Jose Canseco Weighs In On Madonna’s Dating Choices

Ex-boyfriend Jose Canseco has strong opinions about Madonna’s dating Jesus Luz, and he isn’t afraid to voice them.(Did you know those two used to date?)

Oh, my God! Doesn’t she realize she is 60-years old? Come on!’ he told Saturday at the 7th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational at Commerce Casino in L.A.

‘When she is 80, what is she going to date — a guy who is 10 years old? It’s getting crazy!’ "

For the record, Madonna is 50, not 60 (according to Us Weekly).And can you say "double-standard?"No one says a word about, oh, say, Hugh Hefner and who he’s dating.Why does Jose care anyway?

Well, I’m sure Madonna doesn’t care about what Jose thinks.

A source close to the singer recently told Us Weekly that while she and Luz are not serious, ‘she is seeing where it goes.’

Said her pal, ‘She loves showing her ex that she can still get the youngest, hottest thing out there.’ "

Okay, I’m sure Madonna doesn’t care about whether or not Jose approves.And everyone involved is a legal adult.

What do you think of Madonna’s dating choices since getting divorced?

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  1. Anonymous says

    i think it’s very disgousting! i know i dont care about who she’s dating, but come on, that guy can be her son!

  2. Anonymous says

    There definitely is a big double standard. Men have been dating and marrying babies forever. But rather than seeing women do it too, it would be cool if men stopped doing it because it is pretty gross. The younger person usually just does it for the money or the career buzz.

  3. Anonymous says

    Double standard indeed! No one says anything to Hugh Hefner and his “girlfriends.” And that’s so insulting to tack on an extra decade to her age. Maybe he’s jealous. She looks great and is still hot entertainment wise (I’m still mad I couldn’t get tickets to her last tour). As for Madonna’s current boyfriend, he’s a flavor of the week. It’ll never last. Let her have her fun while she still can. She’s not hurting anyone. Although I’ll admit it’s kind of weird her daughter is closer in age to the bf than Madonna is.

  4. missy915 says

    i really wanna see her in concert….but its gona cost
    who cares if shes dates younger men..shes been doing it for years

  5. Anonymous says

    Men have been dating younger women for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS! It is standard practice! Over 40? Date a younger women! On dating sites, a 50 year old man wants women under 40! He will not even date a woman his age! Give me a break! I might not approve of how Madonna dresses, acts, looks, but she has EVERY right to date a younger man and any “man” that says otherwise just cannot take the reverse of what they have been doing since the dawn of time! Men cannot take it the other way!

  6. Mamita says

    I really don’t care about Madonna. She needs to start thinking about her daughter, you know her friends are aware of these things, I feel sorry for that girl. She is going to get the flack for what her mother does.
    Madonna needs to stop being so selfish and remember that she is a mom.
    I don’t care about the new toys’ age, but should she be doing him so openly, if she cared about how her children are going to be affected by this, she would see him very privately and out of the limelight.

  7. ks says

    I don´t like Madonna at all but that guy can shut the f*ck up,who she invites to her bedroom is her buisness and why men can go around with girls who can be their daugthers of grand- but if women go with younger men,they are trashed?!Speaking of descrimination!!

  8. lizzy says

    it’s a free country…i’m sure she is not twisting anyone’s arm…, having money does not hurt either

  9. Anonymous says

    People say plenty about Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends, and the old man/young woman combinations always get slated as much as Madonna and Jesus ( e.g Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta jones did when they first got together, as well as Tom and Katie and its less of a gap between them and this combination). The thing about Madonna and Jesus is that it all seems so contrived, and more of a publicity stunt than anything else. I think her obvious desperation to appear young and hip doesn’t favour women, as it would be good to have a really powerful woman show that it’s OK to grow old gracefully.

  10. ks says

    Women should know better how to live their lifes,not waiting for someone to guide them!I don´t care how you live your life,or Madonna or nobody i don´t know,i make my own dessicions and live my life the way i believe is good for me without harming people around me.And how Madonna or any woman choose to live their lifes is their oun problem,she can age any way she wants,the same statment goes for you and all people for that matter.period

  11. Anonymous says

    Madonna is just being Madonna. Unfortunately, she is being a poor example for her children.

