I Don’t Believe It

Is THIS the new poster for New Moon? I DON’T BELIEVE IT.

Holla! Hey Now! Oh My Word! Come to Mamma!

But I still don’t believe it. Was it fan made? Anyone heard anything yet?

Rob Pattinson….

I’m DYING right now.

Update: fan made – boo hoo. still rocks. :)




  1. Antoinette says

    If you read the second book ‘New Moon’ then you would understand why the photo was chosen, besides like Adria said another poster of Bella and Jacob will eventually be released, it’s all a marketing tactic.

  2. Anonymous says

    Even if it is fanmade it should be used by the studio. HOT HOT HOT!
    I think it woud be perfect against a Bella and Jacob one!

  3. Kristiopal says

    Yep, it’s fanmade and it’s also my current Facebook Profile pic! (But “I’m Not Obsessed”) LOVE IT!

  4. Scotti says

    there is also a bella one that the fan made. Sometimes I swear some of the fan made posters and trailers really need to be hired on to make the real stuff because it’s better then the offical crap.

  5. Alistar says

    This couldn’t possibly be it… if you read the book and just wouldn’t make sense… it should be the poster though lol

  6. says

    it’s an really good poster, and it should be the official one, but it’s made my smirks-works on livejournal…

  7. Bells says

    Sorry Vera, but it IS fanmade! It should be considered as an official poster, though! I don’t think that’s Rob’s body… but it’s HOT!

  8. lara jane says

    It’s fan made! I saw it last week! Lurve……… Looks totally like Edward in Volterra, huh?

  9. Bonnie Parker says

    Vera you’re always so excited about Rob that is hilarious 😀
    I have to admit he’s not ugly lool.
    I like this picture !

  10. realtalk says

    I don’t get the fascination about this guy!! He always looks so DIRTY, as in unbathed. ????

  11. tbtrfli says

    Awww, I actually have a great vocabulary. I also think its funny how people like you come BACK to the comment section to see who tore your comment up, LOL. xoxo