Scarlett Johansson Nervous About Upcoming Gladiatrix Role

Ooh how exciting! I knew nothing about Scarlett Johansson’s upcoming action role! The actress has signed on forAmazon.

A gladiatrix exacts vengeance on an army that destroyed her homeland.

Scarlett has done many things for a film. She’s learned to ride horses, jumped off buildings and even had a little weapon’s training… but this movie takes the cake.

"I think I’m supposed to be a gladiatrix. These film guys are crazy about gladiatrixes. But do I fit the mould? I’m a Danish/Jewish girl from New York.

"I’ve done weapons training. I’ve fired all kinds of guns; 9mm semi-automatics, machine guns, shotguns. I’ve jumped off a 60-foot building. I learnt to ride for The Horse Whisperer. But I’ve never done a full-on action role.

"I guess I’m still waiting for my Cirque du Soleil moment. It would be fun."

Can you see Scarlett in this sort of movie? We won’t have to wait much longer. It’s due out in 2010.




  1. Anonymous says

    Her dress is wonderful! like always!!!She’s always so fierce, i love her. It’s reported from NewYork times that She created an account at ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____to meet a young and rich guy in a coffee shop last week

  2. gretel says

    I think that just the concept of a “gladiatrix” sounds a little silly to me. She usually lands such great roles… I’ll wait.