Fact Or Fiction: Shia LaBeouf Making His Move On Megan Fox

Personally, I’m questioning whether or not Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have really split. Isn’t it a little odd how close we are to theTransformers’ release date? It just makes sense to “break” news like this NOW because the paps will follow her more which means the movie will get more coverage. It’s sad – but the industry does work like this at times.

And when they do follow Megan, she is typically doing something related to Brian – like dropping his child off at school or having sleepovers. :)

So who knows?

But let’s play along –

The National Enquirer is claiming that Shia LaBeouf is ready to make his move on his sexy co-star now that she is “single”.

Shia’s had a thing for Megan since day one of the first Transformers film. He’s absolutely crazy about her,” said the insider. After Megan and Brian ended their engagement, Shia quickly called her to ask how she was doing – and to let her know he is there for her when she was ready to date again, said the source.

So, what do you think? Is Shia really trying to step in? Fact or Fiction?

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  1. roxystar says

    shia and megan why not???? love you both…. but i really like brian and megan…love you both 2… i can’t decide……

  2. Anonymous Sex says

    Shia is not man enough for such a woman like Megan. She need to stick with that strapping hot hunk of a man Brian Austin Green!

  3. Anonymous says

    hope that couldnt be true…it IS the enquirer…but i also hope that shia has a better head on his shoulders than to play a hollywood game…transformers will be just fine without this crap going on…and from all the comments on trailers and stuff…it wouldnt really matter…people will be going…i know i am…but then again, she showed up for eagle eye, so i dunno…hmmm…i wonder if there is an ugly photo out there of megan…i might feel better…

  4. Shia #1 Fan says

    FICTION. Megan is pretty but… I just don’t really like her. Seems like her only ambition is to be a sex symbol for all guys in this world. I don’t think that she’s talented or anything. Shia is way too good for her. xD

  5. Dj Mac says

    I think Megan is pretty, but Shia is too smart to date someone like Megan, see Megan just like those weird relationships, but she seems like she would go around saying stuff just to get attention… who knows if this rumor is true.. we never know, only Shia and Megan know.

  6. Joey99 says

    She’s ridiculously hot. I wouldn’t blame Shia if he had a thing for her, but I doubt this story is true. I wonder if they really broke up, too. They might have (certainly not unheard of in Hollywood) but they are still together all of the time it seems.

  7. cibele says

    Poor guy, called to show some sympathy and to be by her side while she was faking it for press.
    By the way, Perez was the one to announce this to everybody, while Ted Casablanca, my favorite gossip source, said they broke up, but did not broke up. So since the beginning i wasn’t buying it.

  8. AnonymousSusan says

    “It’s sad – but the industry does work like this at times.” ARE YOU SERIOUSLY THAT NAIVE? What part of Hollywood ISN’T a diabolical scheme???

  9. switchstance5 says

    She’s trying to be positive and give things a good spin.  It’s not being naive.

  10. Anonymous says

    TOTALLY FICTION. I read recently that Shia claimed to be “dumb for Megan”. I think that Shia Labeouf is still hooked on China Brezner his ex. He is still hurting over the fact that China broke up with him. After all China was his first love of 3 years!
    God I hope that Shia does not get with Megan, that would be awful!!!!