Ben Affleck Talks About Brother Casey’s Documentary On Joaquin Phoenix

Ben Affleck talked to E! Daily 10 (7:30 pm ET/PT) about his brother Casey’s documentary on Joaquin Phoenix’s transition from acting to rapping.Ben definitely sounds supportive of Casey’s directorial debut.

My brother is directing this documentary which is about Joaquin’s um, you know shift from acting to music. I have seen some of the stuff. And I think this movie is going to be spectacular. My brother’s going to prove to be quite a director and uh, it’s hard to know you know… well I’ll leave it at that."

If you’re like me, and wondering how Casey became involved in all this, remember that Casey is married to Joaquin’s sister.So do you consider Ben’s comment more "verification" that Joaquin truly is quitting acting to pursue a rap career?

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  1. ChelseaDagger says

    I sincerely hope that Casey’s film ends with the words YOU’VE BEEN PUNKED”.

  2. Anonymous says

    it’s definitely “verification” that this will be a documentary just like “spinal tap”: a comedy poking fun of the genre (in this case, rap) that’s it’s meant to portray. c’mon people. this isn’t rocket science.

  3. Anonymous says

    I don’t believe it’s real. They are trying to too hard to prove that it is. Casey is cuter than Ben.

  4. Angelina Smith says

    I really like Joaquin and I dont care what anyone says. I find him really intriging and mysterious and theirs no doubt that hes talented. No one really knows whats going on except for him and people around him. Maybe hes just a lost soul that is just doing his own thing and doesnt care about what other people think. I think he seems like a good soul and that beard looks sexy on him if I do say so myself.