Fact Or Fiction: Madonna Won’t Let Jesus Luz Answer His Phone In Front Of Her

Ok, we’ve all heard that Madonna is controlling… but could this be true?

Rumor has it that Madonna has told boyfriend Jesus Luz that he isn’t allowed to answer his cellphone in her presence unless it’s an absolute emergency.

"She just turned on him. She told him it was rude for him to
take a phone call in front of her. He stood up for himself and they had
quite a heated argument.
"Madonna agreed to let him answer the mobile when she’s around, but only in

"His family claims they always know when he’s with her because they can’t
get him on the phone. And it’s true. He’ll see his phone ringing and he just
has to let it go."

The source added to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper that if Madonna’s phone rings, she has no problem picking it up.

"If her phone rings and
she wants to take the call, she’ll do it. This is not a relationship of

Can you see Madonna enforcing such a rule? Oh Guy Ritchie – where are you when we need you? 😉

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  1. says

    I 100% agree with her. When Im with my bf and we’ve been together for 6yrs since high school that is absolutely a NO NO. Why are ppl so attached to their phones? You need to have quality time where you are talking and interacting without any distractions. There is no double standard for me though. I also ignore calls when we are together. Emergency?? Call 911! If someone calls me repeatedly I will know that it is urgent. Otherwise…. VOICEMAIL!

  2. Heli says

    It’s good she isn’t married to my DH… it could be very annoying I can tell you that much.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think when you are in the presence of anyone you should not take the call unless it could be an emergency, like one of your kids or the police. What really bugs me more than anything is when I see moms yacking on the frickin phone while they are with their kids. The poor kids probably think mom’s phone is much more important than they. I would never do that. There is a mom that walks her 2 or 3 yr old daughter in her stroller past my house almost every day. I have never seen her without her phone plastered to her ear. I always feel so sorry for that little girl. When I took my kids for walks I actually talked to my kids, now there’s a concept. OK, I will get down off my soapbox now, but this just really bugs me.

  4. Anonymous says

    Then there is the constant texting and twittering. Do the people even know how to spend quality time with their friends and family anymore? I will never understand the appeal of texting and twittering. Sounds like a big waste of my life. I would much rather interact with the person with me.

  5. Anonymous says

    Have you thought that maybe thats the only time she talks on the phone with her friends? Let me tell you that I am one of those mom’s. When I’m at home, I’m 100% with my kid, playing, feeding, washing..total attention. If somebody calls me, I hardly answer, or if it my husband we talk like one minute in which we’re like: “Get milk on you’re way home, love ya”. When i put her in the stroller, I try to catch up with my friends, until I get to the playing ground, then I hang up..and it mommy time again. So don’t be so judgmental please…

  6. Anonymous says

    nap time, play group time, preschool, daddy time, grandma time there are other times you can chat with your friends if it’s that important to you. Who wants to listen to someone yack on the phone no matter how old you are. What did mothers do 20 yrs ago when there were no cell phones? They probably talked to their kid on the way to the playground. People are just way too attached to their phones. That’s all there is to it. So unless she is an infant, I still think you are being rude to your daughter. She is just sitting there being left out while her mother ignores her by talking on the phone.

  7. Anonymous says

    Nap time is cleaning house and cooking time, preschool is not the case yet, daddy time, I usually take a shower and then join them in playing…you know its good if mommy and daddy plays together with their child..and grandma time…there is no grandma time because unfortunately there is no grandma…we raise our child with no help whatsoever. As I said..stop being so judgmental!! You don’t know people’s life…and excuse me for saying but rude is the fact that you judge and don’t even know the situation! Judging someone after you see her or him 10 seconds a day, its called hypocrisy. By the way, do you have time to see who passes your house?? Everyday??

  8. Amy says

    My phone is always turned off. It is only for my emergencies. I was stranded in my broken down car out in the middle of nowhere several years ago. I finally broke down and got one after that. Then I have needed one for my previous jobs since then. I hate the damn phone with a passion. I do not like to be bothered when I am out. I don’t feel other people should be hearing my conversations just as I hate having to hear theirs. My sister and friends have learned to get over the fact that they just can’t call me on a whim if I am not home. I go for months without turning it on. I have to use it roll over my minutes, but I have to make a special effort to do that once every 3 months. But I know I am the exception rather than the rule.

  9. Peter says

    Narcissists sure do get increasingly pathetic as they age and she’s no exception. So sad. And as they panic over old age, they get younger and younger partners of course…
    And what’s up with the teenage clothes??? Embarassing.

  10. Lenalena says

    Am I imagining, or is Madonna starting to look a little like fellow-narcissist Michael Jackson in this pic? 😉

  11. Anonymous says

    I can totally believe it! She does not seem like a sane, normal person… more like an alien that’s come to earth to conquer and destroy everything human! Ok, that maybe a little too harsh, but seriously, i think this is true!

  12. 60 GOING ON CRAZY says

    YES! HER BEHAVIOR IS VERY NARCISSISTIC . She’s toooooooo ooooold for that young hunk. She’s playing his mother.

  13. 60 GOING ON CRAZY says

    YES! HER BEHAVIOR IS VERY NARCISSISTIC . She’s toooooooo ooooold for that young hunk. She’s playing his mother.

  14. Anonymous says

    Well..it looks like she adopted another son, I wonder why she needs another one…Or if the next one will be older then Jesus….

  15. Anonymous123 says

    how will he know if this is an emergency???? you don’t know unless you answer the phone. duh!

  16. Miss_M says

    I wish Madonna would get over herself and start behaving like a woman who achieved a lot in her life and not like a dive/spoilt brat/controlfreak/really really unappealing human being. I cannot stand that woman.

  17. Miss_M says

    I wish Madonna would get over herself and start behaving like a woman who achieved a lot in her life and not like a dive/spoilt brat/controlfreak/really really unappealing human being. I cannot stand that woman.

  18. Anonymous says

    It’s not right for her to do it, while demanding he doesn’t. But it is pretty rude to take calls/text when even hanging out with good friends, in my opinion. Just let it go to the answering machine and call the person back later! I hate being part of the cell phone generation of people, where everyone is always blabbering on those stupid things.

  19. Anonymous says

    I agree that is annoying, but I think that its common sense. I answer my every call and if I think that is not important, I ask if I can call later and hang up…All this takes about 10 seconds, and I doubt that it will bother anyone. But if my significant other wants me to stop answering my phone..I qualify that very rude