Reese Witherspoon Doesn’t Mind Being A Dork

Reese Witherspoon couldn’t be a dork even if she tried!

While talking about her upcoming animated movie "Monsters vs. Aliens", Reese admitted she could related to her character Susan’s fictions issues because of her own childhood.

"I really had to learn that it’s OK to be who you are, and that
you don’t have to be cool all the time. I was trying to be cool for so long
and it wasn’t working. Now I accept that I’m just a big dork, and I’m so
much more comfortable in my own skin."

Reese even admitted that as a child, she was the teacher’s pet.

"I was a big English kid at school. I loved English class more
than anything, and I’d follow my teachers around saying, ‘What should I read
next?’ I was a little obnoxious like that."

Wonder if Ava does the same thing!!?

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  1. sarcraw622 says

    I’ve heard rumors about her being diva-like, but she seems so sweet in interviews on TV…I still like her!

  2. Monica says

    What kind of rumours have you heard about her being like a diva? I’m just curious. I love Reese!!

  3. sarcraw622 says

    Anything Ted Casablanca says about her over at is negative, and I think some other gossip sites have alluded to bad behavior… but I think she’s sweet! Some people just like to trash those of whom they are jealous, I think.

  4. gia says

    I dont love her or hate her, she is fine…but I do get annoyed when I read her interviews sometimes because it seems like she is always making little comments like this making sure we know she has a type A personality or that she is intelligent…We know you arent an idiot Reese, we know already! She will say she was a dork, but it always goes back to being a studious dork, not just an unpopular dork. That is actually a good thing to be…