Oprah Says Rihanna Has Low Self Esteem

First Donald Trump and now Oprah!

Oprah is making an example out of Rihanna and using it to spread a message to the world. During the taping of her new domestic abuse special, Oprah targeted the singer claiming she has very low self esteem.

"Let me tell you why she (Rihanna) got back with him (Brown). If you go back with a man who hits you, it is because you don’t feel worthy of being with a man who doesn’t hit you.

"If you think you are a wonderful person, somebody hitting you is really offensive to you."

When launching the show revolving around the issue of domestic violence, Oprah dedicated the program to "all the Rihannas of the world."

I doubt Rihanna is going to give her side of the story (because she is probably contractually prevented from doing so – yes, I am calling a pay out), but this has to hurt! I would be so embarrassed! Imagine when their SONG COMES OUT! What the media will say then….




  1. a.p. says

    i know i’m in the minority here but i don’t agree with the way oprah (and most of the rest of the media) is attacking rihanna. chris kicked her ass publicly and we all know that’s wrong so they continue to kick her ass in the media and call it “an attempt to help her.” i agree wholeheartedly that he was wrong for what he did to her. i agree wholeheartely that it is not in her best interest to go back to him but i’m tired of hearing people talk about what’s wrong with her. maybe she does have low self esteem. maybe she’s weak. maybe she’s young. maybe a million different things but i think it would be hard enough to have to go through something like this publicly without the media tearing you down at every turn.

  2. prevert in the corner frame , said , HELLO says

    HOW SHORT IS THAT FREAKEN SHIRT. IS SHE WEARING ANYTHING UNDERNEATH IT. GOOOD GOD. bend over much. don’t let a good wind set in.

  3. audrey says

    I agree. I have a feeling that the powers that be in Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s life decided that salvaging his career was more important than her self worth.

  4. gretel says

    She’s young. People seem to forget that even a mature woman takes a long time to decide to make the right thing, but expect a 21 year-old to act mature just because the world is watching…

  5. valcat says

    I’m more troubled by the fact that Oprah is giving out a diagnosis (she’s not a counselor) about someone she doesn’t know on tv just to get more ratings. I think it’s sick and disgusting how people are milking this whole tragedy for ratings.

  6. Anonymous says

    oprah is apparantly has low self esteem..with all the money in the world this thing cannot even be in a relationship with a man and have children…stfu oprah and stop brainwashing people

  7. genevieve says

    Just because Oprah’s not married to Stedman or has kids with him doesn’t mean she has low self esteem. Having a family is not for everyone or complete some people’s lives. It’s a personal choice. You need to hush and keep your negative comments to yourself. As for Chris and Rhianna….I could care less about thim. Unfortunately he will more than likely get a slap on the wrist and have his career back. Rhianna is young and has a lot to learn about this whole situation and herself. She will make the right desicion and grow from this but only in time. People need to get off her back. She’s in a bad situation with millions of people looking at her and talking about her.

  8. Anonymous says

    I agree with a comment about who gives the right to Oprah talking about relationships when she does not even have one of her own. Stedman is not a relationship. I like Oprah and what she does for others. And I am glad she is talking about this Rhihanna situation. She is right about women that should not be hit by men, its just not right. I will not buy or listen to Rhianna/Chris Beater anymore.

  9. Anonymous82 says

    True but it’s up to Rihanna to make a choice to leave him or stay with him. Chris already did the damage by beating her up. We all hoped Rihanna will be courageous enough to leave him since she has the support of millions of people around the world. We can’t really attack Chris cause the court is already taking care of him. Honestly, I really hoped the picture seen around the world would be embarassment enough for Rihanna to kick him to the curb but I guess, the little girl has a really low self estim.

  10. Anonymous82 says

    Oprah wasn’t giving relationships advice. She just said that anybody who is abused should leave their abuser immediately. That’s common sense. You don’t need Dr Phil to tell you that. Are you telling me that if a single parent has a daughter in an abusive relationship then she has no right to tell her to leave her boyfriend cause after, who is she to give relationship advice. She is a SINGLE mom! Doesn’t make sense.

  11. Anonymous82 says

    So you’re telling me older people shouldn’t say anything about this cause they have no idea? No wonder this generation is messed up!

  12. Anonymous says

    People are idiots they are both talented and their personal business does not affect me or my kids. They are young adults who are human like us all. No one life is perfect. People are sick out here.. Keep it Real America. They are not role models, get real…. For who… The President, Teachers, Firemen, Police Officers, Piolets, Charity organizers, and some parents are role models. This world is nuts…. I will support their music and concerts if its good. I will keep them both in my prayers.I slip up myself in certain ways that is not appropriate. I guess parents who smoke, drink wine, party hard, curse, lie, are good role models.
    Oprah does not know everything, heck she has no kids and had never been married, but yet she’s and expert on social issues. Heck NO!! Their music should not be boycot.. That’s insane, people further your education and try to make a difference in your homes, communities and families to try and prevent situations like this with Chris & Rhianna.
    No one is speaking about Michael Phelps, the Olympian who won the gold metals, was’t he smoking weed on take. So what he did’t know, but that is not a role model and his career reaches all nations.. Open your Minds America. Forgive and keep it moving because your lives are not perfect… Look to God for direction not other people. Start with the Person in the mirror instead of taking someone down.

  13. Anonymous says

    Boycott Michael Phelps the Weed Smoking Olympian!!! Boycott R. Kelly Music, thre is a tape with under age Girls he was involved with .. Boycot Kobe Bryant The National Basketball league,for the Rape case he had…

    Boycott one, You should boycot them all!!!

    Like Diddy said relationships sometimes get Ugly…. No one should be casting stones, pray and offer support to make a difference not judging and trying to take someone down!! They are both young and people have issues everyday and no one knows.

