Britney Spears’ Dad Trying To Shut Down Fan Site

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, is apparently trying to shut down one of her biggest fan sites, Breathe Heavy because of breach of copyright for posting unauthorized pictures and videos.

The site owner made a post saying,

“I have been battling the conservatorship Britney is currently placed under for months now.”

“When I did not conform to the requests and demands Britney’s management and father, Jamie Spears, recently put upon BreatheHeavy to stay quiet, they in turn became angry and malicious, launching, what I feel is an unjust attack, against me and my website.” Jamie Spears’ lawyers demanded Miller’s Los Angeles-based site be shut down by 3pm local time – or face legal repercussions.

“This conservatorship Britney is placed under, which controls every aspect of her life, is now clenching the future of her biggest fansite.”

I’m wondering why Jamie has singled out this particular site when their must be a million others out there just like it…

Jamie told the site owner, “You are an uber fan who’s gone a little too far.”

What do you think? Who’s in the right here?

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  1. Anonymous says

    that guy running this website has made comment on jamie alcoolism who just by itself could have justified a lawsuit. Plus he has created a stupid project called the ‘if you seek brett projet’. brett is britney’s assistant and he encourages fans to take pictures with her at concert. so I imagine they were welcome at first but some of them were insulting her. because they read on the website that she was a bitch and a lesbian.
    he has got what he deserved!

  2. Anonymous says

    im a huuuuuuuuge Britney fan. (i even have her lyrics tattooed on me) and i have been reading this site for years. It is insulting that Jamie would have it shut down and deny Britney’s fans access to her pictures and information regarding her. Breatheheavy does criticize the conservatorship that she is under because in her own words, Britney has said that she f_cked up and was out of control, but that she has learned her lesson and now feels worse then a prisoner, because at least a prisoner knows when they will get out of jail. Her documentary which aired in December showed her true feelings that never get shown anymore, due to Jamie’s tight control over her. This site chose to be on her side as a human, and not on her side as a pop-star. Other fan sites that Jamie is ok with merely show her as a happy and on stage going on as if nothing is wrong. While I absolutely love seeing these pictures and videos of her also, because her music has inspired me so much and has done so much for me, I also care about her personal well-being. This is why I was an avid reader of BreatheHeavy and can not believe the infringement on the first ammendment. It all comes down to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. And now if any good comes out of this, people will begin to see the conservatorship in a new light.

  3. Anonymous says

    breatheheavy is a britney fan site. it shouldn’t mention her family especially if it’s to say bad stuff. as for the conservatorship of course britney is unhappy about it. Which 27-years-old would be happy to be in that situation? But it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t recognize and accept its effects. That will eventually end but that’s not our business! Who are we to place judgement on people we don’t know based on stuff we read or heard? What britney said in ‘for the record’ was just 2 sentences. the situation is more complicated and doesn’t resume in a 1 minute speech. and you forgot to mention that she said that her father saved her life. so we don’t know the whole story and don’t have to. let’s talk music, concert, video clip…..but we don’t need to comment on personnal matters!

  4. audrey says

    I could be wrong, but if you are using Sam Lufti and fired body guards as your sources for ‘current’ info on someone I’d be a little suspicious of their intent.

  5. Anonymous says

    I heard (from a fairly reliable source) that the site has some connection with Sam Lutfi and that’s why they want it shut down.

  6. lis says

    freedom of speech does not give you permission to say absolutely anything you want. I have no idea of the truth in this one – but I hope when they sort it out in court they do arrive at the truth.

  7. Dallas says

    There are 3 sides to EVERY story……………..The site owner’s, Jamie Spear’s and the TRUTH!

  8. Anonymous says

    The fact that Sam Lufti is even associated with that site says it all. He is a scumbag opportunist who is part of the reason Spears ended up in the situation that she was in. Team Jaime! Keep Lufti and anyone associated with him, out of that girls life!

