Justin Timberlake’s Flirting Causing Problems?

Justin Timberlake is a flirter and Jessica Biel is NOT happy about it. She wants him to change his ways before this couple takes things to the next level. But, right now, it’s causing big time problems between the two of them.

They aren’t split yet, but they are having problems.”

“They’ve been fighting lately,” says another friend, adding that the
main issue is JT’s incorrigibly roving eye. “Justin has always loved
women – singing about them, looking at them, flirting with them. He
can’t help it!”

Time will tell if they can make things work.

“Jessica’s seen Justin flirt, but says it’s all in good fun,” the pal tells OK!.
“But she has told him that if they get engaged, it’s got to end. Things
seem a bit tense with them, but they’re trying to get past the rough

But, it seems like Justin may not have wedding bells on his mind.

“Justin asked one of his longtime best friends how much time he’d need
to give Jessica if he asked her to move out of their New York City
apartment without seeming like a jerk.”

I wonder if they’ll really end up getting married! Can you see these two together long term?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Whatever he is fug and she is non talented. Who cares if they get married and automatically assuming that marriage means your in it for the long haul is really naive.

  2. Anonymous says

    I saw the show also

    It defineitly came across that he doesn’t want to marry Jessica
    and did you notice that Justin never said her name he only said she when answered the question or tryed to skirt around the question
    also when Steve Harvey was talking about the reason marriage or couples don’t last Justin was looking down it’s if he didn’t want to voice his opnion on that topic I wonder why
    this is my take on the last part of the show Justin just wants out of the relationship

  3. Anonymous says

    Blah Girls! you are so right! I saw Justin on Oprah today and just remembered why I love him so much but when he’s around Jessica… idk. She seems to uptight and boring. I loved Justin with Cameron. They were both goof balls but Cameron doesn’t seem as fun as before… Idk I think Justin needs to move on from her she bores me to death

  4. Anonymous says

    I don’t think I ever see them smiling when they’re together. Justin is a fun, talented guy. He’s always showing up on SNL and doing hysterically funny skits. Jessica is a not-very-talented sourpuss and is sucking the life out of him. Run, Justin, run.

  5. wantandafford says

    she wanted to have him as boyfriend/husband and get no problems with his flirting??? so naive! can’t understand it. he’ll always do this, no matter girl is near.
    fashion blog wantandafford

  6. Anonymous says

    I don’t know what makes some women think that a leopard will change his spots. A man will not change for you, he will change because ONE: he wants to and SECOND: He truly loves and respects you…

  7. Amy says

    It’s really stupid to think you can change someone. Especially if they don’t want to change. She either needs to deal with it or move on.

  8. ito says

    I read somewhere that he wants her to move out…and is asking his friends how much notice is sufficient…

  9. Anonymous says

    He is so young, he should enjoy dating a lot of women, he stays in these boring relationships too long!

  10. Anonymous says

    This guy won’t change for anyone. He’s young, rich , single and can do/go anywhere whenever he wants.

    I don’t see him settling down with her or anyone for a LOOOOOOOOONG time! What guy in his position would??!

  11. Anonymous says

    Usually when Justin starts talking to his friends about someone the relationship is doomed. Remember when he started talking to them about Cameron Diaz?