Tom Brady On What Is Sexy

During a blogging conference with Tom Brady, All American Stetson’s newest spokesperson, the athlete was asked what he thought was sexy in a woman. Confidence was the underlying answer. Makes sense considering the way Gisele Bundchen commands a runway!

Tom also confessed which body part he favors perfume on. Inquiring minds!! :)

Are you a fan of Tom? I can’t get over how handsome he is in that ad!




  1. Missy Fussy says

    You know what’s really sexy? A man who cherishes and adores the mother of his unborn child. oops.
    Good looking, yes. In a robotic sort of way. Sexy as in the extra special something that some guys just “have.” Naw.

  2. Anonymous says

    Since I always thought Bridget saw a sinking ship and was trying to trap him into staying, I was never offended by what he did. If they had been married it would have been different, but she was just a frickin’ girlfriend. You shouldn’t have to stay with a girlfriend just because she is pregnant. No one benefits from that. I know I wouldn’t want a guy that didn’t want me Anyway to answer the question, yes he is sexy.

  3. Anonymous says

    I don’t get the whole let me trap him thing. That just makes a bad situation worse. Most men either don’t fall for it, or fall for it bu leave once the baby arrives.

  4. michmash says

    I am a fan of the Patriots, so I’m a fan of Tom Brady when he is doing well on the field. Off the field, I usually just don’t care, but now he seems to be EVRYWHERE and it is just too much.

    It would be nice if he could disappear into a training room for a bit and rehab the knee so he can be ready for the Bills on kickoff weekend. Seriously. Unless he is going to talk football, I don’t want to hear him speak right now.

  5. Anonymous says

    Ewwwwwww – he looks and sounds too much like Brady Sr. He’s going to be just like his dad. On a side note, he sure has big choppers! The better to bite you with my dear!!

  6. Anonymous says

    oh I know! Cheating on your pregnant significant other with a skank like Gisele must be what he thinks is sexy. Oh and then, after you’ve abandoned and humiliated the woman carrying your child, you can do it again by having said other woman claim she’s “just like” the mother of the baby except without being fat.

    Being a heartless, homewrecking skank = sexy to Tom Brady because he’s one too. Oh but that’s okay, because he only got a woman pregnant and didn’t marry her! That excuses cheating totally. Silly me. What a catch he is. I only hope he gives Gisele a taste of what he gave bridget. What class he is.

    Committment is sexy. Honor is sexy. Pretty on the outside but a cheating bastard is not sexy in my book.

  7. Yuk! says

    He’s just like any other dumb jock! He deserves the supermodel he married. I just wonder how many anniversaries his parents think Tom and the model will actually celebrate. Let’s hope they don’t have kids too soon, because otherwise he will have to travel to Brazil to visit them and we
    already know how hard it is for him to get to CA very often to see his cute little son. Is it just me, but do you EVER see this guy embracing an adopted child as his own? He couldn’t even cuddle his newborn baby boy for the first year. He definitely is no Brad Pitt. Deadbeat.

  8. Anonymous says

    I’ve never understood the allure of this guy. I don’t find him good looking at all, although I’ll admit those photos are attractive, but that’s after hours of hair, makeup and fantastic lighting.

  9. C. says

    Sooooo true! Men of character and integrity are sexy. He is repulsive. Vera really???? Why are you wasting space on this nobody?

  10. C. says

    Don’t forget the quotes including: “He’s Catholic.” and “He has a pure heart.” Gisele is delusional. He’d better get thee to a confessional pronto. I hope Gisele is always watching over her shoulder for the next best thing to steal his pure heart……karma.

  11. Anonymous says

    It’s funny….many people judge him for breaking up with Bridget, and parading his new gal pal while Bridget was knocked up with his child…blah blah blah…. That’s so friggin funny, because the timing of it all is suspect, and I’ve suspected Bridget tried to trap him into staying with her when it wasn’t working…. Funny since they were together for three years, and it was only after they broke up that she got preggers…

    Tom’s morals are just fine….it’s his baby mama’s that are suspect…..

  12. C. says

    Reality calling…..birth control sometimes fails. What a concept! Two consenting adults had sex and surprise; then came baby. It happens. If he was so worried and on the way out, he should have wrapped it up. Birth control is not solely the woman’s responsibility. Stop accusing her of trapping him.

  13. York says

    Step mom loves the kid. It’s a good thing. The media stirs things up and foolish people won’t let it go.

  14. obsdwithino says

    Not a fan! Watching him parade around with his model girlfriend while the his ex-girlfriend was pregnant is so not appealing! There is more to sexy than a man’s looks. Of course, I don’t know them and I shouldn’t judge. But sometimes I think what you see is what you get! In this case I think that’s probably true.

  15. Anonymous says

    I am not a fan and do not think he is sexy!! His morales suck; not a good role model for young boys!!!! He is after his 15 minutes of celebrity fame like Tony Romo. He will suck on the football field this year. He only cares about being a celebrity not a good football player!

  16. Anonymous says

    When you have 100 million dollar contracts, I don’t think your exactly aspiring for fifteen minutes of fame.

  17. Anonymous says

    I think it was the other way around. I had never even heard of her until I saw a picture of her with him. I knew who he was. I thought she looked a lot older than him. He looked a little boy next to her.

  18. papyrus says

    not sexy at all. he’s on the same list as K federline, leaving your pregnant ex for fresher meat.