    Be honest People about your life and families… People know they have skeletons all in their closets. Chris B & Rhianna are talented. Leave them alone to work out their own situations…

    Oprah is not God, not she’s an expert. I’m more of an expert on marriage, and kids… Because I am married with kids and I’ve had my share of up and downs for eleven years now.

    These two are young and immature, they have a lot of growing to do. No one knows them personally, not even Oprah and no one knows what actually happen in their vehicle. Believe what you want people, however, I encourage everyone to think outside the box. No violence is never the answer however, everyone is not the same and everyone doesn’t just walk away in certain situations..

    CB & Rhianna you both will remain in my prayers. Learn from this and grow to becom better people… Prove the naysayers wrong…. People are wishing for their down fall because of this situation.. That is Sick…

  14. Anonymous says

    I agree with Oprah about when women stay with abusive men, they have self esteem problems. I was in an abusive relationship, this guy gave me a black eye, he deliberately tried to put my eye out by jabbing his finger in my eye. I had to wear an eye patch for a month. He damaged my retina, he had long fingernails! He tried to break my jaw with his fist. One night I wasn’t taking anymore of his abuse, I packed up and tried to leave, his mom was present, and he flipped out, he started punching me in my head. I remember hearing my head sound like an egg cracking!! Somehow, I had the strenght to take my stuff and ran out of his house! I never got back with this guy, in spite of the fact, I have a son by him. I will never go back to that son of a bitch!!!! When a man hits you once, he’ll never stop. Get out while you still can Riri, you’re in my prayers!

  15. Anonymous says

    Been there done that. Oprah is right. I am sorry she had to use this unfortunate incident to spotlight abuse that goes on daily. But, it certainly needs to be addressed.

  16. HEY , YOU ...YELLO SHOTS GIRL says


  17. lizzy says

    what ever she might be getting from brown’s camp…..can’t make up for what she has lost and what she is going to lose….money is tough

  18. Danie says

    I basically agree with Roseanne’s point of veiw on this. Haha. If you haven’t heard it, read up 😉

  19. Anonymous says

    She is nothing but a stupid girl! I will never buy a CD of her, because she’s staying with that guy…..well, I never bought a CD before. But if had, I would not do it again. And that should be a role model for kids……..
    I felt really sorry for her when I first heard she was getting hit. But if she really stays with Chris brown, she deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous says

    Erm, thanks Captain Obvious. It might also have been good to point out how CHRIS’ also low self esteem had as much part to play.

    I’m starting to dislike Oprah. Not because of this but this doesn’t help.

    It’s just as much a point that this sort of relationship erodes self-confidence and self-esteem. They seem to be talking like she cherry-picked a guy who was going to smack the living crap out of her. Come on.

    If Oprah wants to help a woman, she might want to step off the patronising angle, it’s loaded with ‘you are an idiot’ subtext.

  21. Anonymous says

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  22. Anonymous says

    how sad, especially since she is so talented and beautiful. she is young and has her whole life ahead of her to think that Chris Brown is the end all, be all. Someone needs to talk to her and really make her realize that if a man loves you, he will not hit you. I’m glad Oprah is saying this, it’s true and she knows many little girls look up to Rihanna and Oprah doesn’t want girls to make the same mistake Rihanna is making.

  23. Anonymous says

    Oprah is right. The sad thing about it too is that all these young girls who adrore them will think it is ok for a man to hit them.

  24. Anonymous says

    WHY are people STILL letting pop stars and actors raise their children? I have a young daughter who says she’s going to marry Chris Brown when she grows up. With everything going on I know that she might hear some of the media coverage of what’s happening so I as her PARENT told her (short version) “yes he’s cute but IF he really did what people are saying then he’s not a good person to marry”. Because it’s MY job as a parent to tell my daughter what is right and wrong NOT RHIANNA. Were these parents going to let their daughters walk around in patent leather bustiers and thigh high boots? No…so what’s the difference in curbing your own daughters from THIS behavior? People are always trying to place blame for their children’s behavior, but it ALL STARTS AT HOME! **************In other news. Oprah needs to shut her mouth before somebody tells Harpo to beat her again. Everyone is getting money off of this situation and everyone is SO ready to pass judgement. Just buy the records or don’t and quit your bitch!ng.

  25. papyrus says

    rumors say fight started because Chris Brown was caught cheating with another woman (via text), if this is true why go back to a cheating man that hits you. Their song should not be played in the radios and everyone should boycott this song…it will be an anthem that is ok to hit a woman and then sing together about it. it just as creepy as when O.J came out with his tell all book, an abuser should not get profit from his crime.

  26. Lose That Girl says

    Rihanna, if she was her own person and strong in her own right, would not return to a jerk that hits women. She would not go back to a cheater. He’s absolutely disgusting but her behaviour makes all of us who felt sorry for her, think she’s a fool. losethatgirl blog

  27. B says

    Just don’t lose sight of the fact that Rihanna hits, too, and could also probably use some counseling. She’s not 100% innocent and blameless here and has some previous incidents on her record. Anger management for two?

  28. YAYI says

    Amen to that! but i asure you that there are going to be idiots that are already waiting on line to hear this garbage. little girls like the one on oprah that said…. (that if a girl hit a guy he is going to hit her back) because no girl should get a guy worked up like that haha, it was ridiculous and little air heads like that are the kind of fans that listen to their music and make them rich.

  29. ErikaLT says

    You are dead on about it needing to start at home. Parents shouldn’t allow the media to be the ones leading the conversation. No matter what happened/how it happend this is a great opportunity for parents to talk to their children about what is and what is not acceptable in relationships.