in many comedies, from her time as a TV sitcom star to numerous romantic comedies on-screen.

    This is not to trivialize her acting ability (she received rave reviews for her role in “The Good Girl”) but merely to shed light on the fact that she does take many light-hearted happy roles. She does not want to be stuck as a character actress…but there are so many actors/actresses that are! Her costar, Owen Wilson, is always going to be labeled as “the funny guy”. There is no doubt about it.

    However, despite her statements, she is definitely a character actress and she does it quite well. I personally cannot see her in serious thought-provoking roles.

  8. Anonymous says

    Me too. For that this ho needs to learn to stop talking about that divorce of years ago.

  9. Alyssa says

    Well she should work a little harder then, cause she does NOT look young. She has really leathery skin.

  10. ks says

    AND????! She looks great and feels great,show us some photo of you at and let us judge you.Believe me here are lots bullies,just like you.

  11. Anonymous says

    Bond girl? Aren’t they usually voluptuous? Don’t think Jen would quite qualify for that albeit none of the Bond girls really have to no how to act either. She’s better cut out for cutesy TV programs.

  12. diana82 says

    NO. Bond girls don’t have to be good actresses and quite honestly, most of them aren’t. They just have to look good. Do you remember Denise Richards? Yep, she used to be a Bong girl.

  13. r. says

    Dear mr. wilson, if one day you can’t find a girlfriend (believe me kate is like a butterfly, flys from one flower to the other), call me or write me or something, I wouldn’t mind have a coffee with you or more…;-)

  14. Anonymous says

    So according to her, character actresses are fat and out of shape?? Well, I think it takes a little bit more.

  15. diana82 says

    NO. She didn’t say that. A character actress is an actress that can only be hired for ONE role. For example, in a lot of teenage movies, those actors are not even teenagers. So if they didn’t keep up with the way they look, they would only be hired for roles for their own age group. Do you remember “Bring it on”? Kirsten Dunst was a teenager but Gabrielle Union was not one anymore. But because she kept herself looking young, she was able to play the role.

    I know it’s offensive to overweight people but people like Nikki Blonsky, for example, are only able to play an overweight person in a movie.

  16. Anonymous says

    No sweetie, that is the definition of what Jennifer Aniston is, ONE kind of role. A character actress is Meryl Streep. Just because someone is overweight does not mean they are a character actress, like you example of Nikki Blonsky implies. Jennifer Aniston only plays the quirky, cute-she is typecast and that is her point.

  17. diana82 says

    I think your hate for Jennifer Aniston is taking over your reasoning. I was answering to someone above asking if Jen implies that character actresses are fat and out of shape. And I answered it by “NO”. Has nothing to do with what type of actress Jen is. If you all hate the way she looks, her acting, stop watching her movies! So simple to do. Plus a lot of people like cute movies. Not everybody is a fan of “Doubt” or “The Reader” type.

  18. Anonymous82 says

    I agree. I think it’s a big misconception that romantic comedies actors are bad actors or character actors. I mean, there are movies at the oscars that I’ve never watched or interested in watching. I watch some deep and dramatic movies but the main reason for me to watch is to have fun. Plus, romantic comedies always get attacked but there are action movies actors who can only play “actions” and when they try to be funny, it’s pathetic to watch. There are also the screen kittens like Jessica Alba who when she tries to be dramatic or funny, it really hurts the eyes. I think everybody has their own talent and there’s nothing wrong to have a niche.

  19. Ha says

    Actually, a being a character actor is completely different than what Jennifer Aniston is generally asked to do. A character actor is generally one who melts into a role – usually not a lead role, to differ with the poster’s example of Meryl Streep, below – and is generally someone whose name you and I rarely would remember. Richard Jenkins, nominated for Best Actor this year, is a good example. He’s been in over 60 films, we all probably recognize his face, but probably a handful of us could have come up with his name prior to his nomination. He is a perfect example of a character actor. They tend to look like everyday people, rather than perfect movie stars, which is part of the reason they are more able to disappear in a role.

    Being overweight is not a character trait, sweetie.