Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson On The Set Of New Moon

This is starting to feel like Sex and the City. We are going to see SO many photos on the set of New Moon every day while the suspense for the actual release of the movie builds and builds!

So far though, shooting is just beginning so the paparazzi haven’t filmed Kristen Stewart or Rob Pattinson in any spoilers.

And in other news did you hear that the New Moon script calls for Edward to "Sparkle (but better than in Twilight)!"

YEAH! Bigger budget = better special effects. :) And if this isn’t enough – click to see Rob’s GQ outtakes!!!

UPDATE: Just got some great news from Comcast.

Comcast announced that Twilight, one of the biggest movies of 2008,is available to Comcast customers On Demand beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, March 21 – the same day as the DVD. Twilight fans will also have access to three featurettes, including one exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the “Vampire Baseball” Scene. Twilight will be available On Demand under the “Movies & Events” folder in “All New Releases.”

Photos by INF.




  1. Anonymous says

    I actually drove past the set on the weekend and am TOTALLY confused!! I have read New Moon, and all the others books, and the locations they are filming at right now make NO sense to the book… but, that being said, I am still really excited to see the movie!! :)

  2. Melissa11 says

    Very excited for NM. Dying to see more of the entire cast but, of course, mostly Rob. I wish all of the set/cast the best as they take on this new book and PLEASE keep the key points from the book alive! :-) We’re pulling for you to bring us the best movie possible.

  3. Anonymous says

    Sorry guys,
    Those photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart you’re seeing supposedly on set of New Moon circulating today – they were taken last week. They are not in town right now. Kristen is in LA today for the Adventureland premiere tonight.

    They the cast was seen flying out of Van on Friday night and Saturday morning.

  4. Saudia says

    omg Vera you are so right about comparing it to SATC !! ahh the anticipation is just sickening lol .. I cannot wait.. I hope it’s A LOT better than the first

  5. says

    Rob is so gorgeous and hot..i’m so excited for this movie..I’m hoping Rob & Kristen will ended up together.. they are so both nice and beautiful and have so much chemistry together..who knows???

  6. Anonymous says

    She has a bf, and has been dating him for 3 years now. They are adorable together. As for Rob, how cute would it be if he and Emma Watson met up and got together? :)

  7. Anonymous says

    yes lets get started…..really da more i hear bout da more excited i get for it n wishing dat nov. 20 was here already

  8. debbyitaly says

    i hope they’ll do a good job with this movie, because New Moon the book is absolutely wonderful and full of pain, but also love…i love it, i think it’s the best…

  9. Jinx says

    ahhh im so excited for the next movie. i hope they keep it as close to the book as they can. Rob is F-in gorgous i want to have his babys

  10. Anonymous says

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  11. says

    I love the twilight saga so much i am waiting on the third book but i would sure love to have more twilight eclipse poster…

  12. lara jane says

    We knew it would be like that but it’s still exciting to hear! I can’t wait for November! (Crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly and they don’t have to push it back. I know it can easily be postponed but don’t talk about it or I’ll have to put my fingers in my ears and sing “la la la la la!”)

  13. Anonymous says

    This is going to feel like eternity waiting for this to come out. The obsurd nit picking and ridiculous standards. AND “OH MY GOD WHAT A**HOLES, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY SMOKE and do things I disagree with!!!” Wahhhhhhhhhh

  14. Theresa says

    im so excited for this to come out.
    but its gonna be _FOREVER_
    hopefully everything will pass real quick,
    maybe it’ll come out sooner.
    who know.
    always expect the unexpected.


  15. says

    the countdown finally begins. im so excited. i was in class just now and somebody was askin me y i was smiling so much and i jus had 2 tell them that new moon starts filming soon.

    hopefully in the next few months b4 it comes out i can concentrate on other things—-but its goin 2 be 4ever until november :(