  12. Anonymous says

    I choose not to be as desperate and sad as Madonna. I bet you are the first to weigh in on the skinny models encourage anorexia debate. Its a falacy to say that celebs don’t influence non-celebs, or do you never buy any product that is endorsed by a celeb, or buy clothes because they look good on a particular celeb?. If you do then they are influencing your life and choices.

  13. cibele says

    Don’t like Madonna, but she can dates whoever she wants. The girl works, is not doing anything against the law, just taking care of her own life. I rather see her dating someone than saying something completely pretentious and annoying like she usually does. So this Jose Canseco should get a life!

  14. ks says

    —– ———————————————————————————-
    are you drunk or high?!Jeez I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING F*CK ABOUT PEOPLE I DO NOT KNOW DO,OR LIKE,OR WEAR OR F*CK OR ETC.,wasn´t i saying that in my previous comment,wasn´t i saying I HAVE MY OWN HEAD ON MY SHOULDERS AND MAKE MY OWN DESSICION NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE AROND ME DO and here you go putting words in my mouth and not only that but went on about some totally different issues and start making stories,Jeeeez,i bet you are great partner for conversations (NOT).
    p.s. and the cooment about anorexia models and so on,phew,i can´t even comment on that stupid issue you made and broad up,i am 33 years old,you seriously think i go around debating skinny,fat or whatever models?!!!!!

  15. Anonymous says

    All I know is that HE NEVER LOOKS INTO HER. He looks like he is being made to be with her. Its all pretty fucked up, she needs to start thinking about her kids and about NOT having random guys around them. Madonna is just trashy, I guess you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

  16. Anonymous says

    She’s just at a period in her life (hormonally speaking) where she wants/needs the thrill of good hot sex like earlier in her life. As you age, the excitement aspect of it all sometimes fades. More power to her! They’ll go their separate ways soon enough.

  17. Anonymous says

    She is currently the biggest celebrity idiot. Who cares what she does/says/anything? She’s so irrelevant.

  18. Miss_M says

    I think she may be going through her midlife crisis… with one younger man divorcing her she clearly needed to find another young(er) man to replace him 😉 LOL. I think it is great that despite her age and looks she can still pull toyboys but then … one wonders if they only date her because she’s Madonna and or because of her wealth…. quite sad when you think about it.

  19. Anonymous says

    Two words: publicity and revenge. That’s it. And yes, everyone thinks Hugh Hefner is pretty disgusting with his teeny-boppers, I’ve never read any article saying it’s cool. I agree that Madonna is one of the most self-centered people around and is not thinking anything about her kids or what kind of example she is. She wanted to adopt David so badly, and why? What kind of life does he have with her? Sure he has material things, but what else? Lordes will be an interesting person to see when she’s an adult, she’ll either use Madonna’s bad examples and turn the other way, or she’ll be a mess like her mother.

  20. Anonymous says

    Who cares about Madonna????If some younger guy want to dip into that prehistoric bucket .. go right ahead

  21. muh.... says

    ugh double standard? really? you wanna play that card? just shut up. hugh hefner is an old man with GROWN UP children. madonna is an old woman who has a daughter with less than 10 years from this fucking douchebag “boyfriend” it’s not cool when they can share a babysitter.

  22. Anonymous says

    if it’s not serious she shouldn’t be bringing him around her children. she shouldn’t be doing that anyway, since they are probably still adjusting to the divorce, the transatlantic move and not seeing their father on a daily basis.

  23. Cass says

    I’m not saying women or men should or should not date someone based on age alone, but Madonna is too old to act the way she does. What the heck is she going to do when she’s 70? Is she still gonna try to be “cool” and tongue kiss the newest pop star to stay relevant? She’s too old.

  24. Sporky says

    I’m in no way a fan of Madonna’s, but if she wants to date younger men, who cares? Why the hell does Jose C. care?

  25. Anonymous says

    i love madonna BUT it is kind of gross just look at these pictures he looks like a little boy.

  26. poetstar says

    She can do what she wants. It is just unfortunate that no one “loves her” they just love what they get from her. Money – Fame. She seems like a major control freak and that gets old real quick. So he has to be getting something out of it besides kinky sex.

  27. Anonymous82 says

    Why would anybody care? He is an adult too. He is not underage. I find it funny that a lot of men (both in Hollywood and elsewhere) date way younger women all the time and nobody says it’s wrong.