Adnan Ghalib’s Restraining Order Made Permanent

Adnan Ghalib. Remember him? It seems like such a long time ago. But the Britney Spears camp is still dealing with the madness and have finally come to a great outcome. The paparazzo is no longer allowed anywhere near Britney for the next three years.

A court ruled the order yesterday following an application by Britney’s father Jamie, who is co-conservator of
her personal and professional life.
Under the terms of the order – which Jamie had applied to be made permanent
in January – paparazzo Adnan, 36, cannot go within 100 yards of his former
lover or her family and is banned from trying to communicate with the
27-year-old star.

He is also forbidden to claim that he represents her interests.

The hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court also saw a temporary restraining
order against Britney’s former friend and manager Sam Lutfi extended until
April 1.

I can’t wait for this to be all behind her.

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  1. Masons Mommy says

    What’s with the comment above me? LOL

    Anyhoo, it seems like Britney WANTS to be in touch with this guy. Didn’t her father catch her with a prepaid cell phone talking to him? It’s not just him, it is her acting like a child trying to be sneaky and get away with stuff. Who, at age 27, still gets pleasure from sneaking around and lying to their parents?

  2. Foxxie says

    I agree meme Britney looks super hot… I went to her concert and absolutely love it! I wish I could go again.