  9. Anonymous says

    IF the site is connected to this Sam Lufti, then shut it down. Be a fan of Britney Spears, keep her family out of it. It seems that the site owner is upset that his inside sources, like Luft and ex bodyguards, no longer have the inside track on her, and good, because Sam Lufti seems like pond scum

  10. Anonymous says

    Who cares? Britney’s over. They can parade her around under the guise of “I’m not crazy anymore y’all, really!” all they want, but she’s damaged goods and will NEVER be as big or as hot as she once was. Jamie needs to pack her hillbilly ass up and dredge it back to Kentwood already.

  11. troyermira says

    breatheheavy is a fantastic britney site, the best britney site, in fact. I know nothing of jordan’s affiliations with past associates of ms. spears, but as a 2 year DAILY reader of the site i can attest to the fact that it always shines the best light on any given situation and i applaud it’s outspoken take on this ridiculous $$$$ conservatorship.

    everyone makes mistakes. many “go crazy” for a bit. britney spears, bless her heart, had to endure not only going through a very personal and difficult ordeal, but had to do so in the glaring and omnipresent public spotlight. can you even imagine?

    the real issue here is that jamie wants to remain in total control. i do not know the man’s heart or his logic. he is a parent and there is some instinctual bit that makes us always want to protect our children. he stepped up when his child needed him. why she needs someone to make decisions for her still when she is obviously quite capable now is beyond me. (there was a rumor about her needing insurance for the tour…?)

    if you seek brett, tell her jordan says “hi”!

  12. Anonymous says

    By not sugarcoating and pointing out the cold, hard truth you are able to deduce that I am rotten and miserable? Quite the contrary, actually. Deductive reasoning and logic. Let me show you them.

    I love Brit’s crazy ass as much as the next person. But I’m not blind, and work in the industry that strings her around like a puppet. The girl is NOT okay, contrary to what gossip sites and PR spin would have you believe. Long gone is her heyday, and she’ll never be on top like she was before. Not if she continues to be shoved into the spotlight in her condition. She has issues which have not been addressed nor have they been counseled. I wish her well, but wish she’d go away until she’s back in form 100%- trust me, she will NEVER make it back at the current rate she’s going.

  13. Anonymous says


  14. JORDAN NEED TO DIE! says

    Jordan works for JFX now!

    Jordan now writes for JFX…

    If you’re going to support him, you’ve got blood on your hands too.

    Jordan has become the scum under the shoe of the paparazzi.

    JFX is the agency of Adnan Ghalib aka Team Sam Lufti.

  15. BREAKING NEWS: Britney Fan site communicates with Lutfi says

    Anyone who is a fan of Britney Spears often visits all the sites that post news and gossip about her like x17, Breatheheavy and worldofbritney, and for the most, fan sites (some) do wish the best for her. Others seem to have a strange fascinations with watching her die a slow mentally unstable death.

    Anyway, I posted the story the other day about TMZ having the emails and text messages where Sam Lutfi was harassing a person that Britney was friendly with (when Sam was in her life).

    Allegedly Sam was so controlling and jealous of anyone being near her that he was sending messages to this kid and his father that the guy was an unstable nut case who better stop talking to Britney. The text and IM messages are very aggressive and show what a bully Lutfi is. What I found most intriguing however, was a sentence where Lutfi claimed that X17 and Breatheheavy communicate with him and tell him how much this “kid” posts on their blogs etc.

    It’s interesting because the majority of the readers at Breatheheavy seem to attack the owner of the blog on a daily basis claiming he is in cahoots with Lutfi and not really a fan at all. The posts go on and on about how the readers believe the site owner is on Sam Lutfi’s side and thats why he wants Britney freed from her conservatorship and basically say, if you loved her, you would understand that this conservatorship saved her life. If you are defending Sam and communicating with him then what does that say about you?

    It’s a soap opera in itself and full of accusations but I don’t think anyone ever really had proof that he communicates or even knows Lutfi until know.

    Sam has a habit of accidentally outing his sources just like he did with Adnan the other day so it’s curious to see what readers of the site BH think of this new proof that there is/was communication between he and Lutfi.

    Think fans even noticed this little piece of evidence and what do you think most will think of the fact that there is/was communication with Lutfi who is very very bad for Britney? Should a fan site really be communicating with a guy that Britney’s entire team deemed a threat and placed restraining orders against?? Very questionable in my opinion especially when it comes to Britney’s mental healing and wellbeing.

