Kingston Is Britney Spears’ Biggest Fan

How cute is this quote?!? Gwen Stefani says that Kingston loves pop music, and of course his favorite is his neighbor, pop princess Britney Spears!

He likes hits, he’s like his mom, he likes just all the hits. Any song that comes on, he’ll get pissed, if you turn the station. He’ll be like, "That’s my song, that’s MY song!" He’s really into anything that’s popular and he’s really into Britney’s songs. Really, a lot. He’s really into her. Because she actually lives on my street and he would go over there(…)He thinks she’s really great. And he flirts with her and stuff. He’s just into popular music. He’s into music that’s for sure.

The quote is from a radio interview that Gwen did with KISS FM. It’s LONG, but definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan. She comes across as so very down to Earth, humble and VERY grateful for the people who listen to her music and buy her clothes.

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  1. lara jane says

    I agree with Anon & Sporky. Mama, you gotta do better than that!

    Love them, though, no matter what tunes they’re into.

  2. Anonymous says

    To me it soulds like she’s forcing him to be into music. Maybe he doesn’t like music all that much, which could explain for the lack of “good” music that he’s not into. Maybe he only likes pop music because he likes to dance to it. What kid doesn’t like pop music at that age. That’s why they have Barney music and those UK dudes, the wobbles or something like that. Little kids totally eat that shi# up. Momma Gwen needs to stop forcing her little kid into the music industry. I hope he grows up to be a mathmatecian. Ok, who am I kidding he probably won’t do that, but c’mon, even if he doesn’t manage to become a musician he won’t be as good, cause he’ll have so much (or little) to live up to. Ah well.

  3. pinky2 says

    I saw her and her family over the weekend. She has a an amazing family. Kingston is so adorable. And her and Gavin are my new fav. celeb couple!! =-)

  4. Anonymous Sex says

    Maybe Kingston is gonna be gay? I guess we’ll know for sure if next Gwen says that he’s now into Barbara Streisand and Cher.

  5. Anonymous says

    I am an avid collecter of her handbags and they are priceless! Incredibly well made, and you can tell how much time and thought goes into every detail. Beautiful styles and colors, yet classic and timeless. Love love love. I’m starting on the shoes…

  6. Anonymous123 says

    I seriously don’t find him cute at all…he’s not ugly or anything – he just looks like a regular kid I see all the time.

  7. Anonymous says

    I think he is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. Shame that his parents dont put him onto some REAL music.

  8. Anonymous says

    Oh my god. How does listening to Britney Spears make a person gay? That is so stupid, music doesn’t make people gay. Anyways, Kingston, don’t give Britney any ideas, we don’t need her on marriage number 3! haha, just kidding! That’s a really cute interview! I remember seeing him at Britney’s kids joint birthday party last September.

  9. Sporky says

    “Shame that his parents dont put him onto some REAL music.” AMEN!! I think Kingston’s cute, but not as cute as some other celeb kids.

  10. Anonymous says

    Well, duh, he looks like a normal kid. Guess what?? He is a normal kid. If you said he looks like an Alien that would be frightening. Thank goodness he looks like a NORMAL kid in your eyes. *Rolls eyes*