Dina Lohan Tried To Take Ali Lohan Clubbing?

WHY on earth would Dina Lohan try to take Ali Lohan clubbing?She’s 15 years old! I know kids grow up fast these days, but WOW.

She and Ali, along with Lindsay Lohan, attempted to go to Villa nightclub but the bouncer recognized Ali and denied them entrance because she’s underage.

Do you know who I am?” Dina protested when they were turned away at the door because of Ali’s age.

“You’re making a huge mistake. Huge!” Lindsay added.

I’m assuming we’ll see a rep denial sometime soon. Do you think this story could possibly be true?!? And, hypothetically speaking…if it is true, do you think there’s something wrong with taking a 15 year old to a club as long as they’re not partying, or am I overreacting?

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  1. Colleen says

    Even WORSE than taking a 15 year old clubbing – she took a daughter who has been in REHAB (MORE THAN ONCE) to a club, to “hang out”. This woman is no parent.

    She makes me ill.

  2. Anonymous says

    Michael Lohan is starting to look like the better parent. That is really saying something!

  3. Anonymous says

    I agree Colleen! What kind of mother takes her daughters to a club to hang out?!? And to make matters worse, one of the daughters has been to rehab numerous times. Dina Lohan is nuts and not fit to be a parent. I get the impression Dina wants to be a friend to her daughters rather than a mother. Very sad situation.

  4. Jan says

    Je$u$ Mom wouldnt even allowed me in a liquor store until I was 19 !!! 19 was legal drinking age. And I wasnt even buying the booze she was. hmmm maybe thats why I love the liquor store so much now. Its like a special shopping trip to go there and see all the cool stuff they have on display lol

  5. Sporky says

    Maybe since Ali looks so old Dina didn’t think there’d be a problem and got pissed off when there was.

  6. gretel says

    Please, anyone can get into a club, you only have to put on an outfit & there you go. At least i’ve never been asked an id since i was 14 & i still don’t look as old as Ali Lohan does. But clubbing with your mother? Eww.

  7. E-M-G says

    Although I don’t believe a lot of the gossip surrounding LL, I do believe it when people say her mother is controlling and nuts. Just watch an episode of “Living Lohan.” I also think the rumors of Lindsey not being able to get work because no one wants to deal with Dina are true.

  8. Anonymous says

    Lindsay can’t get work because she’s a reckless, irresponsible druggie and alcoholic that acts like a prima donna. She also has a police record dangling over her head. I wish her and her family would just fade into obscurity.

  9. Nimbus says

    Didn’t she let Ali have a boob job recently???? if this is true than I’d believe she would try to get her into a club… now that Lindsey’s slip sliding away in the celeb world she’s trying to push Ali in so she remains relavant…. thats my theory anyway…. Poor girl..

  10. B says

    If Lindsay said that ~ “You’re making a huge mistake. Huge.”, she was in fact quite correct…not the way she meant it, but ironically correct nonetheless if you direct the remark to her mother.

  11. B says

    Just wanted to add that Ali has been absent lately, and Dina suspiciously quiet. It was about time for a headline, I suppose.

  12. Netsirk says

    No way should a 15 year old be going clubbing … I don’t care how famous her sister is

  13. Anonymous says

    No a 15 year old should not be in a club. There are rules/laws in place for a reason. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t give them carte blanche to do whatever they please.

  14. Anonymous says

    I think this is true. Just look at Dina, she is trying waaaay to hard to be young.I think she acts more like a sister than a mother. I feel sorry for the girls

  15. says

    I dont see a problem with it. Sure she is 15 but I would assume that if you go to a club with your mother you wouldnt be drinking or dirty dancing with boys. It sounds like mother and sisters were supposed to have a girls night out dancing. I dont know about the US but in Canada we have all ages clubs, where you go dancing but they dont serve alcohol. Im guessing that the club did serve alcohol but I dont think that her mother would allow her to drink.

  16. CeeCee says

    Dina Lohan is WHITE TRASH! She should be embarrassed to show her face in public. She needs to take some parenting classes.