    The proof in Sam’s own words…

  16. Sam Lutfi and received further financial g says

    EXCLUSIVE: Samm Lutfi and received further financial gain using the Britney Spears name.


    Mr. Jordan Miller was notified 30 days ago that he must cease operating as a Britney Spears fan site using Britney Spears copyright materials without express written permission and agreement with the representatives of Ms. Britney Jean Spears. Written in the notification also is a clause that he must not profit on his site nor partner with Mr. Osama Lutfi, who there is a current restraining order against by Britney Spears. He was notified that if he continued to have an affiliation with Mr. Osama Lutfi and they as partners in received further financial gain using the Britney Spears name after having been notified, that the site would be given 30 days from date of service to adhere to the requirements of the order or close the site. Since he chose not to comply and did not withdraw his affiliation and partnership with Mr. Osama Lutfi and did continue to gain financially using the copyright name of Britney Spears without written permission he has been notified to close the site. Mr. Osama Lutfi and Mr. Jordan Miller are required to cease immediately accepting monies in the name of and Britney Spears.

    Although there are many Britney Spears fans that did associate Mr. Jordan Miller’s site with Britney Spears he and Mr. Osama Lutfi had no legal affiliation with Ms. Britney Spears.

  17. Fan site aligns with pap agency to Free Britney says

    If this isn’t proof that Britney’s number one fan site is hanging with the wrong crowd I don’t know what is. Since has been silenced by Britney’s c-ship for what I believe is daily bashing of her dad to thousands of fans, not copyright infringement, he has now moved to posting his garbage on a pap agency site who also wants to FREE BRITNEY.

    Wolf meet the hens…

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that people have said is friends with Sam Lutfi and JFX is friends with Adnan and the one site that lets spew its hatred is JFX??? Co-inky-dink?

    In a post today, Jordan Miller from Breatheheavy posted another message to the readers of JFX online, a pap agency who has FREE BRITNEY teeshirts on their site.

    Not sure its such a bright idea to align yourself with pap agencies that stalked her 24/7 during her breakdown. How is that supposed to make me believe you want what is right for her?? That would be like Osama Bin Laden using the Taliban to tell US citizens that our government is corrupt. Nice source!

    HOW COME WE DON’T SEE LEGITIMATE CELEBRITIES OR MEDICAL DOCTORS OR HIGH PROFILE ATTORNEY’S SAYING FREE BRITNEY?? Because sane people know she is only better because of her dads help.

    Further proof that only nut cases want her free was a tweet I saw from Courtney Love saying she would kill herself if she had to be under a c-ship like Britney. I guess all those who want to wander the streets, do drugs, and act crazy want her free. Of course they do.

    Britney sure doesn’t seem like someone who is miserable right now. She’s smiling on stage every night, seen out with her tour team eating, bowling, and laughing, she’s got more positive press and wishes of support than ever before and she’s seen having a blast with her kids. She’s making videos, even got a gig as the new face of Candies and all the while she wants to be free???!

    Are none of these people putting two and two together that the ONLY reason her life is back on track including her ability to tour, speak a sentence and see her kids is all because of her dad?

    What is wrong with these people??? Let me refresh your memory of how Britney handled her own life before her dad saved it.

  18. desirae says

    You need to shut the F up ass hole! Why dont you get that Tree trunk out of you ass and go plant it! I hate stupid fuckers like you that talk shit. Your just a hater so get off brits back and go to hell. also why waist your time on here if you going to talk shit? you need to get a life you stupid prick!

  19. desirae says

    She is back, the only thing holding her back is stupid ppl like you. So stop taking your shit and just get off of here. All I am reading from you is bull shit and no one wants to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. desirae says

    Sam Lutfi is a dirrty peice of shit that should go to jail……………………………… hopefull he never re-eneters brits life.

  21. Anonymous says

    i do agree with you on many of the things you have stated above except that you can see her happiness through her dancing every night and the positive press. She looks at the tour and the music as a profession, it is her job. She’s a performer. I’d like to see her happier in some the daily enjoyments and excitements in life instead of the typical smile she always has to have on her face

  22. says

    I’m in the right… because I have the power of the First Amendment and Free Speech on my side! None of the material is copyrighted or stolen. We have inside sources like Sam Lutfi and certain bodyguards. And Jamie Spears is mad about that.

