Dita Von Teese Talks About Prior Tattoo Experience

Did you know that the beauty mark on Dita Von Teese’s face is a tattoo? I didn’t!

Did you also know that it would have been a star had a tattoo artist not refused to ink the burlesque dancer’s request?

Dita went into a parlor and asked to have a star drawn on her face as she was obsessed with drawing little figures on her cheeks. The tattoo artist talked her out of it and instead gave her a beauty mark – something a bit timelier.

"You have to understand I was pretty eccentric. I was always drawing hearts and stars in that spot. I went in thinking I wanted a star there, but they wouldn’t do it.

"They were the voice of reason. They were so right."

That’s not the only tattoo she ended up not getting. Dita also toyed with tattooing seams up and down her legs to replicate fashion from the 40s.

"In the early nineties I almost got seams (tattooed) up the back of my legs but I’m so glad I didn’t. Can you imagine how hard it would be to match up the seams with real stockings? It would have been a nightmare.

"At that time I was researching everything about the forties, about how during World War II women would draw seams on. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t that be cool?’ I had them henna tattooed on, but I never went all the way."

Photos by WENN.com




  1. Anonymous says

    Ok, what exactly is a “burlesque dancer”, its just a nice way of saying skanky stripper, right?

  2. Anonymous says

    She has beautiful face, had that guy done what she asked, she would have been kinda skanky looking. Especially as she got older. Thank God the guy did not listen to her.

  3. Sarah O. says

    I am sending this to my Sister-In-Law right now to prove to her that she doesn’t need a tattoo!

  4. switchstance5 says

    My mom’s friend got tattooed blue eye liner and red lip liner back in the 80’s. Now the red is a light purple and it all looks horrible! People need to be careful of what they tattoo on their faces because she totally regrets it now!

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  5. jerry says

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