    How would you like it if somebody shut down this site because they didn’t agree with the things you said…?

    It would be devastating to you, because you worked so hard.

    Basically it’s the same thing. Instead of following multiple celebrities, I follow just one.

  23. breatheheavyfan says

    Jordan, you are not in the wrong… lets just remember that when everyone else was bashing britney~ you were defending her and trying to show her in only the best light possible. You have believed in her for as long as I have been a fan of your site (3 years) and everyone knows that if they want to get the most honest reports on what is going on with her breathe heavy is where to go. You do not deserve this, and her fans are losing out on this deal. Its too bad that you are the only one who sees this conservatorship as the handcuffs and ripped off mouth you portray on your site~ As far as the comments saying he should not portray Jaime as a alcoholic… LOL its no friggin secret he’s an alcoholic. He is a control freak who is making a pretty buck off of his daughter, and yes for a time she needed him and he was the one who helped her get back on track but all good things must come to an end. A conservatorship is for people who cannot care for themselves… not only is she caring for herself and her kids and that loser ex husband, but she is taking care of him (Jaime) too! Dont give up Jordan, you have a lot of support from your fans and britney’s fans who look to your site for TRUTH!

  24. Anonymous says

    Jamie has more power than you and your loser friends, stop being so obsessed with britne you loser!

  25. Anonymous says

    If you’re using information from people who are legally bound NOT to provide you with information about their FORMER client (one Ms. Spears) then you should not be surprised that you are being shut down. It has nothing to do with free speech, but everything to do with running a business (your website) with materials that are made available to you from people who are breaking the law (Lufti & the body guards, etc.). Common sense should tell you that running a business via the avails of a crime might not be entirely legal … and you can’t hide behind free speech when the actual content itself has been secured criminally.

    If your sources were legitimate and had the legal right to be providing you with information you likely would not have any problem at all. But as the old saying goes “Lay down with dirty dogs and you get fleas.”

  26. Victoria57 says

    You lost all credibility when you said one of your sources was Sam Lutfi……..


  27. Danie says

    Please, elaborate on the psychiatric, legal, and/or psychological expertise that you have. Obviously your training must be extensive since you write with such authority. I also would advise you to perhaps get more reliable resources. Sam Lutfi? Seriously?

  28. lis says

    I find it hard to believe NONE of the material is copyrighted… unless they took all the images of Britney themselves :)

  29. sandra =) says

    duuuude thats redicilous i know two people who went to the concert and the pictures are on facebook as we speak. its not like she’s talking BAD about the pictures she js put them up. someone’s a little frisky.

  30. B says

    I’ve seen different stories about this and have no idea of the truth , nor have I been to this fansite. Apparently it has been super critical of Jamie’s conservatorship, picturing Britney in chains and such. Another take is that Sam Lufti is somehow pulling the strings on the web content. Still yet another side is that apparently this web owner has pulled a pre-April Fool’s meltdown before, claiming that his website was being shut down by hostile member’s of Britney’s party, (and asking for donations) only to have it not be so….so who knows where the truth lies.

  31. Anonymous says

    Eh, fansites all exist with the largesse of the artist. This site has made a lot of claims and is reportedly super close to some of the people Jamie thinks have been a bad influence on Britney.

  32. Anonymous says

    the owner of this website has been way too far. Reporting news (positive or not) about a celebrity you like is one thing but bashing her family is not acceptable. The fact is that this dude is unhappy about the conservatorship because prior to that he was close to britney “supposed” friends so has the chance to post exclusives stories. The same can be observed with a site like x17online. They were in contact with sam and now you can see that they don’t have anymore exclusives stories about britney.

  33. Anonymous says

    There seems to be something missing from this story. All the facts don’t seem to be in place. I have suspected that something else might be going on like Lutfi and co trying to interfere. Lately I have been reading that Lutfi indeed is trying to pull some strings on the web content. Jamie must have his reasons .

  34. Anonymous says

    taking care financially is the easy part you know! by the way the conservatorship will end after the tour so…. no more drama.